The Baron Re-Reads the Whole Death and Re-Birth of Superman Storyline

Yeah, I know, another thing that isn't a "timeline" as such, although it will involve time travel of sorts, back to the wild and woolly days of 1992, when dinosaurs walked the Earth.  I hadn't read the Superman comics much for years when this story was announced, but I decided to follow it for fun.  I knew they weren't going to really kill him off, but I was interested to see what they would do.  I started offf with....


Superman: The Man of Steel #18 (December 1992): "Doomsday! Part One"

Written by Louise Simonson, with art by Jon Bogdnaove and Dennis Janke.


This story has two threads interspersed with one another:

  1. Lois and Superman get caught up fighting a race of sewer people who want to take over Metropolis. Supes handles them fairly easily - this is just another day at the office for him.
  2. Doomsday punches his way out of a box, them establishes his bad-arsehood by crushing a birdie, then disrupting traffic and smashing a truck. The story ends with Oberon overhearing a police report about it, and deciding that this is a job for the Justice League! I'm sur ethey'll be able to handle it no problem!


An interesting slow build. If I hadn't of known that this was going to be the critter that was going to "kill" Superman, I wouldn't of suspected it from this. I sometimes think that they do themselves a disservice by hyping these stories the way they do. Think of how much more of a mind-blower it would of been if the "death of Superman" had been a surprise.


I wasn't overwhelmed by the art on this - it's not bad, just not very good, either.  I tell you, I liked liked Doomsday's initial "containment suit" look better than his later Cranky Grandpa Zombie on Terrigen-Enhanced Steroids look.

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The Adventures of Superman #499 (February 1993): "Grave Obsession"

Written by Jerry Ordway, with art by Tom Grummett and Doug Hazlewood.


Supergirl and Dan Turpin continue the hunt for Superman's body, while Bibbo and Gangbuster fight crime. We end with Turpin reporting back to Sawyer.


Wow, I'd forgotten how long and drawn-out this story was. It didn't seem thaat way at the time.

Yes, it did.

Action Comics #686 (February 1993): "Who's Buried in Superman's Tomb?"

Written by Roger Stern, with art by Jackson Guice and Denis Rodier.

The Guaridna fights crime, Luthor is paranoid that Superman faked his death, Guardian confronts Westfield over stealing Superman's body. Westfield wants to clone Superman, but Superman's body is still invulnerable.  Supergril, Luthor and the cops continue searchign the caves, some Superman cultists appear, and we end with Lois seeing the Kents and Lana off at the airport.


The PSA  this time out features Robin and Alfred.


I suddenly realize what this reminds me of - it's like a Dark Shadows storyline, where the events of what are probably a week are spread out over months and months,

Classic soap opera plotting

Justice League America #71 (February 1993): "A New Look"

Written by Dan Jurgens, with art by Sal Velluto and Rick Burchett.

Line-Up: Agent Liberty, the Black Condor, Bloodwynd, the Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Fire, Guy Gardner, Ice, Maxima, the Ray, Wonder Woman.


Max sends hetoes out to recruit new members:  Guy goes after the Ray, Bloodwynd goes after the Black Condor, Maxima goes after Agent Liberty and Max himself brings in Wonder Woman as the new team leader.


Booster won't accept that he is finished, and revives Skeets, who tells him his suit cannot be repaired. Ted is getting worse. Ice leaves after saying goodbye to Booster and Bea.  We end with a shot of the new League.


An OK transitional issue. An interesting new line-up, though I never really warmed to this version of the Condor.

I was always indifferent to this Black Condor, until I read a handful of his solo series last year. It was actually a decent series, well for the few I read.

Superman: The Man of Steel #21 (March 1993): "Ghosts"

Written by Louise Simonson, with art by Jon Bogdanove and Dennis Janke.


Varius people are haunted by the loss of Superman, including Lois, Pa Kent and Batman.  The underworld is flooding, and Lois discovers that Cadmus has Supes' body, and breaks the story publicly.  We end with Pa Kent collapsing in Ma's arms.


This story just keeps dragging along.  Hopefully we'll get to an interesting bit again soon.


Superman #77 (March 1993): "The End"

Written by Dan Jurgens, with art by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding.

Lois tells Luthor about Cadmus stealing Superman's body. She and Supergirl go to retrieve it. Luthor privately gloats over Superman's recovered body.  We end with Pa Kent in the hospital, flat-lining.


To think I complained about the New52 Justice League dragging out storylines. Obviously, this has been going on longer than I thought.

I’ve got a question about Adventures of Superman #500 (up next, I think…?). That comic was published with a kind of opaque plastic overlay which could be peeled off. I never peeled mine off in fear of ruining the “value” of the comic. My question is (questions are), what’s the point? Does the cover look any different without the overlay? Does it mask another image which can only be seen with the plastic removed? Is it possible to reattach the plastic after it has been removed?

Actually, it's still a day or two away - there's the Legacy of Superman and Supergirl and Team Luthor comics to go yet.


However, to answer your question: I don't know, I never took the plastic off mine, either.  I'll have to give it a try.

Well I peeled the plastic off my copy as soon as I got it home - which is why I will never get rich off those '90's comics like people said I would. As I recall, the overlay was a translucent film that muted the colors of the image underneath - that was it. The film was pretty flimsy, making it difficult to lay back down without air bubbles. I think I tried reapplying it but wound up throwing it out.

doc photo said:

Well I peeled the plastic off my copy as soon as I got it home -


doc photo = wild man

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