Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show starts tonight. Anyone else watching?

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I'm going to watch the first episode, at least. I am no Buffy fan, though I have seen some episodes. Some reviews go on about how gorgeous she is but to me..she's all right! I liked Willow better, still do as far as actresses go!

But hey, there's Buffy, Reed Richards and Batmanuel (or Richard Alpert, if you prefer) in one show! 

I am...which you would know if you were on facebook.  ;)

Or if you posted here more often! Don't worry, I have a Facebook spy who keeps me apprised of all your doin's (and she just added several new friends yesterday).

I set the DVR as I was supposed to play softball (now canceled due to a thunderstorm).  I don't know if we'll watch it tonight or later in the week but I want to at least give it a try.


And yes, it's Richard Alpert. 

We rarely watch anything live. The DVR is set. Jenn's excited but I don't have high hopes for it. It doesn't sound like a good premise for an ongoing series to me. Short term, sure.

I tried to watch it last night. I wasn't feeling it though. The acting was not good at all. I could only get through about 10 minutes of it.

Wow, Jason, I couldn't disagree more (of course I did watch the whole thing ;) ). There's a big mystery (more than one, really), with lots of clues and lots of red herrings. It's still way to early to try to guess everything that's going on, though. I'll agree with OJ that the premise doesn't seem to be sustainable for the long term, but based on the set up, I think it will be able to sustain itself for some time to come.


Because many of you have not yet watched it, I'll confine the rest of my comments to the hountingly beautiful version of "25 Or 6 To 4" which played in the background of one scene. (Anyone know the artist?) I've never heard a Chicago song covered before, and this one is ambiguous enough that it could stand for almost anything, and fits the mood of the scene well. For those of you who may not know, "25 Or 6 To 4" is a song about writing a song (no, it's not about drugs) and the title refers to the time of day, 3:34 or 3:35 AM, i.e., "25 Or 6 (minutes) To 4 (in the morning)."

The Internet says the cover is by Pacifika.
My wife is the biggest SMG fan I know and she didn't even finish the pilot. I'd already stopped paying it much attention when she decided she was through with it about 3/4 of the way in.
Ana Canino-Fluit (Anacoqui- mod) said:
The Internet says the cover is by Pacifika.

Thanks, Ana! Have you and Chris watched it yet? I curious to hear what you thought since you two are the ones who got Tracy and I watching BTVS in the first place.
I enjoyed it...c'mon Buffy, Batmanuel, and Reed Richards in one show...what's not to like?  It's soapy, but fun soapy.  My only complaint was the cheap green screen use in the boat scene.  C'mon, this show has to have a similar budget to Burn Notice doesn't it?
Ana Canino-Fluit (Anacoqui- mod) said:
The Internet says the cover is by Pacifika.

Listen here:

I would also like to add that SMG, always a pretty girl, has grown into a strikingly beautiful woman.

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