What I've got is the new releases with the enhanced special effects - I'll comment on these as best I can, shame I haven't got the originals to compare and contrast, but such is life. I put up the "spoiler" just on the off chance that there's someone here that hasn't seen all these a million times - you never know, I suppose.

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Oh, and you're on very thin ice with your first statement of that last post.

Pete is absolutely correct. After all the thread is titled "The Baron Watches Star Trek".

Which doesn't make the Baron sound like an egomaniac at all.

That's not the point - you started the thread, you set the parameters.

Not to say that you aren't an egomaniac  =)

doc photo said:

Not to say that you aren't an egomaniac  =)


Basically, I'm Victor Von Doom if he wasn't charismatic, or all that bright.

Or handsome?

{I'm really ashamed of that one.}

Doctor Hmmm? said:

Or handsome?

{I'm really ashamed of that one.}


I'm sure I'm not the heartbreaker that you are, D.

Mine is the face that's sunk a thousand ships.

Well, I'm certainly not drooling over it but Gene Roddenberry was in both the military and the police so his experiences must have influenced the creation of his 23rd century. He had to give it some basis in reality and there had to be a command structure aboard the Enterprise. Roddenberry said he saw the crew as explorers but he himself made them far more than that. 
George Poague said:

"Despite Gene Roddenberry's objections, Star Trek always had a military vibe about it, starting with the ranks and procedures."

This is one of the least appealing things about Star Trek fandom to me: the drooling fascination with the military ranks and procedures of Starfleet. A lot of fans seem VERY comfortable with this military structure. It's sort of like "Starship Troopers" (the movie) but played straight and taken seriously.

A Piece of the Action:

Teleplay by David P. Harmon and Gene L. Coon/Story by David P. Harmon

Directed by James Komack


Synopsis: In which our heroes have no fear of a gangster planet.



1)"The Horizon's contact came before the non-interference directive came into effect."  "Yeah, it was awesome back in them days. Why, my grandfather declared himself a god on this one planet, made them build a four hundred foot statue of Popeye out of lunchmeat."


2)Anthony Caruso is amusing as Bela. I also liked Victor "Mel Sharples" Tayback as Krako.


3)"Chicago Mobs of the Twenties"... "Published in 1992" (I can't believe they missed the marketing opportunity of actually publishing this in '92 - I'd've bought one if I'd had the cash!)  I suppose this is somewhat more plausible than another random planet that just happened to have developed an Earthlike society. That said, I question how mobs whose territories are small enough that their headquarters are ony a short drive from each other rule a whole planet.


4)"Lieutenant Hadley, check the language banks and find out what a 'heater' is."  I'm surprised he didn't just assume Kirk meant a space heater.


5)The Fizzbin scene was amusing - again, I imagine someone must have actually worked out rules for this game.


6)"They can't do nothin' 'til they're through sparklin'."  How do they know this?  They haven't seen anyone beam down up to this point.


7)"Nobody helps nobody but himself."  "Sir, you are employing a double negative."  Spoken like an English major.


8)"The most cooperative man in the world is a dead man."  Actually, the dead tend to be very little help most of the time.


9)"'Wheels', Mister Spock." "A 'flivver', Captain." ...  "Are you afraid of cars?" "Not at all, Captain, it's your driving that alarms me." I can't say anything - the one and only time I ever tried to drive a standard, I wrecked a pickup truck.


10)"Check?" "Right." ... "Right?" Check." Amusing.


11)I like how Scotty's so proud of himself when he comes up with "concrete galoshes".


12)"Alright, Spocko, cover 'em!"  "Spocko", the least amusing Marx Brother.


13)"I left my communicator." "In Bela's office?"  Umm, it's the only technology of its kind on the planet - shouldn't they be able to lock on to it and beam it up?  That said, I think Next Generation missed a trick by not having Iotian mobs with advanced technology trying to horn in on the UFP.



An amusing comedy - fine if you don't think about it too much, and just enjoy it for what it is.

"Piece of the Action" is one my favorite episodes.  Nimoy and Shatner make a pretty good comedy team - at least for one episode. The humor in the show seems less forced than in "Trouble With Tribbles" - probably because of the "fish out of water" setting. One of the few, perhaps only times, that we see Kirk and Spock totally out of their element, plus the incongruous visuals of our intrepid Star Fleet officers in 1920's gangster garb is funny in and of itself.

Believe it or not, the "Flivver" is the only land vehicle that the crew uses throughout the series! These guys did a LOT of walking around!  At least Lost In Space had the Chariot.

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