Out of curiosity , is there any US TV outfit that is going to show the complete wedding of Prince Mark and Kate , especially live ???

  It is going to be SIX HOURS!!!!!!!!! long , too !!!!!!!!! ( No " Yipes ! " 'moticons here , so:-(.........)

  I thought this after seeing Yahoo! advertising showing it live - Of course , that just means one box you could click on , it's not that it will take all over ALL of Y!....And , frasnkly , as popular as the Windsors may be , I think some " national prife ...wait a minute - Didn't we FIGHT to get rid of this family 235 years ago ? " sentiments may get in the way of any US outfit thinking of showing the whole enchilada ( A rather inappropriate metaphor with this bunch !!!!!!!!! )

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...The Fox station here in  in San Franciso - The broadcast station , not Fox News . - will be showing WilKat , live , starting at 1;00 in the morning or thereabouts , is it this night/overnight , or the night/overnight starting from ( our ) Friday ?????????
I was rather pleased to learn that anchor Brian Williams of NBC came back to the U.S. to cover the tornados that swept through the South. At least one news organization has its priorities straight.
I was thinking of that while I was listening to the radio this morning, even the NPR was like "Everyone is focused on the royal wedding this morning", and I was thinking, "Except possibly those folks whose roofs are now three counties away from the rest of their houses."

Certainly not to diminish the tragedy down South and all over the world, no one should expect them to hold off their wedding until there's global peace and harmony. No one is forcing anyone to watch it or make a big deal of it. Happy news is as important as sad news, in some ways even moreso. Is it a diversion? To us, probably so. But to England, it is a matter of national pride and celebration.

Also, two people are starting a new phase of their lives in not exactly ideal conditions, with a world watching. They deserve only well wishes!

The wife taped BBC America's coverage of it so we'll probably watch it in small doses over this weekend.


The Queen gave their official titles as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Cool.


Myself, I'd rather see the last launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavor and not simply because Giffords will be there to see her husband launch (although that is good news). We're one step closer to the end of an era now. :(



It was nice of the Sixth Doctor to design tha tuniform the prince was wearing.

I'm so excited for the royal wedding tomorrow!


...it's tomorrow, right?

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