OK, I'll be handling this one a little differently than some of the other TV series I've re-watched. I don't own every episode of this, and what I do own isn't in broadcast order, so I'll be watching them as I find them, and updating this initial post as to where they sit in the show's history.

Season One

Show 101: "The Crawling Eye" (11/18/1989)

Show 102: "The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy" (11/25/1989)

Show 103: "The Mad Monster" (12/2/1989)

Show 104: "Women of the Prehistoric Planet" (2/20/1990)

Show 105: "The Corpse Vanishes" (12/9/1989)

Show 106: "The Crawling Hand" (12/16/1989)

Show 107: "Robot Monster" (12/23/1989)

Show 108: "The Slime People" (12/30/1989)

Show 109: "Project Moonbase" (1/6/1990)

Show 110: "Robot Holocaust" (1/13/1990)

Show 111: "Moon Zero Two" (1/20/1990)

Show 112: "Untamed Youth" (1/27/1990)

Show 113: "The Black Scorpion" (2/3/1990)

Season Two

Show 201: "Rocketship X-M" (9/22/1990)

Show 202: "The Sidehackers" (9/29/1990)

Show 203: "Jungle Goddess" (10/6/1990)

Show 204: "Catalina Caper" (10/13/1990)

Show 205: "Rocket Attack U.S.A." (10/27/1990)

Show 206: "Ring of Terror" (11/3/1990)

Show 207: "Wild Rebels" (11/17/1990)

Show 208: "The Lost Continent" (11/24/1990)

Show 209: The Hellcats" (12/8/1990)

Show 210: "King Dinosaur" (12/22/1990)

Show 211: "First Spaceship On Venus" (12/29/1990)

Show 212: "Godzilla vs. Megalon" (1/19/1991)

Show 213: "Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster" (2/2/1991)

Season Three

Show 301: "Cave Dwellers" (6/1/1991)

Show 302: "Gamera" (6/8/1991)

Show 303: "Pod People" (6/15/1991)

Show 304: "Gamera vs. Barugon" (6/22/1991)

Show 305: "Stranded in Space" (6/29/1991)

Show 306: "Time of the Apes" (7/13/1991)

Show 307: "Daddy-O"  (7/20/1991)

Show 308: "Gamera vs. Gaos" (7/27/1991)

Show 309: "The Amazing Colossal Man" (8/3/1991)

Show 310: "Fugitive Alien" (8/17/1991)

Show 311: "It Conquered The World" (8/24/1991)

Show 312: "Gamera vs. Guiron" (9/7/1991)

Show 313: "Earth vs. the Spider" (9/14/1991)

Show 314: "Mighty Jack" (9/21/1991)

Show 315: "Teenage Caveman" (11/9/1991)

Show 316: "Gamera vs. Zigra" (10/19/1991)

Show 317: "The Viking Women and the Sea Serpent" (10/26/1991)

Show 318: "Star Force: Fugitive Alien II" (11/16/1991)

Show 319: "War of the Colossal Beast" (11/30/1991)

Show 320: "The Unearthly" (12/14/1991)

Show 321: "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians" (12/21/1991)

Show 322: "Master Ninja I" (1/11/1992)

Show 323: "The Castle of Fu Manchu" (1/18/1992)

Show 324: "Master Ninja II" (1/25/1992)

Season Four

Show 401: "Space Travelers" (6/6/1992)

Show 402: "The Giant Gila Monster" (6/13/1992)

Show 403: "City Limits" (6/20/1992)

Show 404: "Teenagers From Outer Space" (6/27/1992)

Show 405: "Being From Another Planet"  (7/4/1992)

Show 406: "Attack of the Giant Leeches" (7/18/1992)

Show 407: "The Killer Shrews" (7/25/1992)

Show 408: "Hercules Unchained" (8/1/1992)

Show 409: "The Indestructible Man" (8/15/1992)

