I know there's at least one other fan of anime on this board, and perhaps more, so I thought I'd do a review of some of the anime I've watched. I'm hoping others will do the same.

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Just in case anyone is unaware of or interested in this, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Toonami block is scheduled to start airing Fooly Cooly TWO, also known as Fooly Cooly: Progressive, tonight after the latest episode of My Hero Academia.

This is the first of two brand new follow up series made by the original creators.

Check local listings for time and channel.

For those of you not familiar with the original FLCL it's...weird. Very visually impressive, but really odd. However, the original was also only six episodes, so it was also pretty short. I don't know enough about this new version to make any recommendations, however.

Randy, et al.:

I haven't had a chance (as I post this) to watch FLCL2 on the DVR yet, but if it's even half as good as the original Fooly Cooly (which was about one alien coming to Earth trying to free another alien-or so she claimed) it should be very entertaining.

Title: Interviews With Monster Girls

Episodes: 13

Category:  Monster Girl Comedy



Demi-Humans (popularly known as "Demis") are genetically anomalous people who in the past were persecuted as monsters, but are now integrating into society.  (They're not actually supernatural, but did inspire legends about supernatural beings.)  One high school teacher tries to learn more about them.




Tetsuo Takahashi – A biology teacher who is fascinated by demis, and tries to learn more about the demis in the school.


Hikari Takanashi – A vampire girl. She has fangs, is sensitive to light and needs to drink blood occasionally (the government supplies her with a unit of blood a month), but is otherwise a normal girl.  She's the typical "energetic girl", a poor student, but eager and prone to harebrained schemes. One of Tetsuo's students.


Kyoko Machi – A dullahan, her head is not physically attached to her body. (A physicist friend of Tetsuo's  theorized that a wormhole connected them.) She's a quiet, good-natured girl who has a bit of a crush on Tetsuo. One of Tetsuo's students.


Yuki Kusakabe– A snow woman (or "yuki-onna"), she has a low body temperature, and her sweat and tears tend to freeze.  She is the typical "shy girl who her friends help to come of her shell". One of Tetsuo's students.


Sakie Sato – A math teacher who's a few years younger than Tetsuo, she is a succubus, which means that she has a heightened aphrodisiac effect on those around her, especially men. As a consequence, she has to avoid physical contact with others. She also has a crush on Tetsuo, but the nature of her powers complicates any relationships she might have.


Himari Tanaknashi – Himari's younger, non-identical twin sister, she is a normal human girl. Subverting the usual cliche, she is the responsible, diligent sister. She is initially suspicious of Tetsuo's interest in her sister.


What's good:

I'm a sucker for stories that try to portray how people with different powers might fit into mundane society. The characters are engaging and likable, and the story enjoyable.

What doesn't work:

Nothing too bad, here. The characters are common "types", but are reasonably well-developed


Fanservice Level:




Perverted Character:




Final Thoughts:


I liked this a lot. It's one I could imagine re-watching. I also recommend the manga, of which I've read the first six volumes.  (The anime covers the first five or so.)


My rating: 9/10

Title: Nichijou (a.k.a. My Ordinary Life)

Episodes: 26 + "Episode 0"

Category:  Absurdist slice-of-life comedy




Various characters in an un-named town live their daily lives, very weirdly.




There are dozens of characters (It's almost like a Japanese "Springfield"), but these are the main ones


Yuko Aioi – Another "energetic girl", she is bright and cheerful, but never does her homework. 


Mio Naganohara – A friend and classmate of Yuko's, she's the closest thing here to a "normal girl". She aspires to be a manga artist, and draws yaoi stories about a male classmate she has a crush on. 


Mai Minakami – A friend and classmate of Yuko and Mio, she is quiet and unemotional, but likes to play weird pranks on people. Likes to carve wooden statues of gods and buddhas.

Nano Shinonome – A  robot who looks and acts like a high school girl (only the huge wind-up key on her back spoils the illusion), she desires to live  normal life. She lives in the Shinonome Lab with her creator.  About halfway through the series, she begins going to school and becomes friends with Yuko, Mio and Mai.


Hakase – A bratty eight year-old girl  who also happens to be a scientific genius, she is Nano's creator.  ("Hakase" is more of a title than a name. In the manga, she is called "Professor".)  


Sakamoto – A cat adopted by Nano and Hakase.  Hakase gave him a  scarf that allows him to speak. Thinks of himself as the adult of the household.


What's good:


 Amusing and absurd, it appeals to my sense of humor. 

What doesn't work:


Depends on your taste. If you don''t like random absurdity, you might not like this.


Fanservice Level:




Perverted Character:




Final Thoughts:


I like this a lot. I've already gone back and re-watched a couple of my favorite episodes..


My rating: 9/10

I don't know if the Baron has seen this but I think it's something that he might enjoy.


Well, there's always this.

