Has anyone here been watching this show? I have, and it’s been pretty good so far. I’m surprised no one has started a discussion of it yet, but I’m particularly surprised after this week’s episode (which I watched just last night). The fourth episode, “City of Heroes,” deals with comic books and New York City, both pre- and post-9/11, and a newspaper article by Andrew Smith, our own Captain Comics, is prominently featured in one shot. These are the episode that have aired so (with the fifth set for Monday, December 4):

Episode 1: “The Mighty Misfits Who Made Marvel”
Episode 2: “The Truth About Wonder Woman”
Episode 3: “The Trials of Superman”
Episode 4: “City of Heroes”
Episode 5: “The Color of Comics”
Episode 6" "Image Comics: Declaration of Independents"

Kudos to Andrew for the nation-wide shout out on AMC!

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I enjoyed the Superman and Milestone Media segments in particular. I have a basic disagreement with the 9/11 show's premise: I don't believe it "changed comics forever." It had a brief impact, then things went back to the status quo. Given how well that's been working lately, maybe it's too bad there wasn't a more permanent impact.

I'm inclined to agree -- though (having watched the first half of this ep last night) I hadn't considered comics as being the "first entertainment responders" of 9/11 before, and what effect that might have had on the public perception of comics. The Heroes book in Oct. 2001 and its follow-ups got Quesada and Jemas into TV studios and interviewed by reporters on the news beat, not the human-interest beat, and that might have legitimately opened up some doors for public acceptance of comics down the road. Once you've become a source for reporters, they'll know they can turn to you for a comment on something else down the line. 

Those inroads might genuinely have been a change, and might have led to Marvel (and comics in general) benefiting from movies like Spider-Man and Iron Man more than they might have otherwise. 

Wartched episode six, "Image Comics: Declaration of Independents", last night. I learned some things I didn't in that one, too. I am ambivalent about the Image founders. I admire and respect what they achieved, but I'm not all that impressed by some of them personally. It's too bad Siegel & Schuster and Kirby never got such a deal.

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