After I watched the first season of Star Trek: Discovery (on DVD), I decided to kill the time before the release of season two by watching the other Star Trek spin-offs, starting with Enterprise (season four only). After that I moved on to The Next Generation and following that, Deep Space Nine. (It took me seven months to watch seven seasons of TNG, but an entire year to finish DS9.) Up now: Star Trek: Voyager. It took DS9 a while to grow on me (and, until this past year, I had seen the episodes only once each), but I thought Voyager picked up the baton from TNG and ran with it.

I watched all of seasons 1-4, and I was also a member of the Columbia House Voyager VHS club. (I never did cancel my membership; the tapes just stopped coming. It was a huge rip-off, anyway, in comparison to the DVD sets; my VHS tapes are now worthless (in terms of resale value). Unlike DS9 (of which I have only the initial episode for $4.95), I watched the Voyager ones, and am familiar with many of the episodes simply by the title. 

I stopped watching after season four because UPN got squirrelly about how they distributed the show. TNG and DS9 were first-run syndication, but Voyager launched what was intended to be a new network, the United Paramount Network. By the fifth season, though, a station couldn't buy just that show; they had to buy the entire slate of UPN programming. I lived in St. Louis at the time, and had access to six or seven channels: the three networks (ABC, CBS, NBC), the local PBS channel, two local stations, plus a local religious network. None of them wanted the whole package. St. Louis was the 45th largest television market in the country at that time, and we couldn't get Star Trek!

A letter-writing campaign was directed at Larry Rice, the owner of the evangelical station I mentioned earlier. Star Trek is not exactly the kind of programming his station carried, and I'm sure the desperate fans wouldn't have deigned to watch his channel under any other circumstances. A word here about Larry Rice: technically he was a "televangelist," I suppose, but he wasn't one of those millionaires in white suits and wearing gold rings. The office where I used to work in downtown St. Louis was right across the street from his facility, and when supply trucks came in, he was right there in his shirtsleeves helping to unload. Every Thanksgiving, the line was around the block to feed the homeless. But I digress.

I remember some of the local coverage when Voyager debuted. Tuvok was described as the first African-American Vulcan. "African?" "American?" "Vulcan?" Well, he was one of the three. Tim Russ may have been the first African American to play a Vulcan, but that's different. I also recall some controversy surrounding the casting of Robert Beltran as Chakotay. IIRC, Beltran is an Indian, but not of the same tribe as Chakotay. the woman originally cast as Captain quit early on, too. 

Because I have never seen seasons five through seven, I am really looking forward to this series. I have a friend who used to work on a newspaper, and he snagged a VHS of the final episode from the review table for me to watch. I did watch it, but I didn't allow myself to retain any of the the details, in anticipation of the day I would be able to watch the entire series. I don't know how much detail I will go into here, but I don't anticipate taking as long to get through this as I did DS9.

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For the record, I really disliked Marvel's entire "Paramount" line... most especially the one I looked forward to most:

I've recently reread most of DC's Star Trek series that covered the movie years from STAR TREK II to STAR TREK VI and those read like great to good to mediocre "Star Trek" stories with a lot of emphasis on Kirk's legacy. I hope to go into more detail later.

However, the various late 90s Marvel Star Trek titles read like late 90s Marvel books, that is, pretty bad though Deep Space Nine was not as dismal as Voyager.

However I did like their Star Trek: Untold Voyages which sets the stage between STAR TREK THE MOTION PICTURE and STAR TREK II, notably why Kirk gives up the captaincy this time!

LEARNING CURVE: Tuvok takes on the responsibility of indoctrinating four insubordinate Maquis to Starfleet rules and regulations; Neelix's cheese carries a virus that infect the ship's bio-neural circuitry; Janeway's holo-novel program (a Victorian Gothic introduced in the previous episode) continues. she is the governess of two children, a boy and a girl. The boy will go on to play John conner in Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. 

THE 37s: This episode stands out in my memory as a particularly good start to the the second season. (NYPD Blue's Sharon Lawrence plays Amelia Earhart.) 

I remember that one. I thought it was pretty good.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

THE 37s: This episode stands out in my memory as a particularly good start to the the second season. (NYPD Blue's Sharon Lawrence plays Amelia Earhart.) 

INITIATIONS: Chakotay is attacked by a Kazon boy who must kill him as a rite of passage. The boy is played by Aron Eisenberg, Nog from Deep Space Nine, which shattered fans willing suspension of disbelief at the time. I find myself less willing to accept Chakotay's rituals now than I was in the '90s when these shows originally aired. 

PROJECTIONS: The Kazon have attacked, forcing the crew to abandon ship. The EMH comes online, but is informed by a hologram of Lt. Barclay (from ST:TNG) that he is actually the real Dr. Zimmerman, and the whole "Voyager" reality is actually a holodeck program. Lots of twists in this one. Very good episode.

ELOGIUM: Alien lifeforms attach themselves to Voyager (in a mistaken mating ritual), prematurely triggering "elogium" (i.e., "puberty") in Kes. Kes's people may conceive only once in their lives, during elogium, and she and Neelix have to make some quick decisions about parenthood. It's a moot point as things turn out, because the condition triggered by the lifeforms was a false elogium. Neelix and Kes will have a real decision to make in another two years of so when she undergoes the process for real.

NON SEQUITUR: A temporal anomaly lands Harry Kim on a time-altered Earth where he was never a member of the Voyager crew. There's one particular episode I have been waiting for, but this wasn't it. Good episode, though.

TWISTED: A "bottle show" in which Voyager is caught in a spatial distortion which warps the structural integrity of the ship. It's interesting enough to watch the first time through, but subsequent viewing emphasize it's little more than the entire cast wandering around lost for 50 minutes.

PARTURITION: I'm getting sick and tired of Neelix's jealousy. After an initial clash between Neelix and Paris at Kes's birthday party, the two are standed on a planet where they must work together to save the life of an alien infant.

PERSISTENCE OF VISION: Captain Janeway begins to hallucinate that characters in her holonovel are appearing outside the holodeck. Eventually, the entire crew begins to succumb to delusions, just as Voyager prepares for First Contact with an alien species. 

TATTOO: Chakotay's away team discovers a group of aliens who are linked to his own tribe on Earth.

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