Well, someone has to start it...

I really liked issue 1. For one thing, I wasn't in the dark after missing the Free Comic Book Day issue (I thought they'd have reprinted that by now!). For another, I liked that while it's Green Lantern-centric, for now, at least, it doesn't require me to know the ins and outs of all the different Corps, because I just don't. I quite reading GL when the Sinestro Corps War started, and planned to but the trade paperbacks by now, but haven't yet. (Heck, vol2 just came out, didn't it?)

So as someone who *knows* the DCU, but isn't exactly in tune with some recent events, I had no problem understanding it. Bitey Guardians? I'm down with that.

My favorite scene has got to be the one in which Hal shows Barry all the heroes who've died in the time between him dying and coming back. I *loved* his reaction to Ronnie -- being the junior member of the league when he was on it, Ronnie was probably the closest person to Wally's age he fought with. He's a kid they took under their wing, and now he's gone. And then seeing Ralph and Sue... but of course, that's setting up a later scene down the line.

The one thing that bugged me was the crypt of dead supervillains the JLA has under their HQ. I don't care if it makes them easier to guard, it's just ghoulish and wrong. Why the hell would anyone want the Fiddler's body? Just guard his &%#@ fiddle, for Pete's sake!

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Which is--?

Doctor Hmmm? said:
For those of you that are getting Blackest Night, but skipping the tie-in mini-series, I suggest you unskip Blackest Night: Batman #1.

It's pretty darn good.

"You've got the brain of a four-year-old boy, and I'll bet he was glad to get rid of it." -Groucho Marx

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Rich, it's This Guy.
Ok, so...

Anyone have Green Lantern (Kyle's run) Annual #7?

"You've got the brain of a four-year-old boy, and I'll bet he was glad to get rid of it." -Groucho Marx

Check out the Secret Headquarters (my store) website! It's a pretty lame website, but I did it myself, so tough noogies

Listen to WOXY.com, it's the future of rock-n-roll!

OK, so riddle-me-this;

If Black Hand is a "herald", like Ion is for the GLC, Parallax is for the Sinstro Corps, ect., what is our "Big Bad" supposed to be?
When Scar mentions that Black Hand will be the herald, I assumed that he would be like Superboy-Prime, Hank Henshaw and Parallax-possessed Kyre Rayner were.
Horn'd One said:
Rich, it's This Guy.

Confirmed here as well.
I loved the first issue of Blackest Night (and the accompanying GL and GLC books)! It was everything that everyone here has already said about it: Disturbing, gruesome, entertaining.

I think it was understood from the beginning that Hawkwoman DID love Hawkman but she fought it because, in this incarnation, she was uncomfortable with the thought of having to love him because that's the way it's been for a thousand years. That's the way I looked at it from the beginning of their reincarnation. It just turns out that I was right. We'll have to see what the NEXT reincarnation brings!
I've updated my "scoresheet' of the various Corps (see earlier in this post) in my own files. Do I reprint the entire list or just post the updated info?
I'd reprint the whole updated list. It's not overlong, and those not interested can scroll past.
Thanks, Rob. For those who are interested, here's my overview of the various Lantern Corps that have emerged of late;

Red Lantern Corps (Rage/Hate)
Power Source: Central Battery on Ysmalt, Sector 2814
Entity/Avatar: unrevealed
Noted Agent(s): Atrocitus, Dex-Starr, Ratchet, Skallox, Bleez, Zilius Zox, Fury-6, Vice, Haggor, Veom.
NOTE: Upon induction, the agent's blood is replaced by a napalm-like plasma, which can be spat as a weapon. As long as anger is present, the red fire burns. The blue light extinguishes the red flame. The ring kills the agent if removed.

Orange Lantern (Avarice/Greed)
Power Source: Battery possessed by Larfleeze on Okaara, Sector 2828
Entity/Avatar: Unrevealed
Primary Agent: Larfleeze aka "Agent Orange" is the only living Orange Lantern. Others that appear are energy-constructs of those he’s slain and stolen the identity of. The orange ring cannot draw power from a blue ring. The orange ring also has addictive side-effects that are unrevealed.

