I used to be a huge fan of the comic strip Dilbert. I found it to be funny and inventive. Eventually, however, it seemed to me that it fell into the same pattern that many successful comic strips fall into. That is, Scott Adams developed a stable of jokes and situations that he would cycle through periodically, dressing them up slightly to keep it from being too obvious.

The strip spawned an animated series that ran on UPN from January 1999 - July 2000. I don't suppose that  it will go down in history as the greatest piece of animation ever made, but it had its moments.  Be that as it may, I have the whole series on disk, and have decided to break it out and watch it again.

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"The Off-Site Meeting"

Plot:  Dilbert must host an off-site meeting at his home while dealing with obnoxious neighbors.

Overall: An OK episode.

"The Assistant"

Plot:  Dilbert is promoted to management and given an assistant (voiced by Andy Dick)..

Overall:  Another so-so episode.

"Company Picnic"

Plot: Dilbert gets caught up in the annual softball game between Engineering and Marketing at the company picnic, which turns into a riff on Romeo and Juliet, with Camryn Manheim as Juliet.

Overall: Another OK episode.

"The Virtual Employees"

Plot:  Dilbert, Alice, Wally, Asok and Loud Howard invent an employee named "Todd" in order to claim  a vacant cubicle so that can use it for storage space, but then must substantiate Todd's existence in order to convince a skeptical Catbert.

Overall:  One of the more interesting episodes, since the whole episode is a thinly-veiled jab at belief in God, as the gang invents Todd in their own image, and convinces people to believe Todd for their own selfish purposes.

"The Return"

Plot:  Dilbert attempts to return a computer he bought on-line, and ends up confronting Comp-U-Comp, an intelligent super-computer (voiced by Jerry Seinfeld).  Other guest voices include Jon Favreau as Holden Callfielder and Eugene Levy as the plug guard.

Overall: An OK episode. As I recall, much was made at the time of Seinfeld guesting in this, as people still cared about him back then.


Plot:  Dilbert's ethics are tested when he is assigned to created an internet voting system, and special interest groups want him to rig it in their favor.

Overall:  An OK episode.  We see Loud Howard's home, which is next to a train line, and near an airport.  I like little touches like that.

"The Fact"

Plot: Dogbert invents Chronic Cubicle Syndrome, and Dilbert ends up tasked with finding a cure for it.

Overall:  An OK episode. Another look at how people will believe in things with no factual evidence.

Dogcart truly was the god of Dilbert's world.  He was all powerful.

I'm sensing a pattern...

The Baron said:

Overall:  An OK episode.

Randy Jackson said:

I'm sensing a pattern...

The Baron said:

Overall:  An OK episode.

Most of these aren't especially bad, most aren't especially good.


Plot: A scientific accident leads to Dilbert being impregnated with DNA from a wide variety of sources.

Cliffhanger:  Dilbert is shown an artist's rendition of what his baby looks like.

Overall:  All of the standard "pregnancy" cliches are dragged out here in the lead-up to the series finale.

"The Delivery"

Plot:  A custody battle over Dilbert's baby erupts into a media circus.  The series ends with Dogbert and Ratbert helping Dilbert launch his baby off to Krypton, where Jor-El and Lara are despondent over having sent their child off into space, only to have their planet not explode.  Jay Leno and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin do guest voices as themselves.

Overall;  A pretty good ending to the series, about as close to "heartwarming" as it ever got, as Dogbert and Ratbert put themselves out to help Dilbert, and Dilbert even bonds a little with his mother.    There's an amusing little throwaway bit where we see a letter on the El's table.  It's addressed to "Jor-El and Lara,  10222 Shuster Drive, Krypton", and the return address reads " J. Siegel, Cleveland, OH".

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