I know there's at least one other fan of anime on this board, and perhaps more, so I thought I'd do a review of some of the anime I've watched. I'm hoping others will do the same.

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Title: Urusei Yatsura

Episodes: 195 episodes, 6 movies, 12 OVA’s, 1 special

Category:  Comedy




Ataru Morobishi s a perverted 17 year old high school boy, who is one day picked as the defender of the Earth against alien invasion. In order to win the contest, he has to seize the horns of the handpicked alien champion, Lum. He has 10 days to do so, and fails the first 9 days. His girlfriend Shinobu tells him that she’ll marry him if he succeeds, and the next day, he comes up with the brilliant strategy of using a suction cup gun to steal Lum’s top and prevent her from flying away. He wins and proposes to Shinobu, but Lum thinks he’s proposed to her and accepts. Hilarity ensues.




Here are the main characters of the anime:


Ataru Morobishi – A perverted 17 year old high school student who’s never met a pretty girl he didn’t want to romance. He’s also extremely unlucky.


Lum – A 17 year old alien princess who considers herself betrothed to Ataru and wants to keep him from talking to other women. She can fly and also use electrical shocks from her body on others, which she does to Ataru frequently.


Ten – Another alien, around 5 years old. Related to Lum in some way, and can fly and breathe fire.


Shinobu – A childhood friend and longtime love interest of Ataru. She gets angry with his philandering, but she’s always ready to take him back too.


“Cherry” – An ancient Buddhist priest who lives on the streets and tends to interfere a lot with Ataru’s business.


Sakura – Cherry’s niece, a shrine maiden and also the school nurse.


What's good:


This is a much older anime series, premiering around 1980. It’s essentially a sitcom, as there’s generally a bit of a reset at the end of each episode, although characters carry over.


So the question is, if this is a sitcom, is it funny? The answer, in my opinion, is yes. There’s a lot of slapstick comedy—the show sort of reminds me of I Dream of Jeannie meets Looney Tunes—and lots of cute moments and running gags, like Ataru’s mother constantly saying that she wishes she never had Ataru.


Oh yes, his parents are actually around, which is almost odd for an anime set in high school, but they are there. His mother is a standard Japanese housewife, and his father is a salaryman. Given how frequently the antics of the others end up destroying their house or the neighborhood or the city, it’s nor surprising that they aren’t so happy with Ataru.


Speaking of Ataru, in many ways he reminds me of Johnny Bravo, and I wonder if there was some homage or inspiration there. While he does tend to chase every girl he sees, he’s also rejected by all of them except for Lum and Shinobu (well, okay, some other women give him the time of day, but nobody really worth mentioning). Despite everything about him, you sort of end up feeling sorry for the guy for everything he goes through, and how frequently he’s blamed for everything, even when it’s not his fault.


Lum is also a great character, incredibly gorgeous, usually running around in a leopard skin bikini (to be fair, all of the aliens of her race wear very little and all in leopard skin). She’s extremely devoted to Ataru, and all things being equal, he’s devoted to her too, despite the number of times he wishes she weren’t around so he could chase girls.


Ten—short for Jariten—is amusing as well. He constantly talks about what a good boy he is, but really he’s a bit of a stinker. He does believe Ataru is not right for Lum and tries to denigrate him in her eyes constantly.


One other little thing that was nice is that there are a lot of characters based on Japanese myths and legends. One recurring character is Kintaro, and others make reference to those characters as well, which can be fascinating if you aren’t familiar with them.


What doesn't work:


Despite the way he sounds, there are definitely times when you feel sympathetic for Ataru, especially in the early episodes. He’s never asked for any of this, but it all gets put on him anyway.


Something else that doesn’t really work is you never really understand why Ataru doesn’t try harder with Lum. She is beautiful, albeit prone to shocking him frequently, and she’s devoted. At a certain point, you kind of just say “dude, just enjoy the alien”.


Also, for as many episodes as this show has, the episodic nature means that it can get a little tiresome after awhile. It was obviously extremely popular in Japan which is why it ran so long, but not a whole lot changes throughout the anime.


Fanservice Level:


Despite how it sounds, there really isn’t any, at least not in any sense I could call unnecessary. There’s a little bit of nudity, but for the most part it’s pretty tame.


Perverted Character:


Ataru is a skirt chaser of the first degree, always has been and likely always will be. That being said, his perversions never veer into the uncomfortable range.


Final Thoughts:


Full confession time: I didn’t watch the entirely of this anime as there didn’t seem to be much point. For what it is, it’s very enjoyable. In small doses, it’s a lot of fun, although I don’t know that I’d recommend binge-watching.


