I just read that Dick Giordano has passed away.

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Ah, that's too bad.

This hurts.

This is the loss of one of the true giants in the industry, a major talent in his own right with a major eye for talent -- he helped discover Denny O'Neil, Jim Aparo, Steve Skeates and José Luis García-López. He let García-López stay at his home when he first came to America; because of that, García-López was forever after loyal to DC.

We are all poorer for this loss. My condolences to his family.
This is sad news. He had a hand in a lot of what I like about DC. He even did a little inking on Neil Gaiman's Sandman!
And The Invisibles!

Sad news indeed.

I think his distinctively warm and friendly 60's-70's version of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are now popular on a lot of those 'retro' superhero T-shirts the kids are wearing these days.
Oh, no! Man that is sad news. He did so much for the industry and his impression on it should remain forever.

Dick Giordano was one of the first artists I knew by his drawing style. I loved his work, especially his Batman pieces. Growing up in the 80s, I looked forward to his "Meanwhile" columns as much as I did reading the stories themselves.

Thank you, Mr G., and may your afternoons be good from now on.
Oh no! So sad. He's one of the first names I remember recognizing at DC. Great art style, great in editorial.
Very professional, very well-respected... I don't think I've ever heard an unkind word said about Dick Giordano.

He will be missed.
Aw, damn. I offer my condolences of course. I had always hoped to meet him and thank him for helping to birth some of my favorite characters during his time at Charlton. Then I'd thank him again for merging them with the DCU. (Yeah, I know he didn't initiate it, but it was because of him that they were there.)
He was one of the greatest inkers of all time, bringing out the best of any penciller he worked with. His Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Justice League work will remain timeless, priceless and unforgetable. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.
Aw, man, I'm sorry to hear this. Dick's work was always terrific (I loved his work on Jonni Thunder), but those "Meanwhile" columns really set the standard for me in the personal, behind-the-scenes communication from an editor to fans.
Sad news indeed

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