How is the new site performing? I know we've seen some new folks join, and some people who've been away from the old boards come back, but has there been a net gain of people actually participating? Some folks have left us, apparantly for good. (Alexandra/ Clowny for example no longer has an account here.) Are the posting numbers up? Down? I can't find any way to check that myself.

Just curious.

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I'm still here, occasionally. It's not because of the move; it's just been hard to find the time with work, school and Project 42 taking up so much of my time.
Traffic feels way down...

We even seem to have been abandoned by our creator... It's an existentialist crisis! :-p

I'd be interested in any data on visits etc.
Even with my Mighty Moderator Powers, I can't find any way to track the traffic. Rich, who created the site for us, may have access to more information the a "mere" moderator, though.

I'm sure that we have more people reading the posts then actually post them simply because that's the way it's always been. I just don't know if there is any way for us to see numbers for those who are visiting.
Traffic still feels down to me, also. It just seems like there are fewer active threads going, and fewer new ones started each day. Cap had become less active even before the move, because of going back to school. But he's still around.
I'm certainly less active. I'm still bothered by the jumble of the front page, but that's not the main reason my interest has waned.
Instead, you can blame it on my near-complete halt to buying new comics, addiction to Facebook and hectic parenting schedule while I cover for Mrs. LJ, who's in grad school. (And for at least the last two months, my subscription to "City of Heroes. That ends on the 20th of this month, though.)
1. We always seem to have an existential crisis in the middle of winter...we did it on the old site...we'll do it here.

2. Most of us talk frequently on facebook, so there's a new division of social interactions.
I think I'm doing more reading of posts than creating my own or responding than I was, although I don't know if that's really true. One part is that I feel I can do less of the writing of long posts from work.

One part is that the subset of new comics I buy each week is relatively small, compared to what everyone else seems to be buying. One part is that what I am buying doesn't overlap much with what is popular. I get very few Marvel titles these days, largely because I reached the "I Can't Stand It Any More" point a lot earlier than Cap did (which he laments here in "The Day I Stopped Buying Spider-Man")

One part is that I'm still not used to, and don't like, much about this site's functionality. For example, when replying to a post, if one wants to quote from the post above, one clicks on "Reply to This" and the quoted text and necessary coding appears in the box. That is, if you're using Internet Explorer. It doesn't work for me in Firefox. It just doesn't. Nothing appears in the box. At the moment, I'm using Safari, and it works and it also works in Google Chrome, but it doesn't seem to work in Opera. And why am I using so many different browsers? Because I like Firefox but it's not fully working with this site, and I need a browser that does.

Also, I don't understand the distinction between "blogs" and "forums" and "discussions." By that, I mean that here, which is a "discussion," in making a response, there is a quote function and the other little buttons to render text in bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, links, add an image, etc., and the responses are placed from oldest to newest, and there's a 15-minute window to edit what you write. But in responding to a "blog," there is no quote function, there is no 15-minute window to edit, and the responses are placed in reverse order, from newest to oldest. I don't understand why that's different -- I expect that goes to the very architecture of the site -- but it's confusing and not helpful.

Speaking of which, when I'm using Firefox and I respond to a post, I don't get the 15-minute opportunity to edit. That function simply doesn't work; when I post in Firefox, it's set in stone.

I don't want to sound like I'm complaining whining, but, in short, it's not as easy to do some of the things we could do on the old site (like smilies; it's really cumbersome to use them now). Of course, that wouldn't matter to any new members who didn't use the old site.
I think Clark stole my response. Seriously, just read what he said and (except for the multiple browsers stuff), pretend it's from me.
I haven't had any functionality problems with FireFox. I'm using version 3.0.11, on Windows XP.

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I don't seem to be, either. I'm using Firefox 3.5.7 on Windows XP at work and Safari at home.
PowerBook Pete said:
I don't seem to be, either. I'm using Firefox 3.5.7 on Windows XP at work and Safari at home.

I'm using a computer.
Of course, the fact that we're a bunch of bitchy, old guys probably doesn't help matters...

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