Show 410: "Hercules Against The Moon Men" (8/22/1992)

Show 411: "The Magic Sword" (8/29/1992)

Show 412: "Hercules and the Captive Women" (9/12/1992)

Show 413: "Manhunt in Space" (9/19/1992)

Show 414: "Tormented" (9/26/1992)

Special:  "This is MST3K" (11/14/1992)

Show 415: "The Beatniks" (11/25/1992)

Show 416: "Fire Maidens of Outer Space" (11/26/1992)

Show 417: "Crash of the Moons" (11/28/1992)

Show 418: "Attack of the Eye Creatures" (12/5/1992)

Show 419: "The Rebel Set" (12/12/1992)

Show 420: "The Human Duplicators" (12/26/1992)

Show 421: "Monster-A-Go-Go" (1/9/1993)

Show 422: "The Day The Earth Froze" (1/16/1993)

Show 423: "Bride of the Monster" (1/23/1993)

Show 424: "'Manos': The Hands of Fate" (1/30/1993)

Season Five

Show 501: "Warrior of the Lost World" (7/24/1993)

Show 502: "Hercules" (7/17/1993)

Show 503: "Swamp Diamonds" (7/31/1993)

Show 504: "Secret Agent Super Dragon" (8/7/1993)

Show 505: "The Magic Voyage of Sinbad" (8/14/1993)

Show 506; "Eegah" (8/28/1993)

Show 507: "I Accuse My Parents" (9/4/1993)

Show 508: "Operation Double 007" (9/11/1993)

Show 509: "The Girl in Lover's Lane" (9/18/1993)

Show 510: "The Painted Hills" (9/26/1993)

Show 511: "Gunslinger" (10/9/1993)

Show 512: "Mitchell" (10/23/1993)

Show 513: "The Brain That Wouldn't Die" (10/30/1993)

Show 514: "Teenage Strangler" (11/7/1993)

Show 515: "The Wild, Wild World of Batwoman" (11/13/1993)

Show 516: "Alien from L.A." (11/20/1993)

Show 517:  "Beginning of the End"  (11/25/1993)

Show 518: "The Atomic Brain" (12/4/1993)

Show 519: "Outlaw" (12/11/1993)

Show 520: "Radar Secret Service" (12/18/1993)

Show 521: "Santa Claus" (12/24/1993)

Show 522: "Teenage Crime Wave" (1/15/1995)

Show 523: "Village of the Giants" (1/22/1994)

Show 524: "12 To The Moon" (2/5/1994)

Season Six

Show 601: "Girls Town" (7/16/1994)

Show 602:"Invasion USA" (7/23/1994)

Show 603: "The Dead Talk Back" (7/30/1994)

Show 604: "Zombie Nightmare" (11/24/1994)

Show 605: "Colossus and the Headhunters" (8/20/1994)

Show 606: "The Creeping Terror" (9/17/1994)

Show 607: "Bloodlust!" (9/3/1994)

Show 608: "Code Name: Diamond Head" (10/1/1994)

Show 609: "The Skydivers" (8/27/1994)

Show 610: "The Violent Years" (10/8/1994)

Show 611: "Last of the Wild Horses" (10/15/1994)

Show 612: "The Starfighters" (10/29/1994)

Show 613: "The Sinister Urge" (11/5/1994)

Show 614:  "San Francisco International" (11/19/1994)

Show 615: "Kitten With A Whip" (11/23/1994)

Show 616: "Racket Girls" (11/26/1994)

Show 617: "The Sword and the Dragon" (12/3/1994)

Show 618: "High School Big Shot" (12/10/1994)

Show 619: "Red Zone Cuba" (12/17/1994)

Show 620: "Danger!! Death Ray" (1/7/1995)

Show 621: "The Beast of Yucca Flats" (1/21/1995)

Show 622: "Angel's Revenge" (3/11/1995)

Show 623: "The Amazing Transparent Man" (3/18/1995)

Show 624: "Samson vs. The Vampire Women" (3/25/1995)

Season Seven

Show 701 (and 701T): "Night of the Blood Beast" (11/23/1995) 701T, ...

