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"False start"?  Sheesh.  I guess somebody must have been thinking of Marvel's CAPTAIN MAR-VELL.  That series was sabotaged, totally derailed, on the 2nd page of the 1st episode. All that big set up, alien race, spying mission, the fate of the human race hanging in the balance... all screwed over by a REALLY BAD SOAP-OPERA plot!  Laugh

This is one of the reason I think Arnold Drake was so under-rated. In his 1st episode on the series, he introduced the idea that Col. Yon-Rogg saw Mar-Vell as a MILITARY and POLITICAL rival... in addition to a ROMANTIC one. A guy who deliberately derails an important military spying mission because he can't control his sexual urges, should have been tossed out the first air-lock.  (Of course, Archie Goodwin later "revealed" that Yon-Rogg had been assigned to that mission specifically because they KNEW he'd screw things up because of his personal animosity with Mar-Vell. To me, that's really clever... when a writer can cover ANOTHER writer's STUPID blunder, and make it look like "it was always planned that way"... when you KNOW damn well it wasn't!!!  Go, Archie!)

Meanwhile,,, it's quite well-known (or, maybe it isn't?) that, just like Steve Ditko, Bill Everett, and Marie Severin, DAN ADKINS plotted his run of DR. STRANGE entirely on his own, and the variety of "writers" he worked with only filled in the word balloons afterward.  SEVERAL (but, strangely, not all) of his episodes are clearly credited that way. I wonder how Adkins got PLOT credit (and, one would hope, PAY) while 2 much more-established creators before him didn't?  (Ditko did, but the credit wasn't consistent, and apparently, he had to fight to get what he did.)

Roy Thomas, however, LIKED to write, LIKED to plot... and you know? It just occurs to me... It was reported that Dan Adkins switched from pencilling to inking because he found "layouts" (PLOTTING! PLOTTING!!!) "too difficult". Also, it seems he could make a LOT more money inking. He went from 1 DR. STRANGE a month to inking 3-4 books in the same amount of time. But it just crosses my mind... with Roy Thomas on DR. STRANGE, maybe Adkins figured, WHY continue to plot, Roy can do that now? Maybe there was even some conflict over what kinds of stories to do (Adkins' run clearly leaned heavily on science-fiction-- kinda ironic for a "sorcery" series).

See, this is sort of the reverse of Roy Thomas leaving SHIELD after only 2 episodes, because HE claimed, he had "no interest" in the series. Now, while that MAY be true, a more obvious reason is staring one in the face.  Roy's 1st episode was PLOTTED by Jack Kirby.  His 2nd episode was PLOTTED by Jim Steranko. What was there for Roy to do? He left, making way for Jim to plot, layout, pencil, DIALOGUE, ink and color the thing all by himself.

All this goes thru my mind because... I'm wondering... if there might not have been a similar conflict on STARHAWK.  By the way, I don't see what the "problem" with the character is, based on the single episode I've read. It's not the greatest thing I've ever seen, but it's far from the worst.  Can this "false start" business be total nonsense? If not, WHY didn't the character ever turn up?  The STARHAWK who later did turn up in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY had nothing to do with the earlier one.  Design, concept, everything, totally different.

The story I'd read a couple years ago was that Martin Goodman didn't like or have confidence in "science-fiction" books, and when he saw they were planning to do another one (so soon after the GUARDIANS issue), he just decided to nix it, and switch the format to reprints.  Easier and cheaper to do.

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As Michael Palin once said, "You LUCKY, LUCKY B******!"

: D

I originally came in with issue #32. What a place to come in!!! Then, I got #31... which has probably my all-time favorite Jim Starlin splash page.  I kept buying the book after that, and before too long, got ahold of all the issues back to #25. Wow.

About 20 YEARS later, I got the first 24 issues. From 2 different stores (one in NJ, one in Philly), and the few issues I was STILL missing, from a friend on Oregon. Actually, the 1st episode (MSH #12), I got via my comics-shop, BUT, really, from one of his customers, who was selling his books on commission.  So I paid $20 LESS than if I'd gotten it direct from my comics shop. What a bargain! I really loved that 1st Gene Colan cover. But the story inside was SOOOOOOOOOO bad-- I came away thinking, the Golden age reprints in the back were what really made it worth buying. (It's no wonder Stan jumped ship after only one episode. He wanted nothing to do with that train-wreck!)

