Out of curiosity , is there any US TV outfit that is going to show the complete wedding of Prince Mark and Kate , especially live ???

  It is going to be SIX HOURS!!!!!!!!! long , too !!!!!!!!! ( No " Yipes ! " 'moticons here , so:-(.........)

  I thought this after seeing Yahoo! advertising showing it live - Of course , that just means one box you could click on , it's not that it will take all over ALL of Y!....And , frasnkly , as popular as the Windsors may be , I think some " national prife ...wait a minute - Didn't we FIGHT to get rid of this family 235 years ago ? " sentiments may get in the way of any US outfit thinking of showing the whole enchilada ( A rather inappropriate metaphor with this bunch !!!!!!!!! )

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...OhhhOHkayyy , I thought " I can't remember the Prince's name , but I can correect it later "...It's prince WILLIAM . Off with my head ! Egad .

  There must be a scene from some Hellblazer arc that would apply to this:-) !!!!!!!!!...

That's a good question. I seem to recall that the last royal wedding was live, although I didn't watch it.
Both BBC America and TLC are planning live coverage. TLC will have specials about the royals during the entire week prior to the event. I'm not sure of the time, but it'll be starting early for us colonials. I'm sure it'll be replayed multiple times and available on the BBC website after.
Being a big Anglophile family...one side is Canadian and the other is British...we'll be watching most of it that day I'm sure.

...OK , thank you , Doc , are you yourself an American/resident-a citizen here ?

  I guess it's appropriate for BBC America , perhaps they'd just pick up live the main Beeb's...

  If the " beginning " of the six hrs is...??...Um , well , if the end is - when the happy couple step off of the last step of Westminster?? onto the ground?? ( If they aren't being carried by toadies stepping on pitiful working-class beggars coughing TB-ishally - more Hellblazer ! ) When they step into their carriage/car?? When it leaves the curb??

  Would the " six of the best " start at 9 in the morning UK time , to be over at 3 PM?? Especially , um , if there are delays ?

  I think that would be about 1 in the morning , California time .

I saw on the news last night that they are going to be drawn in the same carriage as Diana was taken to the church on for her doomed nuptials.


Considering how that turned out - way to jinx the marriage guys!

When Charles and Diana got married, Good Morning America came live for London - I can't see them not doing that this time.

Having said which, nobody, but NOBODY does royal pagentry like the BBC...

America has something like 6 to 10 national television news networks here that run 24 hours a day -- plus another 10 to 20 "documentary" channels -- so you can guarantee we'll be able to watch it.
I was on a float trip on the day of the last royal wedding. Hadn't started when we left, was a done deal by the time we returned. I have half a mind to contact those people again to organize another royal wedding float trip.
I'm from Indiana, but Holly's family is from Saskatchewan and my sister is married to a Brit she met while studying at the Shakespeare Academy in Stratford-upon-Avon.  I've always been an Anglophile and I passed it to her.

...A belated thank you , Doc , and Jack , what do you mean by " news channels " ?

  On cable TV  there's Fox , MSNBC , and two CNNs...quite a bit , but that doesn't come to " 6 to 10 " .

...Aren't you proud of me , CC , for practicing thread conservation ?

  Y'see , t'other day , the New York Times had a story about the build-up to the Royal Wedding in the UK , mentioning that , suprise suprise , mauch RW-themed " mersh " has hit the shops in the UK , and furthermore is apparently selling like hotcake- uh , overcooked , soggy , peas !

  It was mentioned that the Royals had ecided to " relax the general rules on how and when the Rs' image , and seal ( Arf , arf !!!!!!!!! ) may be used upon merchandise " , feeling that the UK's economy could use a boost ( Somehow , I think Hellblazer might ascribe the motives differently <wink> !!!!!!!!! ) , and a whole bloomin' pile of Windsoe wot was listed...........

  ...including " comic books " .

  What sort of - especially " official seal-bearing " - comic books/publications touching upon the Will/Waity Katey wedding might have hit shops in Britain ?????????

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