Show 702: "The Brute Man" (2/10/1996)

Show 703: "Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell" (2/17/1996)

Show 704 "The Incredible Melting Man" (2/24/1996)

Show 705: "Escape 2000" (3/2/1996)

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie -  "This Island Earth"  (4/19/1996)

Show 706: "Laserblast" (5/18/1996)

Unproduced CD-ROM: "Assignment: Venezuela"


"MST Poopie!"

"The MST Scrapbook"

Season Eight

Show 801: "Revenge of the Creature" (2/1/1997)

Show 802: "The Leech Woman" (2/8/1997)

Show 803: "The Mole People" (2/15/1997)

Show 804: "The Deadly Mantis" (2/22/1997)

MST3K - The Home Game: "The Day the World Ended" (2/25/1997)

Show 805: "The Thing That Couldn't Die" (3/1/1997)

Show 806 "The Undead" (3/8/1997)

Show 807: "Terror from the Year 5000" (3/15/1997)

Show 808: "The She-Creature" (4/5/1997)

Show 809: "I was a Teenage Werewolf" (4/19/1997)

Show 810: "The Giant Spider Invasion" (5/21/1997)

Show 811: "Parts - The Clonus Horror" (6/7/1997)

Show 812: "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and ...

Show 813: "Jack Frost" (7/12/1997)

Show 814: "Riding With Death" (7/19/1997)

Show 815: "Agent for H.A.R.M." (8/2/1997)

Special: "The Making of Mystery Science Theater  3000" (8/15/1997)

Show 816: "Prince of Space" (8/16/1997)

Special: "First Annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 Summer Blockbuster Review" (9/2/1997)

Show 817: "The Horror of Party Beach" (9/6/1997)

Show 818: "Devil Doll" (10/4/1997)

Show 819: "Invasion of the Neptune Men"  (10/11/1997)

Show 820: "Space Mutiny" (11/8/1997)

Show 821: "Time Chasers" (11/22/1997)

Show 822: "Overdrawn At The Memory Bank" (12/6/1997)

Miscellany: "MST Poopie! II"

Season Nine

Show 901: "The Projected Man" (3/14/1998)

Special: "Mystery Science Theater 3000 Academy of Robots' Choice Awards Preview Special"  (3/19/1998)

Show 902: "The Phantom Planet" (3/21/1998)

Show 903: "Puma Man" (4/4/1998)

Show 904: "Werewolf" (4/18/1998)

Show 905: "The Deadly Bees" (5/9/1998)

Show 906: "The Space Children" (6/13/1998)

Show 907: "Hobgoblins" (6/27/1998)

Show 908: "The Touch of Satan" (7/11/1998)

Show 909: "Gorgo" (7/18/1998)

Show 910: "The Final Sacrifice" (7/25/1998)

Show 911: "Devil Fish" (8/15/1998)

Show 912: "The  Screaming Skull" (8/29/1998)

Special: "Second Annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 Summer Blockbuster Review" (9/4/1998)

Show 913: "Quest of the Delta Knights" (9/26/1998)

Season Ten

Show 1001: "Soultaker" (4/11/1999)

Show 1002: "Girl in Gold Boots" (4/18/1999)

Show 1003: "Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders" (9/12/1999)

Show 1004: "Future War" (4/25/1999)

Show 1005: "The Blood Waters of Dr. Z" (5/2/1999

Show 1006: "Boggy Creek II: And The Legend Continues" (5/9/1999)

Show 1007: "Track of the Moon Beast" (6/13/1999)

Show 1008: "Final Justice" (6/20/1999)

Show 1009: "Hamlet" (6/27/1999)

Show 1010: "It Lives By Night" (7/18/1999)

