Very early in John Romita, Sr.'s run on Amazing Spider-Man, circa issue #42, Petey buys himself a motorbike, which is first shaded blue.   Within a few issued, he decides to paint it red.  Of course, the chicks dig it, and his popularity soars for the first time in the series.

The question is, just how long did this fascination with Pete's motorbike last?

This is, from what issue to what issue did the motorbike appear, or can we assume that he has possession of it?  Even if not featured or pictured in a story, if it shows up in issues #45 & 48, we can assume that he had it in 46 and 47.

So, was it ever established what  manufacture or brand this bike was?  Honda?  Kawasaki? Yamaha?

What size bike was it?   125cc?   360cc?  Certainly it couldn't have been more than a 750cc.

We see this bike not only in ASM but also in Spider-Man: Blue including the decision to buy it, heavily influenced by "the gang" passing by.  So, when is the LAST appearance of the motorbike?


(And to what extent was it replaced by the Spider-mobile?)

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Yes, but did the real-life Supermobile look as cool as that Jose Luis Garcia Lopez rendering?
is that a Neal Adams  cover of Superman flying that, thing?

Garcia Lopez, according to DC, like the man says.


Garcia Lopez is a name I wasn't aware of until a few months ago, and now I keep seeing it pop up.  Like Rich Buckler's!


Garcia Lopez actually did a limited edition cover for Flashpoint #5, so that's still pretty bigtime!

Mr. Age said: "Sadly, the Spider-Mobile was definitely part of Spidey's Universe. It never made much sense--what did Spidey need with a dune buggy when he could swing over everybody and not have to worry about where he left his ride? It showed up in ASM #130 (Mar 74) and lasted until #160 (Sep 76)."

Well based on Mr. Age's explanation, the bad news is the Spider Mobile did indeed exist. The good new is that I had bailed already a few years before and was not subjected to the indignity of having to read it about it, and therefore having to suppress it. Memory intact!


I think this was my all-time favorite Spider-Man toy that I actually saw on a toy store shelf.

What kid doesn't dream of waking up on Christmas morning and opening a present that lets him pretend that Spider-Man is towing away super-villains' getaway cars from no-parking zones?

I especially like the hard hat with a light. Apparently he sometimes had to tow cars out of caves or something. Plus, when times got tough, he could make a little extra money plowing snow (and no doubt taking photos of him plowing snow to sell to the Bugle).

-- MSA

I'm Spider-Plow

That's my name

That name again

Is Spider-Plow

Spider-Plower, Spider-Plower,

Does whatever a Spider-Plower can.

Can he swing overhead?

No, he can't, he's driving a plow!

Look out! Here's comes the Spider-Plow.

-- MSA

The absurdity of the Spider-Mobile was not how hard it was/is to get around NYC quickly in a car but that it was a souped-up DUNE BUGGY!! In the city! With no protection from the wind and rain! And it could ride up walls! Several Marvel characters had vehicles but they all flew! Perhaps they had to have a look for the Spider-Mobile that would not remind anyone of the Batmobile...and it didn't! :-o

As for the Super-Mobile, that was from a great four-part epic in Action #480-483 (F-My'78) where a powerless Superman had to battle Amazo, with the JLA sent to Limbo, no less. IIRC, red sun radiation was negating Kal's powers so he built his Fisted Flyer out of supermanium *sigh*. While it had some mechanics and gizmos, it's main purpose was to block the red sun radiation so Superman regained his powers but only when he was inside the Super-Mobile! I don't remember any other significant appearances beyond ads for the toy but it did show up on an episode of Super Friends!

"Supermanium"?  Is that from the same end of the periodic table as Dalekenium?

The weirdest Spider-man toy I ever saw  was one of Spider-Man dressed up to go fishing!





Superman also used the Supermobile in Superman #324 to vacuum up kryptonite dust that the Atomic Skull had dispersed.
The Baron said:

The weirdest Spider-man toy I ever saw  was one of Spider-Man dressed up to go fishing!

Must be fly fishing.

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