Ruby Rose quits "Batwoman"; the CW to recast for Season 2

From Deadline: "Ruby Rose Exits the CW’s ‘Batwoman’, DC Series to Recast Iconic Lead Role for Season 2"

Deadline writes:

This is a shocker: Ruby Rose, the star of the CW’s freshman drama series Batwoman, is leaving the Warner Bros. TV/Berlanti Prods. drama after one season. The series, which already has been renewed for a second season, will continue with the title role getting recast.

“I have made the very difficult decision to not return to Batwoman next season,” Rose said in a statement “This was not a decision I made lightly as I have the utmost respect for the cast, crew and everyone involved with the show in both Vancouver and in Los Angeles.”

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I've never seen it, but I've seen people on-line who watch it and say they're not all that broken up over her leaving.

Tracy told me this news last night. She was quite upset. I myself recently described all the superhero shows (the ones I watch, anyway) as a "time suck." Having said that, she was good in the role and I'm already having a difficult time picturing anyone else assaying the role. We shall see.

Anything you don’t enjoy is a time-suck, which is why I cut my new comics buying almost to the bone.

I’ve enjoyed Ruby Rose in the part. This reminds me of Vincent D'Onofrio’s role as detective Robert Goren in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Being in almost every scene of an hour-long series is very taxing, physically and mentally, especially if it’s an intense role. Add to this, almost being paralyzed while playing a part had to factor into her decision, whether she admits it or not.

Wasn't she getting attacked on-line when she cast originally?

Yes, she was attacked on line, relentlessly.

Here's more from TVLine: "Ruby Rose's Batwoman Exit: The Story Behind Her Shocking Departure"

I was not aware of the back injury. Probably the most famous case of a TV show recasting a lead -- Bewitched -- stems from a lifelong back injury Dick York suffered on a movie set. The chronic pain developed to the point where he couldn't continue.

In that light, I can't blame Ruby Rose one whit.

ClarkKent_DC said:

Yes, she was attacked on line, relentlessly.

A woman (and a queer woman at that) with opinions takes on a role in a nerd franchise and gets attacked relentlessly by anonymous cowards? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, and saddened.

Okay, but I am saddened.

We didn't watch the show more than a few episodes, but we thought she was perfect for the part. The show itself needed work, but since we didn't keep watching, we don't know how it developed, particularly (a lot of new shows need work).

Many of the articles refer to "friction" on the set and the fact that she wasn't enjoying the demands of a lead role in series television.

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