Show 1011: "Horrors of Spider Island" (7/25/1999)

Show 1012: "Squirm" (8/1/1999)

Show 1013: "Diabolik" (8/8/1999)

Miscellany: "The Last Dance-RAW"

Season Eleven

Show 1101: "Reptilicus" (4/14/2017)

Show 1102: "Cry Wilderness" (4/14/2017)

Show 1103: "The Time Travelers" (4/14/2017)

Show 1104: "Avalanche" (4/14/2017)

Show 1105: "The Beast of Hollow Mountain" (4/14/2017)

Show 1106: "Starcrash" (4/14/2017)

Show 1107:  "The Land That Time Forgot" (4/14/2017) 

Show 1108: "The Loves of Hercules",  first broadcast 4/14/2017

Show 1109: "Yongary",  first broadcast 4/14/2017

Show 1110: "Wizards of the Lost Kingdom",  first broadcast 4/14/2017

Show 1111: "Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II",  first broadcast 4/14/2017

Show 1112: "Carnival Magic",  first broadcast 4/14/2017

Show 1113: "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't",  first broadcast 4/1...

Show 1114: "At the Earth's Core",  first broadcast 4/14/2017

Season Twelve "The Gauntlet"

Show 1201: "Mac and Me" , first broadcast 11/22/2018

Show 1202: "Atlantic Rim", first broadcast 11/22/2018

Show 1203: "Lords of the Deep", first broadcast 11/22/2018

Show 1204: "The Day Time Ended", first broadcast 11/22/2018

Show 1205: "Killer Fish", first broadcast 11/22/2018

Show 1206: "Ator the Fighting Eagle", first broadcast 11/22/2018

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Show 820: "Space Mutiny", first broadcast 11/8/1997

The Film: Low-rent 1988 space opera starring Reb Brown.  It's the story of a colony ship which undergoes a mutiny. The exterior spaceship shots are from the original Battlestar: Galactica with new , amateurish sound effects.  Much of the interior shots seem to be in an old factory or power plant.  The computer graphics are hopelessly outdated - about at the level of Space Invaders.  It's poorly-written and poorly-acted, and there's a noteworthy continuity error - a woman who is seen to have been shot dead is then seen to be back at work in the next scene!

The Host Segments: This show is form the story arc where Mike, the Bots and Pearl and company are back in Roman times. Mike's encyclopedia is hopelessly outdated, Pearl and company's Roman hosts are holding them captive, Crow and Servo have a dogfight in space, Crow dresses up as a Bellarian, Bobo messes up an escape attempts, Servo installs easily-tripped-over railings, Crow and Servo try to muscle up, and Pearl has Mike try to seduce Flavia while she and her cohorts escape (The joke here is that Flavia - whom Mike singularly fails to impress with his seduction technique - is played by Bridget Jones, Mike's real-life wife), and Bobo accidentally starts a fire, presumably the Great Fire of Rome. 

Rating: A pretty good episode. The crappiness of the film led to some amusing riffs and the host segments were amusing enough.  I generally liked the "Roman" story arc.

  Fun part for this one was Mike thinking he could finally get to watch a good movie. 

The Baron said:

Show 1009: "Hamlet", first broadcast 6/27/1999

The Film: This is a 1961 adaptation done for West German TV  that was dubbed back into English.  Keep an ear out for the voices of Ricardo Montalban and John Banner as Claudius and Polonius.  It's hard to judge it - it's a poor print, and dubbed films are hard to judge anyway.

The Host Segments:  Servo insists on being called "Sirveaux", Mike uses three card Monte to choose their film, Tom and Crow impersonate the Ghost of Mike's Father (who isn't dead yet), Mike hosts "Alas, Poor Who?", the Bots create a talking Hamlet action figure, and Fortinbras visits Pearl.

Rating:  Good stuff. This is a particular favorite of mine. It's y favorite play, the riffs are good, and the  host segments are generally funny.

