I thought it might be kind of fun to pick a comic (storyline) and see what kind of recommendations the board would come up with based on that comic.  (If it works well, who knows, I might choose another one next week. :))

Just 'cause it's not a game without criteria, why don't we go like this:

1. Something old (a specific story or issue)

2. Something new (a series being published currently)

3. Something related (by a member of the creative team or another story featuring the same character)

4. Something Batman (a specific story or issue)

So, the comic is:

Southern Bastards Vol. 1: Here Was A Man

(Mark has a review here.)


Our picks so far:

Southern Bastards Vol. 1: Here Was A Man

Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga

Daredevil by Mark Waid Vol. 1

Saga Vol. 1

The Magneto Testament

Avengers: Ultron Unlimited

Seven Soldiers of Victory by Grant Morrison

Secret Origins (1987) #10: The (possible) origins of the Phantom St...

JLA: Year One

Action Comics #241: The Super-Key to Fort Superman

Detective Comics #s 604-607: The Mudpack

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Planet Hulk

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Oh, man, The Terra Mosaic! I haven't thought of that storyline in years! I love all the versions of the Legion, but the 5 Years Later stories really rocked my world at the time.

There's some fun old-school Huntress stories that Levitz wrote, too, reprinted in the Huntress: Dark Knight Daughter trade paperback a few years ago. Unfortunately, the remaining Huntress backups (from 296-321) haven't been reprinted yet. Of course, they're written by Joey Cavalieri instead of Levitz, so DC probably has less motivation to print them. 

You know, I pieced that whole Terra Mosaic storyline over the course of a couple years, but I still have yet to read the whole thing together in order. My patchwork experience read brilliantly. But I would really like to read them all together. I went through several boxes the other night looking for it, after I'd read it, but I still didn't find it. Now I want to more than ever!

I've been meaning to read Earthwar and Legion Lost for an age... sounds like I should add Terra Mosaic to the ever growing list. :)

Sensei, why don't you start the next one or two and then pass it along.  Who knows, after Rob, maybe we can convince someone else to join the fun.

I hope so -- this is a great structure in which to recommend things. 

I hope so too!

Hopefully we will have some people around here who have read...

Daredevil by Mark Waid, volume 1!

Something Old-Black Canary/Zatanna: Bloodspell by Paul Dini and Joe Quiones. This is about a year old and was an OGN by DC. It takes place pre-new 52. Like Waid's Daredevil this is a fun superhero romp but with some high stakes. This story is much the same.


Something New- Black Widow by Nate Edmonson and Phil Noto. This picks up the more serious notes of DD. It's still a lot of fun and usually stand alone stories or two issue arcs.


Something Related- Spider-man: Family Business by Mark Waid and Gabrielle DelOtto. This is a Marvel OGN that is a fun take on Spider-man. This story is a globe trotting adventure featuring Spidey and his sister. What?!?! It's fun, trust me.


Something Batman- Batman: the Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. This is a classic and one of my favorite Batman stories, heck comic book stories ever!


Something Old: The thing that struck me most about those early issues of Daredevil was Rivera & Martin's reimagining of Matt's radar sense. Gone are the concentric circles coming from his forhead, replaced by the red 3-D topographics in the room around him,  I thought Matt Fraction and David Aja did a similar trick in The Immortal Iron Fist, where they highlighted specific points of contact and martial arts stances by setting them off in frames within the panels. 

Something New: It's not lighthearted, by any means, but there's something quirky and oddball about a formerly very serious character in Gotham By Midnight, by Ray Fawkes and Ben Templesmith. By turning The Spectre into, essentially, a team book, Fawkes and Templesmith get to focus on a very quirky group of cops (and specialists). Templesmith's art is somehow both creepy and silly, and the ground-level focus gives the Spectre a real majesty and scope when he finally shows up.  

