The Legion of "Hey, It's That Gal!" Character Actors loses another one.

From The Hollywood Reporter"Peggy Pope, Actress Who Played Comic Secretary in '9 to 5,' Dies at 91"

Peggy Pope also was a member of what might be called "The Barney Miller Repertory Company", which included Don Calfa, Florence Halop, Richard Libertini, Alex Henteloff, and others.  

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I had to follow the link to figure out who she was, especially on SOAP. (I didn't recognize her name.) As soon as I saw her picture I remembered her as the mother of Carol, who was the mother of Jodie's baby. Her character was from Texas. I'll never forget, "You're my first homo! We don't have homos in Texas."

Oh, I liked her! I only know her from Barney Miller, but she was certainly a recurring actress on that show.

We don't have homos in Texas...

I had forgotten what she said immediately after that.

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