Show 406: "Attack of the Giant Leeches",  first broadcast 7/18/1992

The Short:  We begin with an episode of the 1936 Republic serial Undersea Kingdom, "Chapter One: Beneath the Ocean Floor", featuring Ray (Crash) Corrigan and Lon Chaney Jr.  Crash is a naval officer/football hero/wrestler who teams up with Billy, a little kid who presence is unexplained, Professor Iforgethisname, who had invented an earthquake predictor and a full-size baking soda submarine, and Intrepid Girl Reporter. they go to Atlantis, where they encounter robots that look like a cross between hot water heaters and Hartnell Era Cybermen.

Cliffhanger:  Crash and Billy come under enemy fire!

The Film:  Somewhere in the South, rural defectives and ineffectual scientists battle giant leeches.  This films seems designed to confirm every stereotype an urban Northerner could have about the rural South.

The Host Segments:  Joel and the Bots are tormented by genuinely disturbing holo-clowns, the Mads invent the idea of using a leech as a nicotine patch, Joel and the Bots invent the SOL Insty Adolescent Kit,  then discuss how they would dress if they took over the world.  Later they discuss their dreams and sing "We're A Danger To Ourselves and Others", and then discuss how smart the leeches were.  In Deep 13, a giant leech has drained Frank dry.

Rating:  The short was good, goofy Golden Age fun.  The feature really did seem to be designed to appeal to the stereotypical image of the South. The riffs on it were OK.  The host segments were so-so. If I was an actual Southerner, I wonder if I might not find "We're A Danger To Ourselves and Others" just a tiny bit offensive.

This is very early in Lon Chaney, Jr.'s career, five years before The Wolf Man.

I wonder if because MST3K was based in Minnesota, there was some bias towards our Southern brethren? Much like we in New York mock Massachusetts (but with love!)

IIRC, the Giant Leeches resembled inflated trash bags!

btw, Baron, you have inspired me to dig out my MST3K DVDs and tapes and try to watch one per week just like in the Good Old Days!

I love watching these. there's not a lot of "profundity" here, but they're lots of fun.

Show 511: "Gunslinger", first broadcast  10/9/1993

The Film:  This is a 1956 Roger Corman filmed-in-a-week effort, starring the ineffably lovely Beverly Garland, whose presence elevates an otherwise forgettable film. She plays the wife of a marshal in a western town.  When he is killed, she takes over his job and has to deal with a killer sent to eliminate her. Garland took the show's ribbing very graciously, appearing as guest of honor at one of the program's conventions, charming the cast and crew to a man.

The Host Segments:  Servo has a balloon for a head, the other use it to play Ka-Boom! Doctor F invents the Scanner Planner, Joel and the Bots invent various Whiffle products, later they discuss what they'd like their funerals to be like. The Bots play Pony Express, Tom uses quantum linear superposition to explain an apparent continuity error in the movie ,Joel and the Bots compare the 1870's and the 1970's. We end with deep-fried mail and Doctor F having successfully blown up Frank's head.

Rating: An OK episode. For a Corman quickie, the picture's OK, and the riff are amusing.  The host segments are OK.

Show 404: "Teenagers From Outer Space", first broadcast 6/27/1992

The Film:  In this 1959 epic, aliens come to Earth looking to convert it into grazing lands for their giant lobsters.  "Teenager" Derek (The actor playing him is 25. In fact, all of the actors in this are in their mid-20's. Were there no teenage actors back then?) rebels against his people's cruelty. Shenanigans ensue. A slow, pedestrian film.  The monster in this is particularly risible, as are the special effects in general.