Sinestro Corps (Fear)
Power Source: Central Battery on Qward in the anti-matter universe aka Sector –1
Entity/Avatar: Parallax (currently split between the batteries of the four GLs from Earth)
Noted Agent(s): Sinestro, Arkillo, Low, Tekik, Maash, Tri-Eye, Murr the Melting Man, Bedovian, Slushh, Kara-Sil, Romat-Ru, Mongul II, other Sinestro Corps members
NOTE: Inducted agents undergo intense physical & psychological reconditioning to enable them to inspire fear in others. Yellow rings have same limitations and functions as the GLC rings.

Green Lantern Corps(Willpower)
Power Source: GLC Central Battery on Oa, Sector 0; Guardians (male former Maltusians)
Entity/Avatar: Ion (embodiment of Willpower)
Noted Agent(s): Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, Arisia, Kilowog, Salaak, GLC.
NOTE: Empowered rings provide flight, force fields, energy constructs from imagination of wielder, protection from space, universal-translations of spoken languages and interstellar communications.

Blue Lantern Corps (Hope)
Power Source: Central Battery on Odym, Sector 2682; Banished Oans Ganthet and Sayd
Entity/Avatar: Unrevealed
Noted Agent(s): Saint Walker, Brother Warth, Sister Sercy, Brother Hymm
NOTE: Blue energy can bolster, even overcharge GL rings when working in concert with the GL. Rings can also de-power the rings of the Sinestro Corps. The rings are fueled by the hope of all living beings. Rings only provide basic functions when not in close proximity to a GLC ring. The previously accepted Blue Lantern must enter the adjoining Sector and choose the new agent for that Sector.

Indigo Tribe (Compassion)
Power Source: Unrevealed, members use a walking-staff with a large open-mouth and crystal at the top (which acts as the ‘lantern’) along with a ring.
Entity/Avatar: Unrevealed
Noted Agent(s): "Indigo", others unrevealed; members have Tribe symbol tattooed visibly on their bodies.
NOTE: Members take no active role in the War of Light, except to tend to the wounded or dying of the War. Language spoken by the Indigo Tribe has proven to be unknown by a GL ring. "Indigo” has shown ability to manipulate/absorb(?) Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps ring-energy.

Star Sapphire Corps (Love)
Power Source: Zamarons (female former Maltusians), Central Battery on Zamaron, Sector 1416
Entity/Avatar: “Predator” (not the alien character from the 20th Century Fox films)
Noted Agent(s): Queen Aga'Po, Miri Riam, Yrra Cynril, Carol Ferris, Dela Pharon, Race, Miss Bloss, “The Lost Sapphire”
NOTE: Agents' crystal in the headband/tiara can reveal the viewer's 'true love' to them. Unrevealed if the Star Sapphire Corps is strictly-female staffed.

Black Lanterns (Death)
Power Source: Anti-Monitor, trapped in Central Battery on Ryut, Sector 666; Rogue Oan 'Scar'
Entity/Avatar: Nekron (“Lord of the Unliving”, demon from Hell)
Noted Agent(s): Black Hand, [Pre-Crisis] Kal-L of Earth-2, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman I, Terra I, Firestorm I, Elongated Man and Sue Dibny, Ventriloquist I, others. Members are resurrected dead
NOTE: Symbol is that of villain Black Hand. Members are apparently devoid of emotion. Agents can detect the 'dominant' emotion in their victim. Rings absorb the removed heart of their victim, which is 'filled' with an emotion that the agent does not/cannot experience. The more emotion-filled hearts the ring absorbs, the more it charges. Rings can create hard-energy constructs (as with The Ventriloquist I and his creation of the Scarface dummy). Magic has no effect on the rings. Rings are unable to recruit the corpse of Don Hall (Dove I), noting he is “at peace”. Agents retain any superpowers they had in life, but still suffer from decay.

Suggestions, critiques, comments, updates, ect. are welcome.

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