I am really hoping that we will get a new Legion of Super-Heroes in the next year, and I hope they will stick with one version for more than a year or so before moving on to another one. I think that is one of the things that has really hurt the Legion in the past twenty years. They haven't been allowed to stick with any version for very long.

In the meantime, we can talk about the Legion incarnations of the past right here. Of course, I'm starting this one to talk about something I have read recently...

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I had completely forgotten about that story until I read your post. Those “Five Years Later” stories exist only in Hypertime now (which is still a thing on Earth-J), but I enjoyed that series, right up until Zero Hour. I always had the idea that I’d someday read the early LSH (up to circa Adventure Comics #350 or so…?), then switch to the emergence of the SW6 Batch of Legionnaires. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, though.

That was a really powerful story. I haven't read it in a while (I did a 5YL reread a number of years ago), but it was really groundbreaking for its time. It's always interesting to go back and look at those groundbreaking stories about social issues and see what holds up, and what details might not. 

And in other Legion news, the Sugar & Spike story in Legends of Tomorrow #6 has a Legion appearance. Or, well, several Legion appearances, actually. A fun story, as have been all the S&S installments. 

If you re-read the LSH from the beginning, prepare for awfulness. It didn't get good until Jim Shooter and Curt Swan.

I recently read the Cosmic Boy mini that spun out of Legends. I loved it so much that I bought up the Legionnaires 3 mini on D.C. digital. One issue in, and I'm loving it every bit as much. Of course, having Giffen and Colon as the same creators doesn't hurt.

It's been a long while since I've read those, but I liked them a lot. (Unlike, say, the Timber Wolf mini a few years later.)

I've been soting through a box of DC comics from 2010/2011. the Adventure Comics/Legion of Super-Heroes series just prior to "Flashpoint" were really quite good, the best LSH series (IMHO) for years. Also in that same box were the limited series Legacies and The Brave & the Bold (the first 12 issues by Mark Waid and George Perez. I'm saddened that such series are no longer possible in the current DC universe.

Legacies was incredible! I have the collection; I should reread it. I also loved that Brave & the Bold series. That's where I first discovered artist Jesus Saiz. So many great stories before and after the Batman focus--team-ups of Batman/The Geek, Aquaman/Demon, Flash/Blackhawks, Superman/Catwoman...

That Brave & Bold series was terrific... and I thought JMS had some fine issues in his run, too.

Okay, I think it was JMS who wrote the ones I named. Waid's stuff was drawn by George Perez, wasn't it?

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

That Brave & Bold series was terrific... and I thought JMS had some fine issues in his run, too.

Waid's stuff was mostly drawn by Perez... but that Superman/Catwoman story was his, too (with Scott Kolins, IIRC). I think everything up through issue 16 was Waid, though his big storyline (and possibly Perez's involvement) wrapped at 12. 

Great Batman/Legion teamup toward the end!

That Legacies collection just went on sale at Comixology, by the way -- part of the Andy Kubert sale. It's $5.99. There's also the Robin: A Celebration of 75 Years collection available for $10. 

And weirdly enough, a bunch of old Arion back issues for 99 cents. IIRC, Kubert was the letterer back then. On the other hand: Cheap Arion issues! 

Peeyew... I bought that Timber Wolf series on digital awhile back. I'm still trying to choke it down.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

It's been a long while since I've read those, but I liked them a lot. (Unlike, say, the Timber Wolf mini a few years later.)

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