I have decided to post this final item after replies I've received about some of my own posts - most recently from Dagwan, on the "Thor material published 2009-2011" and "Fear Itself."

My great sorrow is seeing things happening on this board that I wouldn't have countenanced when I was Admin... ah, but we all know that what's done is what's done, and "shut up and get out" was the order of the day.


Regarding my comments and Dagwan's:


Interesting that I haven't heard from any of the admins yet... well, except for Dagwan, of course.  (Still an admin, Dags?  I know that when I was leader of the band, we extended you an invite.)


ELS (from Fear Itself thread):  Another summer crossover event, to go with Avengers books crossing over into Avengers books, FF crossing into Spider-Man (at least), Spider Island, and all these books requiring mini-series...  Wow, I am SO glad I'm not collecting this crap anymore.  And from the look of the posted panels above, I'm obviously not cool enough to get them anyhow.  Good luck to Marvel Comics, the house of idea.


Dagwan:  You went out of your way to post in a thread about Fear Itself that you're not reading it, and that it's crap. If you want to read something and don't like it, that's fine. Post about how you didn't enjoy it. What didn't work for you. Calling something that others on this board enjoyed quite a bit crap -especially sight unseen- is not just a judgment on the comic but on the opinions of the other members of the board who did like it.


You're right.  I DID go out of my way to post something, because I didn't have to come to the Captain Comics board, didn't have to read that posting, and didn't have to comment on it.  Same as anyone else who posts anything on this board.


But so we get our facts straight:  I wasn't criticizing Fear Itself as I haven't read it (which you very accurately noted.)  And I criticized Spider Island, and the FF/Spider-Man crossover, and Marvel's general concept of company wide crossovers - which you obviously didn't infer.  Okay, that happens.  I was criticizing the trend of mini-series, and crossing  through several issues of several titles, requiring readers to pick them up as well. I have said the same thing about Secret Invasion, Seige, that Avengers junk, etc.  Shucks, I wasn't all that fond of it back in Secret Wars (and, to be fair, not so hot on it in Crisis on Infinite Earths either.)


As to the opinions of those who did like it - what, is it the rule now to not upset the sensibilities of other posters by disagreeing with them?  Then shame on me.


Dagwan:  On a related note, do you have anything nice to say about any comics anymore?


This was in response to a comic which I think would have failed the standards of a lot of comic book companies, and I thought I gave the reason - characters out of sync with the current continuity (and damn ME for a fool for expecting continuity, right?), art that I really think is little better than high school level... y'know, a critical observation instead of "It sucks because I say it sucks!"  But again, you might not have gotten that - it happens, and although not everyone is happy and pleased with comics today, it seems to be the mandate on this board anymore.


Is this mean?  Some people might think it's mean, and some people - like, y'know, those who used to post on these boards - consider it discussion.  I was posting strongly about it because I feel strongly about it... my opinion, and it used to be implicit that that included " YMMV".  But I guess Dagwan didn't get that - okay, that happens.


I could go on, but this is obviously a comment on my postings, and, I think, a comment on my presence on the board from Dagwan and, implicitly (even by their silence) from the Admins.  What I think, due to whatever is going on with me, is what I think, and people used to be able to post such around here.


Instead, when I asked for what I thought was a reasonable action - if you think I've gone over the line, get the Admins to contact me about it, and if it really upsets you, please ignore it - got a biting, sarcastic reply, and a "don't tell us, go tell the comic book publishers, and stop whining."


Nice.  I probably wasn't going to be able to post here for a lot longer anyhow, but this does make it a little easier to decide.


So, after everything that has happened to me on this board - Dagwan's comments, the Administrator crap, etc. etc. etc., I will go away with one last comment for the admins.


Good riddance to every last one of you.


I remain,

  VERY disappointendly,

Eric L. Sofer

The Silver Age Fogey


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Alexandra Kitty said: "They will when they are old enough. But you know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure..."


I'd like to see more focus on things that have quality, instead of this reveling in silly, campy trash. But I've known people who preferred to see bad movies (and read bad comics) so they could make fun of them, instead of dealing with anything good. I guess it gave them a sense of superiority. I went through that phase when I was about 19.


Sorry, but the films of Ed Wood were just as bad in the '50s as they are today, and vice versa.

I think a lot of us weren't bothered by the subtle and not-so-subtle allusions to things going on in the real world by the Marvel writers during that time as it was fiction as therapy for creators and readers alike.  It was a way of working through things that were very distressing...play therapy if you will...with our favorite action figures.  If you didn't share the same mindset during those years...I could certainly see how the stories would be discordant.  I think that in your posts, Mark, you kept trying to get us to see your viewpoint even after we said, many times, that we didn't share it.  That's what caused the problem.  We heard you, disagreed, but it was hard for everyone to move on to something else.  


