There's a big development that happens in Superman #38 -- even moreso than the new power that's been hyped (the Super Flare) and the new costume that's revealed (a slight tweak on the New 52 version, bringing it a little more in line with the pre-Flashpoint version while maintaining some of the changes, like keeping Superman out of red shorts for a while longer.But the end of the story has a bigger deal than a power that'll show up only rarely, or a cosmetic costume change that' might have escaped the notice of readers who hadn't been primed to look for it. After some spoiler space, I'll mention it.







Clark told Jimmy Olsen that he's Superman!

Now, this is right after Jimmy does something incredibly selfless, So Clark is obviously impressed by his character. It's also after a story in which Clark needed a friend so bad he was taken in my an interdimensional mass murderer. So maybe he should talk to his pal more often, and more honestly.

I think it's a great idea. With his marriage to Lois dissolved, Clark really needs someone human he can relate to and talk to -- about everything -- and by making that person Jimmy, it puts him squarely back in the mythos. Lois, I'm sure, will learn eventually -- and it will be interesting to see what Jimmy has to say about whether Clark should tell her. 

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. What do you think?

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Wasn't there a Post-Crisis story where he claimed to be "Superman's Pal" when he barely knew him? Did he and Superman become pals again, or did they just want him to tell somebody and didn't want to start a "Lois and Clark" again? Jimmy should be well established as being "back in the mythos" before Superman tells him something like that.

One of the things I really disliked about Superfriends was the fact that just because Wendy and Marvin had joined the team, they knew Superman was Clark Kent. He couldn't tell his "pal" but he could tell some goofball that talked to his dog?  

Ron, Jimmy's well-established in the New 52. He was Clark's friend in Action #1, set five years before the present day, and before Clark joined the Planet staff. They've been roommates. He's his best friend. (He's not the marquee "Jimmy Olsen" that we remember, Philip, but in a way their relationship is even closer. Jimmy's Clark's peer now -- a buddy, not the kid who follows him around and calls him "Mr. Kent.")

Which means, among other things, Clark finally gets to tell him he's dating Wonder Woman. 

It's not common knowledge Superman is dating Wonder Woman?

I think it is; I haven't really followed that part of the story. But it's one thing to know Superman is dating Wonder Woman. It's another thing entirely to tell your best friend, "I'm dating Wonder Woman!"

Not a big fan of the Superman/Wonder Woman pairing.

btw, Rob, hope you caught the end of this week's FLASH!!

I did -- and I'm thrilled to see what's next!

And as for Superman/Wonder Woman, I'm not crazy about it either. (I don't feel like he needs to date Lois right away, but the Superman/WW pairing seems cliched. Who roots for the king & queen of the prom?) But If I were dating Wonder Woman, I'd sure want to tell my best friend about it! The conversation would be more like, "Hey Jim! I'm dating Wonder Woman! Oh, and by the way, I'm Superman."

"You're Superman! That's amazing! Thank you for trusting me with your secret! Oh, by the way, does Wonder Woman have any single friends perchance?"

Hahaha! Yes! "Wonder Girl? Troia? I don't care what she calls herself. Set me up! Come on, bruh!"

Philip Portelli said:

"You're Superman! That's amazing! Thank you for trusting me with your secret! Oh, by the way, does Wonder Woman have any single friends perchance?"

I don't mind this, but I kind of liked the Pre-Crisis Jimmy who didn't care about Superman's secret identity--better still, who went out of his way to protect the secret. 

I've seen some scans.  It is what it is. Maybe Convergence will wipe it out.  Maybe I'll just enjoy the Superman stories I like, sort of how I enjoy Dragonball and Dragonball Z over Dragonball GT.

"I also have a cousin you might like. Uh...wait, let me check and see if she is my cousin or somebody else during this particular reboot..."

I liked the Jack Larson Jimmy that thought Clark being Superman was a funny idea.

ClarkKent_DC said:

I don't know ... I'm not sure it necessarily follows that someone who would do a selfless, generous act is also someone who can keep his mouth shut about an important secret. 

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

True, but that's not the only experience Clark's had with Jim. He's known him for years, now, so he has a pretty good handle on his character... his generosity and willingness to help just sealed the deal. 

Okay. I don't think it's necessarily (necessarily) a bad idea for Jimmy to be Clark's confidante, since in the New 52 it's not Lois Lane. But if that was the reason for it, that sounded screwy to me. 

I brought up this question awhile back. I think it applies to all Superman versions, including reboots:

When Superman is first asked who he is REALLY when he's not being Superman he should have replied "I'm sorry, you misunderstand. I live in a secret headquarters and I'm always just Superman."

Why would anyone question a statement like that? He didn't wear a mask so there was no reason to think he was hiding another identity. He could cheerfully live his life as Clark Kent without trying to hide something that no one had a reason to suspect.

I think the conditioning of the public in 1938 was that the Scarlet Pimpernel and Zorro had secret identites (mild mannered ones at that) so Superman must have one too.

Maybe in a future reboot they'll try this.

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