On another thread, my pal Dave Blanchard wrote:

>Although I've been around here for a good long while, I'm one of those who were "imported" into this Forum following the implosion of Mr. Age's old CBGxtra Forum.

Personally, the threads I read more often and participate in the most are the relatively short ones that play off somebody's observation about a single character or story or some kind of recurring theme, especially the kind of thread that anybody can just pop in and do a drive-by quick comment or add another image playing off previously posted images. Kind of in the spirit of Mr. Age's own fondly remembered CBG column, where he'd focus on some quirky thing he stumbled upon in an old Silver Age comic book, and we'd all chime in with our own take on said quirkiness.

So short and quirky would be the types of posts I'd be most likely to read/comment on, if that's any help./p>

I echo what Dave says. Long, highly descriptive threads don't fit my time schedule, and I, too, miss the old CBGXtra forum.

So, in that spirit, here's an image to invite short and quirky responses.

Your pal, Hoy (I haven't used that signature in a while!)

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If you look at that Jane Foster image real quickly, it looks like she's playing some weird kind of Uru guitar.

That Jane panel helped that story win a Mopee Award. That may go without saying.

-- MSA

I'm now imagining a Silver Age girl band, with Lucy Lane on the bongos and Jane Foster wailing away on her Uru guitar. But two members is hardly a band. We need at least one more to make it a trio; four would be ideal. Any nominations?

Of course. Jimmy is not a girl, but he sometimes dresses as one.


And Darwyn Cooke's recent variant cover isn't technically Silver Age, but it's the first thing I thought of. They could at least supply a guitarist.

-- MSA

This is as bad as Plantman's moist acorn attack. Something is seriously wrong with Thor's hand there. Is it on backwards?
Hoy Murphy said:

Silver Age daydreaming.


If it's a Silver Age band then a go-go dancer would fit right in.

If we're talking go-go dancers, I have a couple of my own favorites.

-- MSA

This is the first one I thought of, but using Silver Shannon is almost like cheating since she's already a singer in a rock 'n roll band.

Something is seriously wrong with Thor's hand there. Is it on backwards?

Good eye, Ronald, it does appear that in Jane Foster's dream life, her Asgardian man has two left hands. I didn't even notice that in awarding that story a Mopee Award based in large part on Jane's vision of life as Mrs. Thor.  I think I was dazzled by the way she was polishing Thor's hammer, if you know what I mean (and I think you do).

I won't venture a guess as to why Jane thinks two left hands would be a good thing or why she dreamed in such detail. I'm also going to assume that, as a nurse, she was aware of the placement of actual thumbs on a hand. So it will have to remain a mystery for the ages.

I DID notice, in giving a Mopee Award to FF #89, that the story got off to a bad start when Mr. Fantastic quite prominently had two left hands. That's never a good sign for how well things have been reviewed. It was, in fact, not the reason the story won a Mopee, it was just a bonus.

-- MSA

Thor's holding his palm towards Jane, waving at her to stop, but the line below the little finger looks like the mound by the thumb.

How about Miss Bikini Luv?

I wish Dark Horse or IDW or someone would reprint the Go-Go series. 


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