Hey folks.  I have four re-reading projects that I currently do.  If you don't know, I'm re-reading Amazing Spider-Man #1-50, Thor (Journey Into Mystery 83 onward), Iron Man (Tales of Suspense 39-99), and Avengers 15-100 (Cap did the 1-14 and asked me to take over with #15).

I want to thank everyone that posts in those threads.  I would love to see more of you weigh in and I'm wondering if I make a few changes that would lead to more participation.

Currently my initial post for each issue is several paragraphs long.  There's so much going on these stories that I don't want to leave things out, but I'm wondering if brevity would be better.  I'm assuming people are also reading along for the issue in question - certainly I do for Randy's Captain America thread and his other threads, and Richard Mantle's ASM and Avengers threads - and perhaps I don't have to be quite so detailed.  The other thing, which ties in with my posts for the individual issues being long, is that I find them time consuming to write.  I'll procrastinate and put them off, and then before I know it, there's a big time gap between each issue.

So here are my questions.  I'm certainly open to changing things up and I welcome any input or constructive criticism from you guys.

 - Which style of summary do you prefer for re-reading each issue, a detailed recap or a brief one hitting the main points?

- Are you more inclined to participate in a re-reading thread if the OP (me, natch) posts frequently or at least semi regularly, for instance, weekly, or every other week?

- Do you have any other suggestions for me to improve the re-reading threads?

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I had dipped my toe into Mr Silver Age's CBGXtra column but got serious about things online when CBG folded. I wanted to continue to follow Mr Age and Cap, so I joined the board. Wish I'd done it sooner!

What exactly happened to that site? I dropped out after it cancelled my account and told me to make a new one. Last I looked it up google gave a warning that it had been compromised. It would have been nice to have kept some small part of CBG going after all these years.

Ronald Morgan said:

It would have been nice to have kept some small part of CBG going after all these years.

Ummmm ... what do you think this site is?

Not quite the same thing as a site that was actually affiliated with CBG.

This is all there is, so it'll have to do.

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