I'm going to St. Louis tomorrow and will be returning on Sunday. Anybody familiar with that area? I'm looking for suggestions of places to eat. I'll be in the downtown area. I know a few people from that area and they have proven to be worthless with getting me information.

While I'm there I'll be taking in a Cardinals game, visiting the arch, and touring the Budwieser brewery.

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St. Louis is known for being inhabited almost entirely by nine-foot long mechanical ants. Whatever you do, do not eat at the Fungusteria.
There's a great Italian section called "The Hill" that's not far from downtown. Near the stadium are Mike Shannon's place and Dierdorf and Hart's. Shannon's is a pub owned by a former baseball Cardinal. D&H is a little more upscale steakhouse named after two football Cardinals.

Shannon may still do the post-game radio show from his place.
If all you are looking for is a good place to eat, there are plenty of nice places at Laclede's Landing near the Arch, but if you're going to be visiting the brewery and you want to eat where the locals eat, try Frazier's. (It's almost directly across the highway from the brewery.)

The Baron said:
St. Louis is known for being inhabited almost entirely by nine-foot long mechanical ants. Whatever you do, do not eat at the Fungusteria.

And try not to look like an aphid.
THanks for the suggestions.

I'm looking forward to the trip. Is there anything I should while I'm up there?
I took my nephew in July for Cardinals games. Can't speak to restaurants, since we had dinner at the ballpark every night.

DON'T: bother with Union Station. It was nice 15 years ago when the renovations were new, but now it's just another seedy shopping mall with too many closed storefronts.

DO: go out to Forest Park, especially the St. Louis Art Museum. Their collections are AMAZING. The Art Museum is right next to the Zoo, and both are free, which can't be beat.
Thanks Mickey. Weill I'll be staying at the Marriott in Union station. But I am planning on spending time at Forest Park. I'll be going to the zoo and now that I know that the Art Museum is free, I'll be going there too.
Jason Marconnet (Lime_Coke) said:
Is there anything I should while I'm up there?

You only asked about restaurants so I limited my answer to the best one I could think of near where I knew you would be. You've probably left already so it's too late now. No matter, though; it sounds as if you have a pretty full itinerary. When you get back I'll expect a full report!
I know you're already on the road, so this will arrive after you check in. Don't know anything about the Marriott, merely wanted to point out that Union Station itself is not worth a trip in and of itself.

Have fun, and Go Cards!

I got back today from my trip. I had a great time. The weather was fantastic.

Jeff, I didn't see Fraizers but we did eat a place called Sage that was by Anheuser-Busch. It was excellent for lunch.

Mickey, you're right about Union Station and Forest Park. The Mariott is a nice hotel though and the shops at Union Station were good for last minute souveniers. Forest Park is a must though. The Zoo, History Museum, Art Museum are all very nice and free!

The AB brewery tour is fun. That's a nice facility there and the beer process is interest. Plus free samples!

We ate at the Hill section of town at a place called Gian-Tony's. It was delicious.

The Cardinals game was fun. They played the Cubs. Cards won with a walk-on homer in the 9th. The stadium is nice too.

The arch is awesome too. The view from the top is alright. Compared to the views from the Space Needle, Empire State Building and Sears Tower it's lacking. But the structure itself is quite a site and the ride up is fun.

We also took a river boat ride down the river.
Wow, sounds like you had a good time, man. Welcome back!
The second building from the right hand side of the photo (the one with the semi-circle window on the roof) is where I used to work, on the 18th floor.

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