Secret Empire 0 pulls together threads from several different books which constitute the prologue. They are conveniently laid out here:

I only read the Steve Rogers issue and didn’t really feel like I needed to read the rest to follow what was going on in Secret Empire 0. In Steve Rogers 16 we see Cap’s secret plan start to coalesce as Hydra seeks to reassemble the Cosmic Cube without reawakening Kobik and Zemo appears to kill Bucky.

This brings us to Secret Empire 0 wherein it is outlined that the Cosmic Cube was apparently created by American scientists during the World War II era and used to create the reality that we know as the original Marvel Universe.  Hyrdra’s plan is to use Cap to “undo” that “fake” reality and restore the “true” reality in which Hydra conquers the world.  So they appear to be telling us that the entire Marvel Universe is all just one big EYKIW.

On the other hand, we are still getting the intro text page telling us that Kobik has rewritten reality.  In which case this whole Captain Hydra saga is just one big bad dream that can be Bobby Ewinged out of existence at any time.

In the meantime Nick Spencer has started knocking down the dominos that he has nicely put into place over the last year or so.  This isn’t just a bunch of random stuff thrown together to sell a summer crossover. There appears to have actually been a lot of planning that went into this.

Here’s the way it will unfold going forward:

It doesn't appear that there are too many tie-ins or spin-offs, although I suppose that could change but so far I'm on board for the main series and probably Uprising as well.

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Luke Blanchard said:

The Baron said:

As long as American comics are set up in such a way that a return to the status quo is inevitable, it will be impossible to believe in story developments that claim that "WITH THIS STORY, EVERYTHING CHANGES!"

It's a form of discarding continuity. The reversed stories don't matter any more, unless the characters make an issue of the new version of what happened. ("But I thought you were dead!" "I can't forgive you for that! You should've found out I wasn't!")

A status quo-changing story that you mean to reverse all along is a form of imaginary story. The difference is an imaginary story admits it's an imaginary story. The other kind says "I'm not! I'm not! I'm not! Fooled you - I actually am!"

Ironically, I think the biggest complaint I have about Secret Empire is that I don't like where it leaves the Marvel Universe. They didn't want to resort the tired old reset button so they let some of the changes stand. And I don't really like those changes.

I don't want Captain Hydra to become a regular Marvel villain. As with Superboy Prime, he gives me an icky feeling as though I'm watching something that was once good and wholesome being debased. I just don't want to go there.

In this case, I think I would have preferred a reset where Kobik just goes back in time to the moment she created Captain Hydra and just doesn't do it. Then maybe she could have made changes that resulted in something closer to DC's Rebirth than what we're getting with this Generations stuff.

I'm amazed at how passively the mutants took the destruction of new Tian.  I wonder, if you are a young mutant and you see giant government robots destroy your home how would you feel about the government that ordered that destruction?  I swear Beast and Emma looked bored.  

As long as they sell enough copies, they'll keep doing it.

Now that they are owned by movie-makers, the number of books they are required to sell may not be as high as it used to be. It's possible that they just have to look like they're trying and are able to retain the trademarks.

I certainly don't want Captain Hydra around because eventually he'll get his own book again or lead a team of edgy, grim and gritty Avengers.

I would also hope for a hiatus to any use of Kobik or any Cosmic Cube or any reality bending event. And yes I'm talking about Infinity War!

In the Generations books, there are hints that Phoenix is going to become a big thing again! And I'm not thrilled about that either!

Actually, the original Jean Grey is coming back, according to SyFy.

Given there's already an evil Captain America running around, and given that they've gone down that route before, I'd prefer not to see it either.

Detective 445 said:

I don't want Captain Hydra to become a regular Marvel villain.

Do you mean the '50s Cap? Or John Walker? Or somebody else?

I think the '50s Cap is currently dead, but I could be wrong. Anyway, you're right that we've already read Liberal Cap vs. Reactionary Cap before. 

I was actually referring to the Anti-Cap.

However, like many of Christopher Priest's characters, he seems largely forgotten. According to this article, he's dead now, which I never saw.

Given 1950's Cap, John Walker, Anti-Cap and now Stevil, I think this particular story should be put to bed for a very long time.


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