As various news outlets have reported,  there have been unfortunate developments in 95-year old Stan Lee's life lately. 

  To start with undisputed facts,  Stan has been fighting a persistent case of pneumonia, and has dropped out of public sight.  He has also reported to the Beverly Hills Police that at least two massive unauthorized withdrawals - of a seven figure amount - were made - stolen - from his account. 

  Recently, his long-time caretaker/manager, Max Anderson, was fired by his daughter.  There are now " s/he said " interpretations of the situation coming from different camps damning or defending Anderson...and,  taking this into " not for the kiddies "/PG-13 territory, claims of " inappropriate behavior " both by and against Stan involving female nursing personnel.  I have drawn from and Bleeding Cool as well as a lengthy article in the English tabloid the Daily Mail in assembling this. TMZ and Fox News apparently put their fingers in this pie as well,  but I havn't checked them out. 

  Stan apparently remains incommunicado at this point. Sadly, one remembers Casey Kasem and Mickey Rooney's final months:-€... 

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...Okay, thank you!

...I saw the tail end, tuning in late, of the ABC broadcast of this Stan memorial documentary (which ran on Freeform?? last night??). Anybody else seen it?

I recorded it but haven't watched it yet. It is called "Celebrating Marvel's Stan Lee." It was on ABC, not Freeform, on December 20. A one-hour special featuring stars of Marvel movies and TV shows. They aren't reshowing it on TV but you can watch it on Hulu or ABC.COM. Without a cable company you will be able to watch it on ABC.COM in about a week for free. .

.. Thank you!

I watched it. It's pretty good.

...A current commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken am in one now) feature an announcer who sounds weirdly lime Stan - Don't Jewish New York elderly male accents from Da Bronx just scream out " yummy Southern fried goodies " to you? This does, oddly enough, this ties in with the fact that I long thought that Stan and Colonel Sanders shaded a commonality - That of being elderly white guys who were living corporate symbols!

Still more recently, J.C. Lee, in losing a suit against Pow! Entertainment over her father's image/likeness, has been fined a million m dollars (" Fined " wasn't the word used(.

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