Back when DS9 and Voyager were on the air simultaneously, I remember reading an article in TV Guide which postulated that, in the future, Deep Space Nine would be remembered as the best of the (then) four Star Trek television series. The writer made a compelling argument for his case. I don’t remember his specific reasons, but I can tell you this: I have seen every episode of DS9 once, and once only… with two exceptions: I have seen “Blood Oath” (with the three TOS Klingons) and “Trials & Tribble-ations” multiple times each. Because I am less familiar with DS9 than I am TNG, I will probably spend a bit more time summarizing the episodes than I did with TNG, starting with…

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“I know I shouldn't pick on typos, and i apologize, but the way you spelled "Bashir" made me laugh out loud.”

I also misspelled “Sisko” but that one wasn’t as funny. (Both corrected now.)

DUET: A Cardassian file clerk with a rare disease arrives on the station. The only place he could have contracted this particular disease is at a Bajoran concentration camp. He denies ever having been thare and that his disease is actually something else similar. Bashir confirms the initial diagnosis and, little by little, the Cardassian’s story unravels. Turns out he really is the camps commandant posing as a file clerk. But wait, his story keeps unravelling. Can it be the file clerk pretending to be the commandant pretending to be the file clerk? Why would he do something like that? I didn’t remember the out outcome of this and it really kept me guessing. I liked the resolution, too.

"I also misspelled “Sisko”..."

...and I mispelled it a different way when I went back to "correct" it!

Now it's too late.


It's pretty much how I felt about Julian a lot of the time.


One of Keiko’s classes is interrupted by Vedek Winn (a contender to be the next Bajoran Kai). Winn confronts Keiko about non-religious teachings and uses that as a platform to boycott the school. Vedek Winn is as passively aggressive as she is unlikeable. Her main opponent for Kai is the much more moderate Vedek Bareil, who doesn’t feel he has the political clout at this time to oppose Winn openly. That changes when a mod of Winn’s supporters destroy the classroom. In a show of solidarity, Winn and Bareil appear in public together, but a fanatic attempts to assassinate Winn. Kira, a former supporter of Winn’s, suspects her of setting up the whole thing in order to eliminate her prime opponent, but nothing can be proven.

This episode is a strong ending to an otherwise lackluster first season.

Winn was played by Louise Fletcher, famous for playing Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, a film I have never seen.

Oh, that's right! I never made the connection before. No wonder I hate her. (Vedek Winn, I mean, not Louise Fletcher.)

The Baron said:

Winn was played by Louise Fletcher, famous for playing Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, a film I have never seen.

You should see it. I've also seen the original stage version, twice. The movie's good, but my wife and I like the stage version better. The first time I saw the stage version it starred Mark Harelik (Preacher) and the late great John Hancock, who played an admiral in two STTNG episodes and stole scenes in many, many other shows. But I digress.

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