I don't remember when it was, exactly, that I lost interest in Superman. there was a time, from Crisis on Infinite Earths until well into the 2Ks, that I had complete collections of every Superman title published (Superman, Action Comics, Adventures of Superman, Man of Steel, etc.). I do know that I stopped buying Action Comics with #900, four issues before the title itself came to an end. There was a time, in 1986, when DC Comics wanted a new "Superman #1." But rather than cancelling the original series outright, they changed the title to Adventures of Superman with #424. Action Comics continued at that time with #584.

Then, in 2011, DC decided they wanted to revamp their entire line, including Action Comics. #904 was to be the last issue of the original run, but I decided to stop with an even 900. I say I "stopped," but actually I did continue to buy Action Comics and Superman for almost two years into the "New 52" era, but I was no longer interested in maintaining a set of sequentially numbered issues if DC itself wasn't. Except for those four issues of Action Comics, my "complete" run of Superman titles continued for some months to come. Action Comics continues, numbered in the 1000s today, but try finding issues #905-956. 

I know that I didn't bother buying Adventures of Superman when it returned (with a new #1) in 2013. I didn't buy an issue until #16, which featured multiple versions of Superman. I also happened to buy #17 because it featured a story by Jerry Ordway and Steve Rude, but that was it... for both me and the series as that was its final issue.

At that time, Captain comics was doing "Cancelled Comics Cavalcade," a post-mortem on all cancelled series. As much as fans complained about the redesign of Superman's costume (sans red trunks), Cap pointed out that the the then-recently-cancelled Adventures of Superman series featured the classic version and nobody bought it. I didn't even know it! and by that time it was too late. Last week, the Superman Red & Blue series, a favorite of mine, came to an end with its sixth issue. I really enjoyed those out-of-continuity tales, so now I'm contemplating buying Adventures of Superman (2013) #1-15 in hope of reading more of the same. 

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ClarkKent_DC said:

It was established in a later story (in Adventures of Superman, as I recall) what movie set Clark Kent's moral compass: To Kill a Mockingbird.

I found the answer: It was established in Superman #83 (1987 series), September 1993.

From Vulture: "To Kill a Mockingbird Is Superman’s Favorite Movie, and Here’s Why"

The Baron said:

I can't remember that one Marvel mini-series where the last issue was late and the reveal was wrecked because the next month's books  - which reflected the aftermath of the reveal -  had come out already.

Only one ...?

PAUL DINI & ALEX ROSS: "Peace On Earth"

The first of several "treasury size" editions inspired by and released during that time of year "when want is keenly felt and abundance rejoices." Here's one I reread every once in a while just to see what I get out of it based on what I bring into it. today I'm reading it for the first time a year and a half into a global pandemic. the thrust of the story is global hunger, but the message is the same. 


I wasn't going to do this. I was going to wait for the new deluxe edition in January, but I was in the mood to re-read it now. This series is like a love letter to Silver Age Superman, or rather what the grandson of Silver Age Superman storytelling might have been like if the Bronze Age hadn't come along to ruin it. It is my candidate for "Best Superman of the 21st Century"... not simply my favorite, but the best. Here's a brief run-down.

#1. Superman saves a manned mission to the sun, thereby thwarting a plot of Lex Luthor's, but he exposes himself to a lethal does of solar radiation in the process. Knowing he's dying, Superman reveals his secret ID to Lois Lane.

#2. Superman takes Lois to his Fortress of Solitude for her birthday. He shows her any number of fascinating things: his new key (which resembles an ordinary house key, but is made of dwarf star material and weighs a half million tons), a baby Sun Eater and the "Mirrot of Truth" to name but three. She refuses to believe that superman is Clark Kent. Finally, he reveals her present: super powers for 24 hours.

#3. Samson and Atlas compete with Superman for a day with Lois.

#4. Jimmy Olsen, black Kryptonite, etc

#5. "The Gospel According to Lex  Luthor" in which Clark Kent learns who is truly behind Superman's fatal illness. (Guest-starring Parasite.)

#6. Krypto plus the "Superman Squad": Kal Kent (the Superman of A.D. 853,5000), the Unknown superman of A.D. 4500, and Klyzyzk Klzntplkz (the Superman of the Fifth Dimension). Also features the death of Pa Kent.

#7. A Bizarro Christmas story (continued next issue).

#8. Zibarro, Le-Roj and the Unjustice League; Lois learns that Superman is dying.

#9. Kryptonians Bar-El and Lilo come to Earth and cause trouble.

#10. Superman writes his last will and testament and sets about performing 12 Super-Challenges.\

#11. Solaris the Sun Tyrant; Luthor gains super-powers. 

#12. The Death (?) and True Meaning of Superman.

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