While I was sick a couple weeks ago, I binged seasons 3 and 4 of The Americans. Season 5 begins tonight. I love this show!

Does anyone else watch this?

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I'm listening to it now -- there's a lot of fascinating detail about how they created and shot in the hole at the end of the episode. A paraphrase: "First, we had to build a hole in the studio. Then we had to take that hole on location and dig a bigger hole that we could fit our hole inside."

It all makes perfect sense, and is a totally invisible special effect. Really neat stuff -- I'm always much more fascinated with how stuff like this is done than how, say,  Savitar's armor on Flash is created. Things that have to look real, rather than look cool.

It looks like there are a few about Fargo. I have just subscribed to one called "Aw, Jeez" by Minnesota Public Radio. But first, I subscribed to Slate's Americans podcast. Thanks again!

Oh, nice, that sounds like a good one to check out. Thanks!

I listened to The Americans podcast and loved it. While that long scene at the digging at the end was going on, I had to go to the bathroom so bad. I finally couldn't hold it any longer and ran and come right back to the room--imagine how happy I was that they were still digging! Ha!

As for the Fargo podcast, they had an interview with Noah Hawley regarding the upcoming season, so this one is pretty legit as well.

Oh, man, I'll definitely be checking that out!

Episode 2: I thought the most visually arresting scene in this episode (and it didn't surprise me that it was featured in the podcast) was the greenhouse scene. At first, I assumed the bugs that were attacking her were mosquitoes, but it turns out they were something called "midges". It was a very eerie scene.

We get a few more clues as to what is going on with the boy in their new family, and I just suspect it's not going to end well.

Just when you thought Paige was going to stop being a problem once she was brought on to "Team Jennings", it seems the problems have only begun. Also, this is the second episode, and Henry is still "in his room", yet to make an appearance. He hasn't been written off, or they would have done away with him somehow.

This is a wholly different level of storytelling, but Henry's absence reminds me of the little kids in many sitcoms. When they don't have lines in a story, they cease to exist.

I probably never used to notice that when I was a kid, but it really stands out now when they're "hiding" someone, probably because he's on another show or working on a movie right now.

Richard Willis said:

This is a wholly different level of storytelling, but Henry's absence reminds me of the little kids in many sitcoms. When they don't have lines in a story, they cease to exist.

I'm going to have to ignore most of this discussion, because I just got interested in the show. I've watched the first season and most of the second, and am really enjoying it. Great acting, and it captures the pointlessness of the Cold War very well. Depressing to have all this spycraft--and people dying or having their lives destroyed--for what turned out to be nothing (and many of the participants suspected as much at the time).

It has been interesting to watch Paige having to walk the tightrope between her religious beliefs and the cause of her parents during this new season. The tapestry of this show just becomes more and more complex, and I am loving every second of it.

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