Daredevil returning with Slade, director of Total Eclipse.

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Every time I see an article about this, I read it as David Spade first. No one wants to see THAT movie.


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No mention of Ben Affleck, so I guess we can assume he isn't going to be asked to participate ...

They're going to pretend the other films, Daredevil and Elektra, don't exist.  I have both the original and director's cut of Daredevil on DVD, as Holly often likes to point out when I complain about other folks' tastes in film, and...yeah.


I borrowed Elektra from a friend and maybe it was because I wasn't expecting anything...but I didn't think it was that bad.

I liked Daredevil when it first came out. I haven't seen it in years though. I remember really liking Colin Farell as Bullseye. I saw Elektra but didn't much care for it, though I have never been a fan of Jennifer Gardner, not sure why. When the first Daredevil movie was in the works it was rumored that it was going to be gritty and one possible candiate for the lead was Guy Pierce of Memento fame. That was the movie I wanted to see.

If they pretend the other movies don't exist, I hope that doesn't mean doing the origin story all over again ... 


I liked the Daredevil movie okay; it wasn't great cinema, but it was entertaining enough, and the only complaint I had was the too-obvious computer-generated animation for some of the scenes of Daredevil gallivanting about the rooftops. I've never seen Elektra, in part because I'm no fan of Jennifer Gardner, either.

I loved the first couple seasons of, there ya go.
I've never watched Alias, either.
Alias is kinda the start of the J.J. Abrams universe...things started there were referenced in Cloverfield, Lost, Fringe, and even Star Trek.
I've never seen Cloverfield, Lost (save for the pilot), or Fringe.
 I feel like I'm really losing something due to fact that I can't see your face, Clark.  I never know how to take your responses...exactly.
I also have never seen Alias, Lost or FringeStar Trek was OK and Cloverfield was nothing special.
I wouldn't mind Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner having another go at it. The both did the best they could with the material provided in the previous movie. Them, I liked. It was everything else that I thought was rubbish. You're mileage may vary.

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