My rating: 7/10


Interesting. Another one that I've always heard of, but never seen.  I have seen some "interesting" photos of women cosplaying as Lum.

Just searched for this on Google. I'm actually surprised at the restraint shown in those outfits.

The Baron said:

Interesting. Another one that I've always heard of, but never seen.  I have seen some "interesting" photos of women cosplaying as Lum.

Title: The World God Only Knows

Episodes: 36 ( 3 seasons of 12 episodes apiece)

Category:  Romantic Comedy




Elsie, a demon with the Loose Souls Brigade, is charged with locating and capturing loose souls that have hidden in the hearts of lonely women. In order to draw the loose souls out, the women have to fall in love. Elsie can get a human helper, and she hears about Katsuragi Keima, also known as “the god of conquest”. Thinking he’s a real god, she makes a contract with him to capture lost souls. The only issue is that Keima got his nickname from his ability at playing dating simulations. In fact, he wants nothing to do with real girls or the real world. However, a collar is placed around his neck that will explode if he doesn’t fulfill his contract.




Here are the main characters of the anime:


Katsuragi Keima – An extraordinarily intelligent teenage boy who plays games all the time, including in class. He would just as soon never have to deal with the real world or real people, but he gets dragged into this mess with the loose souls. He turns out to be surprisingly good at getting women to fall in love with him, as he looks at the whole thing as a game. However, he’s not a bad guy—you can tell deep down that he’s not happy about what he’s doing, but he feels he has no choice.


Elsie – Elsie is a scatterbrained modern demon (as opposed to ancient demons) and a member of the Loose Souls squad. She was very average in her training for her work, but teaming with Keima proves to be very fruitful. She loves fire trucks.


Haqua – Haqua is a more serious modern demon and another member of the Loose Souls squad. Unlike Elsie, she was a legendary honor student when she was training, and outranks Elsie. However, she’s also discovered that her success during school is not translating as well in the real world, and has difficulty performing her job. She has a crush on Keima.


The girls that Keima seduces vary in importance, but these two are critical:


Ayumi – An athletic girl with self-confidence issues. The first time Keima seduces her, she starts to perform better at meets. She’s really good friends with Chihiro.


Chihiro – She’s an “ordinary” girl, not particularly exceptional in any way. She has a habit of confessing her feelings to boys she has crushes on, but tends to get rejected. While she puts a smile on her face and pretends it doesn’t bother her, it actually bothers her quite a lot. She’s very good friends with Ayumi—in fact, they’re in a band together that Chihiro started after her initial encounter with Keima.

What's good:


Keima is a great character and an interesting study. As I said, he’s surprisingly good with the girls when he puts forth effort, and at the same time I think he very much regrets what he has to do to fulfill his contract (one of the side effects of driving the loose souls out of the girl is that she loses her memory of the relationship and of him).  The ending is very bittersweet. Ultimately, despite his deceptions, Kema comes off as extremely likeable, especially in terms of how dedicated he is to achieving his goals.


The other characters are fun too, for various different reasons. There’s a fair amount of slapstick humor, of course, but there’s also a lot of heart.

The show is generally divided up into multi-episode “conquests” usually requiring two episodes to resolve. I appreciate the brisk pacing myself, as the show bogs down a little when longer arcs are involved.


What doesn't work:


Have you ever been watching a perfectly good movie for the first two acts, then suddenly in the third there’s some odd subplot involving drug dealers or some other sort of threat with car chases and shootouts and all of that? That’s pretty much what season 3 of this anime felt like. It wasn’t bad, and it did spur picking up the pace towards the ending, but it’s kind of a bait and switch, sort of like “this isn’t what I signed up for”.  Like I said, season 3 isn’t bad, but ther’es a lot of elements that could have been dispensed with, and when we finally did get the resolution, it didn’t end with a bang but rather limped across the finish line in the shadows, hoping no one would notice.


Therea re a couple of other instances involving teachers and their roles in this that aren’t well explained. Kind of like they just thought at the last minute “oh, we’ll make this character something more than what she seems” but then forgot to explain why.

UPDATE: I just discovered that the anime didn't adapt the entirey of the manga, which is why there are some loose plot threads. It doesn't change my rating, but I figured people should know.

Fanservice Level:


None. There are a couple of situations were characters walk in on one another bathing, but they’re handled well and seem to spawn organically.


Perverted Character:




Final Thoughts:


In all honesty, if you wanted to watch this anime and stop at the end of either season 1 or 2, you’d be just fine as they stand pretty well on their own. The show does have it’s moments, and if you like a bit of romance, you’ll likely enjoy this anime.


My rating: 7/10


Currently binge-watching One-Punch Man.  I laughed out loud more than once, which is rare.

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