I thought it’d be interesting to follow the Adam Strange concept over the years by focusing on one or two stories in each decade of his existence.  Principally, I want to examine what makes him ‘tick’ as a character – what can we get from an Adam Strange story that we couldn’t quite get elsewhere?


Followers of my JLA thread may have noticed that it has paused at the end of issue #19, which was the 2nd of four consecutive fill-in issues by Mark Waid.  The first two of these – comprising the tale of Julian September - was a very original self-contained little tale.  Waid’s second two-parter, however, was much more ‘Waidian’.  It concerned longtime DC slawart Adam Strange, and made much use of the continuity of that character.  In fact, for good or ill, it was all about continuity. 


I decided that I couldn’t really comment on the Adam Strange issues of JLA without having some kind of grounding on how the character has been presented over the years.  I could see that such a study would be easier with Strange than with most of his early Silver Age stablemates.  He has been used sparingly since his run in Mystery in Space ended with issue 102 in 1965, and his essential character hasn’t changed much since his first appearance.


Thanks everyone who answered my initial queries regarding the best stories to read.  Due to reprinting gaps I wasn’t able to get my hands on all that I’d have liked to, but I think I have enough to represent each decade.  Some of these stories I am really looking forward to rereading - particularly an appearance by a certain muck-encrusted Earth Elemental.  Many I'll be reading for the first time.  Hopefully we'll make it all the way to Planet Heist, set excitingly in the 21st Century.  How futuristic is that?



(1447 - 140613)

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Here you go. I've tried to upload the spreadsheet without the cover images......

I only mentioned comics where Adam had a starring role in it, for the most part. If he was featured in a single panel or a flashback panel, I didn't feel the need to include it. Subjective, I know.

Did I miss anything??  Any feedback, folks???



Glad you enjoyed the thread, Smitty, and found us on Google! I knew nothing about Adam until I started this thread, and then I became a fan about halfway into the origin story! Adam's a class act. I'll have a look at your sheet later, but don't think I'll have much to contribute as I'm not an expert, merely a dellitente!

I have a feeling that your continuity checklist post will get more responses than my attempts to discuss the content and artistic merit of the old stories. Such is the way of the fan!

Just after a quick look, a few points. 


The Justice League Adventures and Justice League Unlimited are out of DCU continuity, as is the excellent little Wednesday Comics adventure. Maybe you should have a colour code for such?


Adam had a minor speaking (and acting) part in Justice League #200, where one of the team gets beamed to Rann and meets him during the adventure.


Grant Morrison rewrote an old Fox issue of Adam Strange for a Tribute to Julie Schartz issue.  Rob Staeger is due to review it on this thread any time now.  :-)


You have left out 52, where Adam appeared almost every week for a year.


Of all the comics in your list, I think I'd like to read the Showcase 101-3 the most, as that looks like a very fun adventure.

Joe Smith said:

I only mentioned comics where Adam had a starring role in it, for the most part.



Depending on how closely you parse the term "starring rôle", you may have already noted and then opted not to count this one, but Strange made a significant appearance in "Decoy Missions of the Justice League", from JLA # 24 (Dec., 1963).


Oh, and welcome to the board!

And Adam is there.....in spirit! ;-)

Awesome--I didn't know about JLA 24! I imagine that would be expensive to purchase in its original form. Have to look for a reprint. And I don't know how in the world I left out the Julie Schwartz tribute issue----absolutely loved it.

I need to go back and aquire all the Green Lantern issues where Adam is a back-up story. I'm actually thinking about taking the staples out and binding them into a single book. At 8 pages per and 15 issues, that would be 120 page of Adam Strange content that haven't been reprinted anywhere. It's just unforatunate that the paper in those issues tend to yellow very quickly.

And the 52 mini.....weren't Adam's appreances collected into "Countdown to Adventure" or are those different in content?

Ah, well. If you guys want someone to review the Adam Strange adventure in Wednesday Comics, let me know. I just picked up the hardback compilation yesterday.



Smitty, Countdown to Adventure takes place after 52.

And welcome to the board!

Ok, thanks for that. I wish I could just pull out the AS appearances in 52. But the great thig about 52? In my opinion it's the fact theat Mark Waid's 52 Companion reprints the only Adam Strange prose piece.

I thought that prose story was notable for a number of reasons, not least that it's the last Fox script for Adam. Good on Waid for digging it out. Adam seems to be somehow Fox's most personal work for DC, although as I say, I'm no expert.

I'm hoping that this thread works its way chronologically into the 21st Century, so once we get Morrison's story and Planet Heist out of the way, it'd be great to include the Wednesday Comics story. I'd like to read the Adam Strange prelude to Infinite Crisis too, as I hadn't a clue about Adam the first time I read it. I'm not sure all those Rann-Thanagar War and Countdown tie-in comics handled the concept too well though.

I'm very interested in those GL back-up strips too, although I've never read any great praise of them. Looks like the back issues are the only way to go. So strange that almost none of Adam's appearances between MiS #92 and the Swamp Thing issues are available as reprints. Perhaps if DC had found some way of getting more than mere workaday continuity-laden shelf-fillers out of Gerry Conway there'd be more 70s JLA still in print?

Would you like some comments on Justice League #121-122 and #138-139?

..." Everyone Hates Ger " , eh , Figs ?????????

Philip Portelli said:

Would you like some comments on Justice League #121-122 and #138-139?


Well, the anal retentive fanboy in me would get antsy if you did. They wouldn't be in chronological order, but I guess I can live with that. And then let's wait until Smitty's little project gets fully discussed before we take the thread down that slightly different direction.  Let's see if we can't keep things well-ordered around here.


Most of all, I don't have those issues at the moment and I'd rather wait until I had them. Give me a few weeks and I'll see if I can order them. Once this thread slips into torpitude once again, I'd love to discuss those comics though. They are obviously quite important in any overview of Adam's in-continuity life. Hold the thought!


Smitty - before I embarked on this thread, this is the Adam Strange chronology I used to get my bearings on his career. It should be useful to you.

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