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What books are you reading right now that don't have a narrative driven by images as well as words?

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I'm so glad you liked them!

The most recent books I've been reading -- Sara Gran's Claire DeWitt mysteries -- remind me a lot of the John Blake books...if mixed with a little Dirk Gently. DeWitt takes the "holistic detective" bit -- there are no coincidences, only clues -- and plays it for noir instead of laughs. And reading these books, you can see how torn apart she's become from her experiences of being a detective. I loved the first -- Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead -- and I like the second, Claire DeWitt and the Bohemian Highway, a lot. The first is set mostly in New Orleans, the second one mostly in San Francisco. The third, Infinite Blacktop, is set in Las Vegas, but I haven't gotten there yet. 

And I loved Angelmaker -- I'll have to give Tigerman a look!

Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod) said:

Finally got around to reading both John Blake crime noirs: Little Girl Lost and Songs Of Innocence. I remember Rob Staeger recommending them. Wow, both of them were riveting. Full of twists and turns, and absolutely brutal endings. 

I just started Nick Harkaway's Tigerman, and am enjoying it. I loved his Angelmaker, so I bought this and Gnomon when the Kindle editions went on sale.

I recently finished reading Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. This is a true story about the 1936 Berlin Olympics US Men's 8 Man Rowing team (that is quite a mouthful). It is awesome! I loved this book. Reading about these young, mostly poor kids from Washington going up the likes of Cal, Harvard, and Yale in college races all the way up to the Olympics. I was really getting excited and on the edge of my seat reading about rowing. ROWING!

Of course this deal with Hitler and Germany getting prepared for the Olympics and how they white washed what they were doing before they game started,

A decent amount, but not too many of photos sprinkled throughout the book.

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