Something Related: Well, I could pick just about anything by Mark Waid, whose writing I adore. But instead, let's focus on Marcos Martin, and Amazing Spider-Man 559-561. Written by Dan Slott fairly early on in the Brand New Day period, this story focuses on Paper Doll, a villain who can turn two dimensional, among other powers. The nature of her abilities give a great showcase for Martin's innovative layouts.  

Something Batman: I'll suggest JLA: Tower of Babel, Mark Waid's first JLA storyline after Morrison left (issues 43-46, but also in trade). This is the story with Batman's infamous JLA Protocols,but there's also a grave-robbing connection to Waid's Daredevil run (though not until Daredevil volume 2, I think). 

Something Old:

Waid changed Daredevil from the poster child for doom and gloom to an extremely fun comic.  I've been scratching my head trying to come up with another comic that did something similar, but none have really jumped out at me.  So, I'm just going to go with something that started out fun and stayed the course, Incredible Hercules V.5: The Mighty Thorcules.

Something New:

One of the running plot lines in the first volume is that the world "knows" Matt is Daredevil, but he refuses to acknowledge it, instead trying to lead the world into believing what he wants it to believe; trying to shape his identity through the power of positive thinking.  The new Ms. Marvel book starts with Kamala first impersonating another super hero and then gradually letting the world see an identity that's more true to herself, (of course, shaping impressions is a little bit easier when you're a shapeshifter).

Something Related:

Another book I think Waid did a fantastic job of revamping was the of Legion of Super-Heroes with the "3boot".  Like Daredevil, there were a lot of fans of the previous iterations and some pretty drastic changes were made.  I think one could argue that neither book really needed such a complete overhaul, but regardless, the overall results were something special.  Sadly, the Legion "3boot" lost its way some during the (100)1 year(s) later storyline, but the first one, LOSH V.1: Teenage Revolution, was a great re-imagining that really changed things up.

Something Batman:

For this one, I'm going to go with James Robinson and Tim Sale's Blades from Legends of the Dark Knight 32-34.  I think this captured a lot of the same swashbuckling feel as today's Daredevil and likewise had some tremendous art.

Here are my recommendations:

Something Old

Mark Waid's Flash run from the early-to-mid nineties was and still is comic book perfection. I think it's horrible that there isn't a hardback run of books dedicated to this. It also needs to collect the Waid issues of Impulse while they're at it! I'm sure you can find them on the DC app, or digging through the dollar bins.

Something New

I'm going to take Jason's route and go with another Nathan Edmondson-written street book, Punisher. Edmondson is writing a great take on this character, and instead of being nothing but brooding, his Frank Castle actually has a little bit of personality to him. Also, Edmondson gets a chance to write something that uses his military weapons knowledge. It's a great book, and I don't know too many people who are reading it.

Something Related

My "related" book is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vols. 6-8. This is an awesome story full of heart and action called "City Fall" (6-7) and then the fallout from that story in vol. 8, called "Northampton". I'm going to say this is related because, like Daredevil, the Turtles fight crime using their kung fu skills in an urban setting. It's written by Kevin Eastman and Tome Waltz, with art by Mateus Santolouco and Ross Campbell.

Something Batman

For this one, I'm going to say to go read the Legends of the Dark Knight: Alan Davis. It's written by Mike W. Barr, and the art by Alan Davis looks as good as his current work. But I'm going with this one because the stories still feature a fun-loving, smiling Batman and a sharp-witted Robin. It reminds me a lot of the feeling you get reading a current DD comic.

Oh, man, I love this story so much! I love a story with a tragic villain like this, who does the right thing in the end.

Something Batman:

For this one, I'm going to go with James Robinson and Tim Sale's Blades from Legends of the Dark Knight 32-34.  I think this captured a lot of the same swashbuckling feel as today's Daredevil and likewise had some tremendous art.

Aaaaand that's about everyone who has submitted any recommendations thus far... What do you think, Border Mutt? Time for Rob to take the wheel?

Sounds good to me.

What's the next item up for bid Rob?

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