The Host Segments:  Joel uses shock therapy to stop the Bots from saying "NBC Mystery Movie" every time they see a flashlight, the Bots invent the Scratch and Sniff Report Card, Doctor F does ventriloquism with Resusci-Annie but it gets weird, Joel and The Bots compare "Reel Life" with "Real Life" (a favorite segment of mine), later they eject snacks into space, the SOL is visited by a Skull Cruiser but the pilot is disappointing, Joel and the Bots create fashions based on the movie, and we end with Doctor F "dating" Resusci-Annie.

Favorite Line:  "Gummi Bears don't spread darkness and death....do they?"

Rating:  An OK episode with some good host segments. This episode has a special meaning for me, as I'm pretty sure that this was the first one I ever saw. I remember watching it with my then fiancee's mother, a dear lady who I miss greatly.

  I think they often did better with the short films instead of the features.  I remember one where the family sat down to dinner in the 1950's.

No final battle in Gamera vs. Zigra. The monsters roar at each other then they cut to a public service ad about keeping the oceans clean.

Show 408: "Hercules Unchained", first broadcast 8/1/1992

The Film: From 1959, Steve Reeves as Hercules gets involved with an evil queen and someone trying to conquer Thebes. A vague and uninteresting film.

The Host Segments: It's Annual Wash and Wax Day for the Bots. They don't enjoy it.  The Mads have created Decorator Swatch Roaches. By an astonishing coincidence, Steve Reeves (Mike Nelson) is in Deep 13, working as an exterminator.   Joel and the Bots have invented the Steve-O-Meter, a device which tells you whether or not Steve Allen has already thought of a given idea.  Tom and Crow discover hedonism  while Gypsy embodies the Hellenistic Ideal by  headbutting a lyre. Joel and the Bots sample various themed drinks and foods.  The Bots tease Joel about what Hercules is doing with Omphale. Finally, Joel and the Bots discuss "Why these kinds of movies?"

Favorite Line:  "Change at Jamaica for the chariot to Montauk." Someone's ridden the LIRR!

Rating: A so-so episode. These Hercules pictures do not interest me.

Show 410: "Hercules Against The Moon Men", first broadcast 8/22/1992

The Film: From 1964, Alan Steel is Herc here, as he battles critters from the Moon. Another turgid mess, the monster here would have embarrassed Hartnell Era Doctor Who.

The Host Segments:  Servo and Crow run away from home. It doesn't go well. the Mads introduce Deep Hurting.  Joel and the Bots invent Freak Out and Super Freak Out.  Joel and the Bots perform the "Booby Trap Illusion. Much mileage is gotten out of saying "booby" repeatedly. Joel gives Crow and Servo big Alan Steel arms.  They sing the song "Pants", which is mildly amusing.  Finally, they discuss Wayne Rogers Syndrome.

Favorite Line:  My inner Beavis loved the line about "the evil influence of Uranus".

Rating:  Another so-so outing.

Show 816: "Prince of Space", first broadcast 8/16/1997

The Film:  This is apparently a couple of episodes of the 1958 tokusatsu series Planet Prince strung together as a "movie". Humble shoeshine man "Wally"  is secretly the heroic Prince of Space, who defends the Earth from the vaguely chicken-like Phantom of Krankor.  Unintentionally amusing stuff.

The Host Segments:  Crow and Servo's game of Dog and Bear gets way out of hand.  Bobo accidentally draw the Widowmaker and the SOL into a wormhole.  Mike and the Bots undergo a temporal discontinuity. Mike is subsequently replaced by his robot counterpart from another dimension.  Back to normal, Mike finds himself and the bots in a forest.  Krankor (Bill Corbett) briefly conquers the SOL before Mike scares him away. Finally, they all emerge from the wormhole and Pearl and Observer find themselves on Earth in Roman times, where they encounter a Roman couple (Kevin Murphy and Bridget Jones).

Cliffhanger:  "Guards! Seize them!"

Favorite Line: "Goodbye, unfunny weird man!"  (I can't tell you how many times someone has said that to me.)

Rating:  Another good one. The film is amusing, the riffs are good, and the host segments are well-written.

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