All hail DC's King of the Seas!

This will be a thread to discuss any and all things Aquaman.  The character has come up in a few different threads here in the last little while, so I decided to start one for general discussions on him.

Before I go any further, I want to recommend an excellent thread started by Jeff of Earth-J, where he is having a discussion of "The Search for Mera" storyline, from 1968-69's Aquaman # 40-48.

Also, if you're so inclined, check out a thread started by yours truly where we discuss DC's Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age Omnibus collections.  Recently, I made a post for upcoming 2018 releases, leading Philip Portelli to ask "Any guesses why no Aquaman, Atom or Hawkman volumes?", and a new line of discussion around those three characters sprung up; you can find that on page 24 of the discussion below.

I'm already a fan of Aquaman, and this piqued my interest in him a bit more.  So I did a little digging, learned a few things that surprised me, and so, this thread.

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She's a "Posin' Doll."

As in, "Ahmina go play with muh posin' doll."

Luke Blanchard said:

The GCD lists a Leaf Candy Aquaman giveaway from 1980... The cover, by Dick Giordano, is a redrawn version of the cover of Aquaman #39.

The GCD notes that it looks like Curt Swan contributed to other covers in Leaf Candy series. It doesn't mention this in its page on the Aquaman giveaway, but the sharks are fairly similar to ones Swan drew for Action Comics #456 so he may have had a hand in its cover too.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Aquaman’s solo stories have appeared in several super-hero anthologies, mini-series, and three volumes of his own title. Among these are:

More Fun Comics #73-107
Adventure Comics #103-280, 435-437, 441-452, 460-466, 475-478
Showcase #30-33
Detective Comics #293-300
Aquaman (v1) #1-63
Action Comics #517-521, 527-531, 536-541
World’s Finest Comics #264-273
First mini-series #1-4
Aquaman: Spirit and Flesh
The Legend of Aquaman
Second mini-series #1-5
The Atlantis Chronicles #7
Aquaman (v2) #1-13
Aquaman: Time and Tide #1-4
Aquaman (v3) #0-75

Beyond Flashpoint you're on your own.

During and beyond Flashpoint:

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman # 1-3

Aquaman (2011) # 1-12, 0, 13-52, Annual 1-2, Aquaman: Future's End # 1

Aquaman and the Others (2014) # 1-11, Aquaman and the Others: Future's End # 1

Convergence: Aquaman # 1, 2

Aquaman Rebirth # 1

Aquaman (2016) # 1-34, Annual 1 (current series; #34 released March 21)

More Fun Comics # 73-107 and World's Finest # 6 - that's 36 Aquaman stories, totalling 320 pages.

Only 3 of these stories have ever been reprinted.

The untitled Aquaman story from his debut in More Fun # 73 has been reprinted 3 times:

Secret Origins # 7 (1974)

Millennium Edition: More Fun Comics # 73 (2001) - reprint of entire issue

Aquaman: A Celebration of 75 Years (2016) - hardcover collection

The Aquaman story from More Fun # 89, "The Streamlined Buccaneers" was also reprinted in Aquaman: A Celebration of 75 Years.

More Fun Comics # 101 (debut of Superboy) was reprinted in its entirety in Millennium Edition: More Fun Comics # 101.  The Aquaman story from that issue was "Orphan of the Sea".

I love this post.  Cap, you're the best!

Captain Comics said:

I accidentally posted this on the Something, Anything, Nothing thread, but this is where it belongs, so I'm re-posting it:

As long as we're talking Aquaman, I've long nurtured an urge to write a story about what he really is.

Don't get me wrong -- underwater people have a long tradition in SF, and in DC Comics he is what he is. That goes for Sub-Mariner, too. They're people who live deep underwater, and have tremendous strength for one reason or another.

But what would they be really? The pressures Atlanteans live at in both publishing houses means they could not possibly be built like human beings. Pressures at that depth can crush titanium submarines, so how could skin -- no matter how augmented -- keep all his insides on the inside? 

Moreover, how could eyeballs stand that pressure? For eyeballs to function they have to have certain mechanics, which would be impossible at that pressure. Ditto for ears (and ear drums). Aquaman looks like he has eyes and ears, but he manifestly could not.

Even his skeletal structure couldn't exist in human form. Flexible fish bones might be able to handle the pressure -- but we don't even find fish at those depths. What we find is invertebrates. And the only sizable things are squids.

So for Aquaman to really work, he'd be a squid. Since he doesn't look like a squid, he must have some sort of illusion power or magical glamour or something. And, of course, being a squid would make it difficult for him to move on land, so there'd have to be a faux mechanism to achieve that, maybe an exoskeleton. Ditto for eyes, ears and other human senses. In fact, maybe "Aquaman" is just a robot of some kind, with a tiny squid inside pulling the levers.  

Maybe he's a magical giant squid inside a robot. That would be fun to write, I think.

Thanks, John!

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