The American Cartoonist has posted a notice (I can't link) that the King Features Syndicate THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip will switch to reruns of prior strips on March 25, rather than continue on with Roy Thomas assuming the credited scripter's position, which I had presumed that they would do in the wake of Stan Lee's demise. Too bad, Roy...and Alex Savuik and Joe Sinott and all uncredited assistants as well.

  The post does indicate/suggest that the strip will return to new stories at some point but I'm not optimistic on that. Are Disney/Marvel and-or KFS so fixated on being able to continue to use Stan's million dollar name that they decided to go to reruns for that reason?

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...I was mistaken...the Sunday strip was a 2014 strip slightly triggered to (sort of( fit into the aftermath of the last, Kilgrave, story. It's a Mysterio story - who is, of course, in the next Spidey movie. I recall at least on Mysterio story in the 00s, it seems odd that they should go so recent for reprints. In the old days, five years was generally considered the minimum time for a reprint!. I wonder if this story is from after - I guess - Roy took over 100% and the stories became much longer, going from the modern two, maybe three, months length to five months or so. I always wondered how King let him get away with that.

Disappointingly, they didn't go back to the John Romita days with the Amazing Spider-Man comic strip reruns. They went back just a few months, to a point where Mary Jane is between gigs because the theater hosting her Broadway show burned down, but her agent lets her know there are plans to film a sequel to her movie Marvella.

I don't know why they chose that story, or why they didn't go back further. 

The last daily strip featured Stan and Roy in a cameo appearance. (I’m a few weeks behind because I have been reading it in the Comics Shop News.) If anyone wants to post an image, the strip was dated 3/23.

In yesterday’s CSN, it was reported that King Features syndicate told them that “we’ll be back soon with great new stories and art to explore even more corners of the Marvel Universe for you and your readers to enjoy. We’ll be announcing more about these new adventures in the very near future, so keep your Spidey senses tuned in!”

You can see the final Sunday strip here at The Daily Cartoonist.

You can see the final daily strip in the Bleeding Cool article referenced above. But I thought that was Alex Saviuk and Roy Thomas in the final strip. 

"You can see the final Sunday strip here at The Daily Cartoonist."

"I Am Curious (Spider-Man)" That's pretty funny.

"I thought that was Alex Saviuk and Roy Thomas in the final strip."

I don't know what Alex Saviuk looks like. Looks like Stan Lee to me. Y'all decide.

I think you can make a strong case that it is Alex and Roy.

"I think you can make a strong case that it is Alex and Roy."

Oh, yeah, definitely. I concede the point.

(But I'll bet the average "casual fan" will make the same mistake I did.)

...I do tend to see completely white-haired Stan myself.

In an article earlier in this thread, Roy Thomas is quoted as saying that the images of him and Alex Saviuk were used on that strip.

From previous photos, I knew the figure on the right was Roy Thomas.

Through the process of elimination, not recognizing the other gentleman as Stan Lee led me to the conclusion it was Alex Saviuk, although I had no idea what he looked like in real life before that last strip.

I will presume that others have seen the announcement of this new planned " Dtsn Lee's Super hero Kindergarten " animated series with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the lead that has been announced? An LA TIMES piece referred to it as " the last thing Stan worked on before his death ". Perhaps so, but I tend to doubt, somehow, that it will be the last " previously unreleased concept from the mind of Stan Lee " yo be RELEASED - Remember all the years of scrapings from Gene Roddenbury's desk that came out after his death? Now, consider his daughter J.C. Lee's reported spending habits...There just might be A WHOLE LOT of unused this-a and that-a that Stan put aside! (I won't even speculate...Well, I won't. Now.) As for the " Superhero Kindergarten " project...Anybody Remember that " Governator " project that Arnold 'n'Dtan announced about eight years ago, which got sunk by Arnold's illegitimate child scandal? I wonder how much/to what extent this might reuse elements from that.

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