Also, this seems to be the annual board crisis.  We go through this mini-civil war...yell at each other...slam some doors.  But, like family, we often can find common ground on something and come back together.  I don't want anyone...ANYONE...to feel like they are a lone voice in an empty room.  Even if no one responds to a post, I'm sure there are readers who enjoy your thoughts and feel better that someone feels the same way they do.  However...repeating and repeating something is never a good way to make your point.  

I find it ironic that Eric's leaving...or should I say way of leaving...has caused more discussion on this board than any one comic or series lately.

Mark, it's not fair to say no one here was sympathetic with your position of "Civil War." It just isn't. It also is not fair to say "everyone seemed to be OK with it but me." It just isn't. I know for a fact that I, Randy, and several others at one point or another had some of the same criticisms you did.


I don't want to re-litigate "Civil War" -- by God, I don't want to re-litigate Civil War! -- but that's exactly why you found the unwelcoming response you got: Having made your point, you have to know when to stop. 

I think we all knew those actions were horrible and wrong, but they echoed things going on in the real world.  Stories about fictional characters making very, very serious mistakes or worse make for great reading.  Shakespeare and the Greeks built the modern theater around relatable characters who make stupid and sometimes flat-out evil decisions and what happens next.  But when real people in power are doing these things...often in our name as Americans...Tony Stark goes way down the list of my actual outrage targets.  I will admit that when Dark Reign started and continued for a few months, my Marvel reading did fall off.  I was much more interested in what Bruce Wayne was doing in building his GI Joe...uh, I mean, Batman Inc. team than what was happening in Avengers tower.
Clark is right. I just quit reading Marvel at that time, saying it wasn't for me anymore.

"Also, this seems to be the annual board crisis."


Well, this board has been drifting without direction for several months -- at least that's my take -- so maybe people needed to get some things off their chest.


There also seem to be more younger posters -- people with no memory of, or great respect for, the Silver Age -- and that may have alienated some of the older posters (such as SAF). Me, if someone wants to post nostalgic memories of playing with their Micronauts toys, I say more power to 'em. I won't read it, but I don't begrudge them.


At least the addition of "Mr. Silver Age" gives us creaky boomers a place to hang out. ;)

Mark Sullivan said:
Wow, it's like that comment was pulled straight from my brain (even though I haven't seen it before). Box-office statistics used to be available only in trade journals when I was growing up: Billboard, Variety, etc. Commentary on movies and other popular arts centered around the content, and the critic's response to the content. A classic example would be the Siskel & Ebert TV show. Now, cultural news is business news. Reporting which movie got the highest box office doesn't require any aesthetic judgment. Personally, I'm interested in what's good, not what sold the most tickets.

George said:

Some comments by director Martin Scorsese, from about a decade ago (but still relevant):


"Since I've been making movies, the worst thing to have happened is the tyranny of the box-office statistics. Every Monday you can turn on the television or pick up a newspaper and read which films were successful over the weekend. You're no longer reading think pieces or what the critics have to say.


"I've disagreed vehemently with critics in the past. But they made me think. What have we got now? Numbers. It's shocking that people base their decision to go to a movie on how many other people did or did not pay to see it. It's a different value system, a different world."

Focusing on weekend grosses is really dubious because there are too many factors that mean they aren't making apples-to-apples comparisons. Just look at the Thor movie: Its "weekend" grosses include midnight Thursday showings, as well as 3-D showings, Imax showings, and 3-D Imax showings. Of course its box office take is going to be bigger than the next movie, if the next movie didn't do those things!

Not only that, ticket prices are higher than they were in past years. So, to say Titanic made more money than The Lion King is dubious if Titanic was $8 per ticket and The Lion King was $6 ... and Thor is $10, not including the 3-D surcharge or the Imax surcharge or the 3-D Imax surcharge.
PowerBook Pete (The Mad Mod) said:
Clark is right. I just quit reading Marvel at that time, saying it wasn't for me anymore.

I fondly remember "Heroes Reborn" as "The Year I Didn't Read Marvel Comics."

ClarkKent_DC said: I fondly remember "Heroes Reborn" as "The Year I Didn't Read Marvel Comics."


I think I was away from comics entirely at that time.

PowerBook Pete (The Mad Mod) said:

ClarkKent_DC said: I fondly remember "Heroes Reborn" as "The Year I Didn't Read Marvel Comics."


I think I was away from comics entirely at that time.

Lucky you!

Det. 445 said: "While we're at it we could set one up for posting pictures of Wonder Woman in bondage.  And another one centering around discussions about teen and pre-teen superheroines."


Watch out. You're gonna give some people ideas. And this is an all-ages board -- or was.

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