It looks like the Sgt. Rock movie is back on, however it is now planned as a sci-fi movie. I'll pass.

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Rob Staeger said:
Whether or not they've ever read a Sgt. Rock comic, the people who'll go to see a space war movie (SF fans, for the most part, unless it breaks really big, which I wouldn't expect it to), are the same people who are hyper-nitpicky about source material (not that you have to be hyper-nitpicky to see the problems with this). That's what I mean about alienating the potential audience -- not the Sgt. Rock fans, but the legions of anal-retentive SF fans who'll cry foul given any opportunity. And this here's a good one.

If this thing ever gets made -- which I doubt -- it'll tank.

I don't get this: Are you saying that the people who'll go see a space war movie will reject this space war movie because it isn't based on a space war movie but a World War II-set comic?
Pretty much, yeah. (Maybe it's the cold meds talking.)

There'll be online backlash, and I think SF fans are more attuned to most to online backlash. They might not avoid it because it's not a good representation of Sgr. Rock; they'll just avoid it because by the time it comes out (if it ever does) they'll have heard so much complaining about it that they'll be preconditioned to think it's lousy.

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