This particular season is fairly loaded with high quality shows ( at least in my opinion) and I wanted to take a moment to highlight six of my favorites (it would be five, but like I said, it’s loaded).

Dorohedoro – This one isn’t easy to describe, but I’ll do my best.

Imagine a dystopian future where the world is divided into two separate dimensions: the land of the Sorcerers where people born with magical powers reside, and the Hole, where (somewhat) ordinary people live. The sorcerers frequently enter the Hole for various reasons, but mainly to perform experiments on the ordinary humans, experiments which may well kill the people. Enter Caiman, one such denizen who was experimented on. The results of this particular experiment left him with amnesia and the head of a lizard. Accompanied by his (girl?)friend Nikaidou, he’s attempting to hunt down and kill the sorcerer who did this to him. Oh, and did I mention that he has another person living inside of him to identify that sorcerer?

What makes this work is that it’s exquisitely well drawn and animated, as both Hole and the sorcerors’ dimension have weight and vitality. Additionally, despite the frequent violence and abundance of death, the show is really quite funny, in a very dark sort of way (for those of you familiar with Ranxerox, it’s kind of like that). Finally, all of the characters (the ones that matter) are likable and engaging, both protagonists and antagonists (there’s really no good guys/bad guys thing going on here).

There are some full episodes uploaded to Youtube, but it’s also on Netflix

Keep Your Hands Off Of Eizouken--This show follows the exploits of three high school girls who start a film club to create anime.

I’m going to spend a little time gushing about this one. It’s essentially a love letter to animation and creativity. The story of these girls—an illustrator, a director and a producer—is just so much fun to watch. Some of the best parts are when the girls start imagining things and their environment changes to reflect their imagination. For instance, there’s a great scene in the first episode where they’re talking about a flying machine based on a dragonfly, then the next thing you know they’re flying it away while being chased through the city. It’s very reminiscent to me of the style of Carl Barks’ Uncle Scrooge

comics if they were fully animated.

This anime can be streamed on Crunchyroll.com

ID:Invaded – This one is another that’s difficult to describe, but I’ll do my best. It’s the future, and the police have invented technology that will allow someone to enter the subconscious—a.k.a the Id well--of suspected serial killers. However, there’s a catch: the person going in has to have killed someone before. Enter Akihito Narihisago, a former detective who murdered the man who killed his wife and daughter. He;s the primary person relied upon to enter the id wells where he becomes the great detective Saikado.

This one is someone more mature for those interested in such things. It’s a mystery, as the serial killers seem to be getting created by a single entity known as John Walker. There’s also a lot of exploration into the minds and motivations of serial killers and of Narihisago’s particular psyche. Definitely a thriller and very worth your time.

This anime can be streamed via funimation.com

In/Spectre – This one is another sort of mystery/thriller, but with a supernatural bent. A while back, Kotoko Iwanaga agreed to become the Goddess of wisdom for all of the spirits—sort of a mediator, really—to protect them, as most of them are quite harmless. However, sometimes she runs into problems, and occasionally needs the assistance of one Kurou Sakuragawa, who can see the spirits as he has dined on the flesh of a mermaid and another mystical animal, essentially rendering him immortal.

This show is particularly fun for several reasons—firstly, it’s pretty funny during the less intense moments. Also, for those of you that like such things, there’s a lot of exploration of lore. Finally, the relationship between Kotoko and Kurou really has a good dynamic, as he’s the one who acts tsundere most of the time, but you can tell he also loves her (they are officially dating).

This can be streamed on Cruncyroll.com

Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga – Legendary General Oda Nobunaga and several of his contemporaries from the Warring States era of Japan are reincarnated as dogs (Cinnamon is Nobunaga’s dog name).

Ah, anime! /this is one of the silliest concepts I’ve ever heard of, and it shouldn’t work for longer than a few moments, but it just does. This is a comedy, and the humor is on point. A lot of it is reminiscences of Nobunaga’s life (and the lives of his contemporaries) , and much of the humor comes from the contrast between how serious they all are about their pasts and their lives as dogs now. Somewhat reminiscent of the humor of the 1966 Batman!

Series, An additional plus is that the dogs are all well rendered and animated.

This one can be streamed on Crunchyroll.com

Science Fell In Love, So I tried to Prove it a.k.a. Rikekoi ­--A female graduate student in a research lab declares her love for one of her co-workes one day. Rather than simply accept her words as truth, he decides that they need to figure out how to scientifically prove that they’re in love, and she agrees.

This is a sweet little romantic comedy about two very intelligent people acting about as unintelligently as one could possibly imagine. The experiments they perform are all quite silly for the most part, but its realy fun to see some of the other members of their research group taking part in the experiments and reacting. It’s very much helped by the other characters in the group, the straight man Kanade, the gaming freak

Inukai who has given up on 3d girls, and the pot-stirrer Ibarada. There’s also a fair amount of information on the scientific method, so a bit of edutatinment as well.

This one can be streamed on Crunchyroll.com

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