On another thread, my pal Dave Blanchard wrote:

>Although I've been around here for a good long while, I'm one of those who were "imported" into this Forum following the implosion of Mr. Age's old CBGxtra Forum.

Personally, the threads I read more often and participate in the most are the relatively short ones that play off somebody's observation about a single character or story or some kind of recurring theme, especially the kind of thread that anybody can just pop in and do a drive-by quick comment or add another image playing off previously posted images. Kind of in the spirit of Mr. Age's own fondly remembered CBG column, where he'd focus on some quirky thing he stumbled upon in an old Silver Age comic book, and we'd all chime in with our own take on said quirkiness.

So short and quirky would be the types of posts I'd be most likely to read/comment on, if that's any help./p>

I echo what Dave says. Long, highly descriptive threads don't fit my time schedule, and I, too, miss the old CBGXtra forum.

So, in that spirit, here's an image to invite short and quirky responses.

Your pal, Hoy (I haven't used that signature in a while!)

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You better let that clear out a little before you go up to the moon.


The smell of romance.


So they've achieved that level of the relationship, eh?

All they're missing is Vincent Price as the mad doctor!

"Mental note," John thinks, "Mexican food was a bad idea."

I don't know where to post this one, but I think it'll qualify as quirky.

Thinking about the recent Wonder Woman movie, I stepped into the Impossible/Imaginary/What If Machine and came out with the following.

There is speculation that DC intended Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow (Brave and the Bold #50, 1963) as a second World's Finest team.  That didn't work out.

What if a bit earlier they had hit on that same notion but with female characters and with Wonder Woman as the superpowered half of the team.  Sensation Comics is revived with #110 on sale January 1962. Now who would be the non-superpowered half?

Who do we have to work with?

Supergirl (but she fails the non-superpowered criterion)

Lois Lane (as if she could be pried loose from Mort Weisinger, same also goes for Supergirl)

The token distaff members of the various adventurer teams:  June Robbins (Challengers), Christie Madison (Cave Carson), Judy Walton (Sea Devils), Bonnie Baxter (Rip Hunter), Karin Grace (Task Force X/Suicide Squad) -- no name recognition

Arrowette (I don't see that happening)

Alanna (she's on another planet)

Lady Blackhawk (now, that would be interesting, but I don't see it happening)

Hawkgirl (introduced only a few months earlier)

Platinum (introduced that same month, not likely)

The best choice is Batwoman.  Talk about symmetry.

Sensation Comics featuring the team of Wonder Woman and Batwoman goes on to enjoy a multiyear bimonthly run.  Initial artwork by Dick Sprang.  When he retires he is replaced by Russ Heath. 

Who do you see as the editor?  writer(s)?  artist(s)?

What ripple effects will there be for the DC universe?

Russ Heath drawing WW/Batwoman? Ye gods! The mind reels!

Is "ripple effect" some sort of euphemism?

It's what happens when Russ Heath draws more than one woman in a tight shirt in a single panel.

Doctor Hmmm?

Nope, just something along the lines of "what effect would a successful comic featuring Batwoman have on the New Look Batman"?

Of course, it would be a wonderful (no pun intended) venue for Russ Heath's talents.

On a lark I typed "Russ Heath Wonder Woman" into Google and at the www.comicartfans.com website found the following:

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