Hopefully someone can answer this for me. On one of the older incarnations of this board there were several polls conducted. I think they were done by Culture Vulture and dealt with "greatest runs," "greatest mini-series" etc... I was wondering if those were transferred over to this board or if anyone has a link to them elsewhere or maybe even saved them (Jeff?) and would consider reposting them.

Thanks in advance.

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That was the last board, and that url now redirects you to here. I don't think any of that info exists anymore unless someone did actually save it for themself. That would be the only way someone could provide that info.

CV himself may still have the info, but he doesn't come by often anymore due to other responsibilities I believe.

Ok. Thanks Travis.

I saved several threads from the old board ... but, sadly, I'm not running across any of the type you're asking for. Maybe Jeff has some.

I am filled with shame.*

*A "Frequently Used Phrase." 

I saved some threads from the old board (mostly discussions of my own of which I am particularly proud), but not these particular polls. It is my understanding that four of the mods (or former mods) have the old board "parked" in its entirety, but I'm not even certain (although I could guess) who those individuals are.

I'll send a message to CV over on Facebook to see if he has anything. It may be a while before he sees it, but more likely there than here.

It is also possible Cap himself has an archive somewhere.

Thanks for checking guys.
Somebody holler?

Firstly, hi - as Travis says, my time is more taken up these days with my own web site, but I saw his message.

I wijh I could say I have those threads, but sadly I don't. For one thing, they were blog posts, not threads - and I foolishly never saved them. If anyone has them, it's Randy or Rich, i'm afraid.

I can remember the top three greatest runs - Willingahm and Buckingham on Fables, Lee and Ditko on Spiderman, Lee and Kirkby on FF - but nothing else. Sowwy.
Ah, that's too bad. Thanks for letting me know though, CV.
If anyone does happen to come across them, please let me know. It's nothing urgent, I was just interested in re-reading the lists and the comments that went along wIth them.

Randy and I have copies of the old board. Unfortunately, the copies are in a database format, and I know there is some corruption to the database. At some point, I hope to get a server going on which I can host the old site as a Captain Comics Classics or some such, but it would take quite a bit of time and effort to do so. Twice, I've worked out free hosting for the old site, but the admins at both places were unable to get the database to properly load.

Wow! I'd love to have a look at the old board. If you guys ever work the kinks out you would have at least one ardent supporter.

I've taken a look, but unfortunately I can't find the specific articles in question. 

Thanks for your behind-the-scenes efforts, gentlemen. 

However, this whole conversation raises a question in my mind -- if any of us wanted to save threads from THIS board, how do we do it? Like Jeff, I saved threads from the last incarnation of the board when we were told it was going where websites go to die. No need to wait for that to happen to this version before we preserve what we can, right?

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