What I've got is the new releases with the enhanced special effects - I'll comment on these as best I can, shame I haven't got the originals to compare and contrast, but such is life. I put up the "spoiler" just on the off chance that there's someone here that hasn't seen all these a million times - you never know, I suppose.

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Jeff of Earth-J said:

I looked into James Blish’s adaptation of “Who Mourns for Adonis?” last night as I said I would. There’s not much more to it than we’ve already discussed, but for the record, here it is.

WHO MOURNS FOR ADONIS? – (epilogue by James Blish)

McCoy, sauntering into the Enterprise bridge, strolled over to Kirk and Spock at the computer station.

“Yes, Bones? Somebody ill?”

“Carolyn Palamas rejected her breakfast this morning.”

“Some bug going around?”

“She’s pregnant, Jim. I’ve just examined her.”


“You heard me.”



“Bones, it’s impossible.”

McCoy leaned an arm on the hood of the computer. :Spock,” he said, “may I put a question into this gadget of yours? I’d like to ask it if I’m to turn my Sickbay into a delivery room for a human child—or a god. My medical courses did not include obstetrics for infant gods.”


Interesting. I don't recall ever seeing that book, but I must have at some point.

I am the one person who actually likes ST:TMP


The funny thing is, when it came out, I was so happy just to see new Star Trek that I loved it. Now my feeling is that there's a halfway decent movie in there if they edited it down to about 75 minutes.

That’s largely the reason why I like it still. I can still remember how great it was seeing new Trek! After the animated series was cancelled and before ST:TMP, the only “Trek” we got was Shatner and Nimoy appearing together on The 10,000 Pyramid. (Yes, I watched it.)

I'm starting to feel the urge to dig out the Blish books.  Spock Must Die!, anyone?  Then there's Alan Dean Foster's Star Trek: Log books.

Jeez Louise, I haven't read any of these in 35 years, I bet.  Yet somehow, I know exactly where they are in my basement.

I did not read Spock Must Die! but I did read Mudd’s Angels, Blish’s adaptations of “Mudd’s Women” and “I, Mudd” plus and original Harry Mudd story of his own. Foster’s “Log” series is an excellent supplement to the animated series.

THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE has been one of my top fave ST episode since the night it was first-run.  It may be the single most intense, suspenseful hour in the show's entire 3-year run.  The concept, design & execution of the destructive, menacing device remains a unique classic, and William Windom may well be the single most memorable guest-star in the show's history.

Back in the 70's, when Philly's Channel 48 used to run STAR TREK, they had a commercial for the show which consisted of the bulk of the Kirk-Decker-Spock conversation a little more than halfway thru the story.  "We are going to turn and attack." "NOT with MY ship you don't!" It really is one of the best exchanges ever seen on the show. While we've seen Federation ambassadors and command personnel who've been hard-headed, this is the first time we've seen a starship Captain (albeit a "Commodore") who's a menace to himself and others.  Had THE OMEGA GLORY actually been filmed early in the 1st season, he might ahve been the 2nd.

This is probably the first time I ever saw a character commit suicide on a TV show.  It was quite jarring.

The final sequence may be the most intense "countdown" in TV history.  I remember the coming attractions for this episode. They always seemed to be cut together in a deliberatley misleading way, so that whatever they showed in advance, the actual story would still be a surprise.  In this case, the way they did it, when Kirk says, "Gentlemen, I suggest you beam me aboard.", it made it look like he was asking to be beamed aboard the planet-killer, rather than the Enterprise! 

What really does it, in fact, what really pushes this entire episode completely over-the-top, is Sol Kaplan's score.  WOW.  He actually managed to equal, or surpass, Gerald Fried's score for AMOK TIME, filmed the week before.  I still recall one day at work, in the 90's, discussing TV shows and soundtrack music with another fan.  What amazed me was, for both LOST IN SPACE and STAR TREK, a single piece of music came up by both of us as the most memorable for each series.  For LIS, it was the part of "The Landing" when the Jupiter 2 is about to crash in the 3rd episode.  For ST, it was "Kirk Does It Again", the climax of THIS episode.  As it happens, someone once compared this piece of music to the theme to JAWS.  Was John Williams inspired by Sol Kaplan?

Was this the all-time HIGH-POINT for STAR TREK???I know there were some all-time classics yet to come-- WOLF IN THE FOLD, THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES, I MUDD, A PIECE OF THE ACTION, DAY OF THE DOVE, THE THOLIEN WEB.  But for the most part, I think it was a slow slide downhill after this.  No doubt about one thing-- as a producer, Gene Coon really kicked A**!

I've never read "Spock must Die" but now I'm curious what it's about.  How about a non-spoiler review or preview to whet our appetite?

Doctor Hmmm? said:

I'm starting to feel the urge to dig out the Blish books.  Spock Must Die!, anyone?  Then there's Alan Dean Foster's Star Trek: Log books.

Jeez Louise, I haven't read any of these in 35 years, I bet.  Yet somehow, I know exactly where they are in my basement.

Something happens where Spock must DIE! ;-)

SPOCK MUST DIE was the very 1st original ST novel published, after several adaptations of the TV episodes had already seen print.  I read it once, wayyyyy back when.  Wasn't too thrilled with it, really.

The plot is a thematic follow-up to THE ENEMY WITHIN.  A transporter accident creates a duplicate Spock!  However, unlike the situation with Kirk, where 2 halves of one person were created, in this case, you had an EVIL Spock.  And as I recall, things were not quite what they seemed.

There was also a philsophical discussion that dominated the story about exactly what it was the transporter did when they used it.  It was theorized that it KILLED everyone who stepped into it, then created a near-exact duplicate at the other end.  But the question was, did the duplicate maintain the SOUL of the original?  Or not?

Mirror, Mirror:

Written by Jerome Bixby

Directed by Marc Daniels


Synopsis: Our heroes visit Parallel Time.



1)A transporter accident switching them into another universe, OK. A transporter switching their uniforms is a little more questionable.


2)Evil Spock is suitably sinister.  "Your agonizer, please."


3)Evil Sulu is a more interesting character than Good Sulu.


4)Evil  Chekov has his moments, too. "So you die, Captain, and we all move up in rank."


5)And Shatner gets to overact his socks off as Evil Kirk. "You traitorous pig!  I'll hang you up by your Vulcan ears!"


6)"Terror must be maintained, or the Empire is doomed."


7)"I am ordered to kill you, and to proceed against the Halkans as the new captain of the Enterprise."  The first line from Star Trek that I can remember hearing.


8)"I suggest you remember that my operatives would avenge my death, and some of them are Vulcans."


9)"You're a man of integrity in both universes, Mister Spock."


10)"...In every way, splendid examples of homo sapiens, the very flower of humanity."  Spock can be a smartarse, too.



Another old favorite. I've always been a sucker for "parallel universe" stories. Parodied in a number of places, notably Mystery Science Theater 3000 and South Park.

"Mirror,Mirror" is right there near the top of my Star Trek favorites list. Nimoy was especially effective as "bad" Spock. There was an entertaining novel titled Dark Mirror that brought the same parallel universe to The Next Generation. 

The Baron said:

A transporter accident switching them into another universe, OK. A transporter switching their uniforms is a little more questionable.


It didn't switch bodies across the universes; it swapped "souls"?

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