After submitting my Christmas post this morning, I noticed---from going back through my previous blog entries---that about half of them, mostly the older ones, have been reduced to 8-point type size.  I don't know why, and they weren't like that before, at least not a month ago, when I checked them last.


Now, I did a test edit on one of the affected articles and I can restore the original 10-point type size with no problem.  What I want to know is---will it be a pain in the six for you mods to have to approve them all over, again?


The problem with the smaller type, obviously, is it's more difficult to read.  But I don't want to change the affected articles back to the right-size type if it's going to be a huge burden on a mod.


Another thing:  if I edit the affected articles that have replies, will the edit delete the replies?  I really don't want to do that, either.

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Approving a blog post is a two-click process. Once click to open the submitted blog and another to approve it. No problem there.


As far as I know--and this is just a guess--editing the blog entry shouldn't affect the replies. No promises, though.


I'm guessing (again) that Ning's service altered the blog post when it became "old" to save on how much memory it takes.

Thanks, Cav. 


My first test edit was on an old blog article with no comments, as a precaution.  I've just edited the type-size on a second article, with only a couple of comments, to see if the comments stay after it gets re-approved.


It was my thought, too, that the type size reduction was an automatic function of Ning to conserve memory.  But the odd thing about that is that, while the affected articles are pretty much the older ones posted, that wasn't completely the case---some newer posts had their type size reduced, and some old ones were left alone.


I guess it's just one of those things.  Thanks for the input, and a very Merry Christmas to you.

When you leave personal comments for other board members they appear in the "Latest Activity" column on the left of the board. Currently I can see a string of what look like spam comments, possibly connected to a scam, from a john williams.

I dunno. I kinda like the legendary composer of the scores to ET and Raiders of the lost Arc calling me 'Dearest One'.

Luke, et al:

I've reported the "John Williams" thing to the good Captain, for our humble website has been targeted as a phishing expedition by some heartless hacker(s).


Thanks, Lee.

Can threads be moved between forums on this board? If they can, I have a movement request for a thread I started. If they can't I can start a new thread in the other forum and link to the old one.

Hi Luke. It's very easy to change the forum of a thread if you started it. Go up to the initial post, hit options on the top right, then 'edit discussion'. Then one of the boxes below the main text has a drop-down menu that allows you to change the forum.

Thanks, Fig.

Is it me, or does the Search function not work at all anymore?  It was always unreliable, but now it's not working at all.

I think it is a problem with Ning, and the site would have to be re-indexed. I don't know if that is something Cap would have to deal with directly or not.

OK, thanks for the update.

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