Hey, did you ever hear the story that Mar-Vell's original green-and-white costume-- the one with the BULKY belt and the STRAP-ON WRIST-WEAPON were a result of the book originally being intended to accompany a TOY LINE that never materialized? Oh, Martin Goodman, what hath thou wrought?

: )

Since Mar'Vell's costume was green and white is it possible he wasn't intended originally to be a good guy? Or was he meant to eventually switch to a primary costume from the beginning?

Anyone know what Starhawk would have looked like in color? Red and blue? Red and yellow?

So that's why Marvel had no Buck Rogers or Adam Strange equivalent (unless you count Nova), the boss didn't want one. I'm sure I've seen a couple of those pages somewhere before. Maybe in an article in CBG back in the 90s?
Kirk G said:

Wow, I slogged through that whole thing, just to learn that Martin Goodwin didn't like the three Rs on his covers...Robots, Rockets and Rayguns...and that's why he killed Marvel Super-Heroes...and our showcase for new concepts and strips, eh?

Luke Blanchard said:

Roy Thomas talked about why the Starhawk story cancelled in this interview he conducted with Dan Adkins.

It's not surprising Goodman cancelled Marvel Super-Heroes. The only superheroes in that series (not counting the reprints) were the Spider-Man story Stan hadn't liked and possible pilots for never made Medusa and Black Knight series. Those characters, as well as Ka-Zar and Dr. Doom (who would briefly get their own series together) were all existing characters. Except for Phantom Eagle, the original characters made for the title, Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy, were both science fiction, as was the next planned trial character, Starhawk. Three sf issues already, and a fourth planned, in the first ten issues. And who knows, maybe whatever had been planned for #22 would have been yet another sf series. No original superheroes debuting in a series called Marvel Super-Heroes. Maybe if the sf issues had come further apart Goodman would have let them go. (At least until he sold Marvel and no longer had any say in what was being published.)

I remember reading somewhere that besides wanting to claim the name "Captain Marvel," Martin Goodman wanted the character created to tie in with a proposed toy, which would include the helmet, the flying belt and gun that the character originally used.


Ron M. said:

Since Mar'Vell's costume was green and white is it possible he wasn't intended originally to be a good guy? Or was he meant to eventually switch to a primary costume from the beginning?

Anyone know what Starhawk would have looked like in color? Red and blue? Red and yellow?

Perhaps for whatever reason they wanted to distinguish the character visually from the original Captain Marvel and so steered clear of the the primary colors.

I wonder what other characters were planned for that toy line? Did they get rid of his original supporting cast so quickly because they were toy suggested characters and the writer had other ideas in mind? I got the Essential Captain Marvel at the library and tried reading it. After the Marvel Super-Heroes try outs and a couple of issues, I found it so dull I skipped to #16 and read the rest of the book. It looked like the writer of #16 had some big plans in mind but suddenly on the last page Boom! he's in the Negative Zone. For no apparent reason. Except of course to get Rick Jones to trade places with him in #17. No explanation, no set up that flying in that area of space was dangerous, apparently a doorway to the Negative Zone just opened up randomly right in front of him and he couldn't stop in time to keep from flying in. It's like somebody decided to toss out the real last page of #16 to get him ready for #17.

And for that matter, he's trapped in this weird zone with nobody to talk to, and he just got those bands last issue so he shouldn't know much about that. How does he know somebody can temporarily get him out of there by finding a matching pair of bands and hitting them together? Why exactly are there Kree Nega-Bands on Earth? Why exactly is Rick Jones right where they are? Is Mar-Vell psychic? Was the Supreme Intelligence manipulating everything? Because Rick's going to turn out to have psychic powers he doesn't know about in Avengers#97? How does the SI know that, and if it does why doesn't it do anything about it except bond him with Mar-Vell and then apparently ignore Mar-Vell until the Kree/Skrull War happens?

Then there's the way Mar-Vell enters the War. He's been in the Negative Zone so long he's dying from absorbing too much energy and needs surgery to save his life? So the Zone gave him cancer? And then it's never mentioned again? Maybe it wasn't Nitro and that nerve gas that killed him after all. I'm surprised that surgery and the necessity for it wasn't brought up as a possible cause of the cancer that was killing him in The Death of Captain Marvel.

And really I have to say I'm glad Stan wouldn't let anyone use the Silver Surfer then. Mar-Vell and Warlock both had big cosmic adventures in the 70s, but both got killed a few years later. Warlock eventually came back. Mar-Vell hasn't. I'd say Mar-Vell seems to be Bucky dead, but apparently being "Bucky dead" just means coming back takes a lot longer.  

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