I have been trying to figure out what the design and background of Superman's world is, post this merging of the surviving Earth-Mylar (EM - post-Crisis, pre-Flashpoint) Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane with the New 52 versions of same (N52)...creating the M52 Supes, Clark, and Lois, who are married openly to each other and have biological child 7-9 year old Jonathan - which presumably means they have been married eight-ten years at minimum.

  I never was able to find any issues of that MR. AND MRS. SUPERMAN when it was out, IIRC, it showed the EM Supes/Clark and Lois living in obscurity in Wisconsin with Jonathan, who had been born in the interim.

  Now, the reality shift done by Mr. Mykpyxlk merged both the beings and memories of EM and N52 together. Do the existing M52 versions remember anything about the EM universe they lived in for decades? Myxie's shift somehow made Lois and Clark, spouses, take over the N52s lives - The N52 Superman was introduced as having revealed himself only five years previous, presumably making him 26-27, which in fact is younger than the " eternal 29 " that was Clark's age in the Bronze Age.

  Clark and Lois are now celebrity writers - I recall the last issue of the previous run showed them, now openly Lois and Clark, with Jon, moving from Wisconsin to Metropolis.

  In modern times, women of some professional status and accomplishment tend to delay childbearing. A real equivalent to a with-a-7/9-year-old child  Lois could easily be in her 40s. If we follow the convention of presuming the childbearing woman to be slightly younger than her man - well!!!!!!!!!!! What does everyone else in the world remember about Superman's backgound? The Justice League? And, likewise, this Clark, father of Jon, been away from Smallville at lot longer than five years - ?

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I'm not following the current titles. This is the first time I've heard that Mxyzptlk facilitated the merging of the different versions of Superman and his cast of characters. Back in the day, when he returned to the 5th Dimension everything he did was undone. Does that mean he's hanging around or did they change how things work? 

I don't follow the current tltles, but I did see the issue where Mxyzptlk facilitated the merging of the different versions of Superman and his cast of characters. It was pretty much an editorial have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too mandate, as they clearly wanted to get rid of the New 52 Superman but not the Superman marriage and child.

As for Mxyzptlk's powers, that changed a long time ago, back during the post-Crisis Byrne era. The whole business of his going back to the 5th Dimension when he is tricked into saying his name backward, the 90-day limit, etc., was changed to be self-imposed rules Mxyzptlk didn't want to bother with any more. 

..I lost a draft (sniff!).

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