I thought it might be kind of fun to pick a comic (storyline) and see what kind of recommendations the board would come up with based on that comic.  (If it works well, who knows, I might choose another one next week. :))

Just 'cause it's not a game without criteria, why don't we go like this:

1. Something old (a specific story or issue)

2. Something new (a series being published currently)

3. Something related (by a member of the creative team or another story featuring the same character)

4. Something Batman (a specific story or issue)

So, the comic is:

Southern Bastards Vol. 1: Here Was A Man

(Mark has a review here.)


Our picks so far:

Southern Bastards Vol. 1: Here Was A Man

Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga

Daredevil by Mark Waid Vol. 1

Saga Vol. 1

The Magneto Testament

Avengers: Ultron Unlimited

Seven Soldiers of Victory by Grant Morrison

Secret Origins (1987) #10: The (possible) origins of the Phantom St...

JLA: Year One

Action Comics #241: The Super-Key to Fort Superman

Detective Comics #s 604-607: The Mudpack

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Planet Hulk

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Wandering Sensei: Moderator Man said:

Something Old: I think you would probably have to scrounge to find this, because I don't believe this is anywhere in total collected form. I'm talking about Superman: Exile. This is in the issues of Superman (pre-Nu52) #28-32, Adventures of Superman #451-455, and Action Comics Annual #2. This is the story of Superman exiling himself in outer space after killing three Kryptonian criminals. Unlike Planet Hulk, though, Superman doesn't conquer his own planet. He does, however, engage in gladiatorial combat, fights Mongul, and finds out quite a bit about Krypton from an old holy man named the Cleric. I'm surprised this hasn't been collected, actually. At thirteen issues, it's a pretty tight little story.

WS, it was collected in a tpb a long time ago, in 1998.  It collects the issues you mention except that it skips Superman #31 - Luthor vs Mxyzptlk and adds Adventures 456 and Action 643.  Mycomicshop has it available for $11.95 so I think it shouldn't be too hard to obtain.  I heartily second your recommendation of Exile!

That was honestly the first story I thought of, too, before I decided to go with an even deeper cut with GL  -- it's a really good one!

So finally I'll resurrect this thread and wrap up my recommendations for fans of Planet Hulk:

Something Related: Wonder Woman: Ends of the Earth by Gail Simone and one of Planet Hulk's artists, Aaron Lopresti. It's a cool story that (like Planet Hulk) takes Wonder Woman out of her usual element, in this case fighting demons with some of DC's fantasy characters, like Stalker and Beowulf, IIRC. 

Something Batman: Justice League 170, hard as it is to believe now, seems to have been written to counteract the prevailing notion that an unpowered character like Batman was useless on the Justice League. In this story, he figures out the main problem that no other JLAer can get a handle on, and then goes out into space to fix it. It's not an exile into space, but still -- Batman in space!

And now, at long last, to recommend a new book: Walt Simonson's run of Thor. If a person likes that book, what else might they like?

Thanks so much for resurrecting this thread, Rob! I have a small handful of recommends:

Something Old: Walt Simonson had a short stint as the artist on Metal Men back in the 1970's (issues 45-49, to be exact). I have read and re-read #45 so many countless times. I love his style so much. He is clearly an inspiration to artists like Erik Larsen and Mike Mignola, the latter of whom was a direct inspiration to Joe Quesada. But I'm not done with Walt Simonson yet....

Something New: The Walt Simonson Orion Omnibus came out earlier this year, and it is a mammoth piece of incredible quality. Man, it's so beautiful. Simonson seriously has the energy of Kirby.

Something Batman: Well, duh! Walt Simonson did some back-ups on Batman (or Detective?) featuring the Manhunter. They have been collected in a single prestige format (completely gold cover...very 90's-esque) or also in the Archie Goodwin Legends of the Dark Knight (or whatever) hardback volume. Either one is a bargain.

I'll start with a few, and come back to this in a little bit (hopefully it won't take months!):

Something New: One of the most memorable sequences in Simonson's Thor was the run of issues where he'd been changed into a frog. In that spirit, I'd like to recommend Kurt Busiek and Benjamin Dewey's Autumnlands (formerly Tooth and Claw). A world of talking animals with very live-and-death threats, political intrigue, and great magic action. I'm pretty sure I nominated Dewey as Best Artist in last year's Cappies, too, which will give you an idea of the esteem in which I hold his art.

Something Batman: In Batman 365-366, Batman goes down to South America to fight the Joker. From what I recall, it's a solid two-parter (you really can't go wrong with the Doug Moench/Don Newton team), but the tie-in to Thor is simply Simonson's iconic cover of Batman 366: Batman and the Joker in a life-or-death struggle atop a pyramid or tower. (Strangely enough, it looks like there are vikings carved into the side of the structure, so it probably wasn't commissioned for that exact story. No matter -- it's one of the finest Batman images ever, and one of the most striking covers of all time.)   

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