What I've got is the new releases with the enhanced special effects - I'll comment on these as best I can, shame I haven't got the originals to compare and contrast, but such is life. I put up the "spoiler" just on the off chance that there's someone here that hasn't seen all these a million times - you never know, I suppose.

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I've never seen the Ely Tarzan series. I'd love to, but I don't recall ever having an opportunity to do so.

Don't feel bad, Pete. I never saw Tarzan, The Time Tunnel, Land of the Giants, The Outer Limits, The Green Hornet or Wild Wild West as a kid. Growing up, it was Star Trek, Lost In Space, Twilight Zone, Batman, Adventures of Superman, Mission: Impossible and Space 1999.

I was seriously annoyed when, sometime in the 80's, I had qa chance to tape the Ron Ely TARZAN series... but, the local station did NOT have any of the 2-parters!!  That's like about 1/3rd of the entire run, and most of the best ones, all missing!  (They had apparently been syndicated separately, as movies-- JUST like THE MENAGERIE was when I taped STAR TREK back in 1980.)

Astonishingly, when I watched my entire TARZAN collection some years back, when I got to the TV series, I realized that of all the actors to ever play the character, Ron Ely was still my favorite!  He's just so damn good in that role-- and he actually got BETTER in the 2nd season.

The Empath:

Written by Joyce Muskat

Directed by John Erman


Synopsis:  Our heroes meet a woman who doesn't have much to say.



1)"We're not going to hurt you." He says while pointing a gun at her.


2)"She's a mute, Jim." A very...cute...mute.


3)"'Gem', Doctor?" I'm with Spock, where'd he get that from?


4)It becomes obvious fairly early on that the Vians are playing head games, and are testing Gem rather than Team Starfleet. That said, deciding the fate of an entire race based on one individual seems so sloppy that I have to think that our heroes never really learn what the Vians are up to. While we've seen our boys out of their depth before, I don't think we've seen them in a situation where they didn't realize how far out of their depth they were as they are here.


5)"I'm a doctor, not a coal-miner."


6)"Your action is highly unethical."  But effective.


7)"The best defense is a strong offense, and I intend to start offending right now."


8)"You've got a good bedside manner, Spock."  Depsite all their bickering, I do think Spock and McCoy like each other.


9)"Love and compassion are dead in you. You're nothing but intellect."


10)"I shall certainly give the thought all the consideration it is due."  Vulcan for "Get bent, you idiot."



In some ways, one of the weirdest episodes I've seen so far. I remember this one puzzling the heck out of me when I was a kid.


THE EMPATH: Like “The Deadly Years,” this is an episode I saw over and over and over again when I was a kid. Unlike “The Deadly Years,” I never cared for this one in the first place. Talk about a “bottle show”! This one was shot on an unlighted set! I’ve seen this one maybe once in the past 30 years. I haven’t missed it. One thing I’ve decided after re-watching these episodes is that there are certain ones I don’t intend to ever watch again.

When I was very young, I couldn’t figure out why the doctor decided to refer to the empath as “Jim.”

One of the biggest problems to me is how, with each successive season, the main characters became more and more caricatures of who they were at the very beginning. Re-watching the first season I feel as if these are living, breathing people, changing and growing, but by season 3 it is mainly tried and true schtick from the characters playing through cliche plots - who falls in love this week, who dies but not really etc.

I not only hate this episode with every fibre of my being, I probably hate, on principle, the person who wrote it, and the people who decided to make it.

It almost succeeds in making MIRI seem watchable.

Elaan of Troyius:

Written and Directed by John Meredyth Lucas


Synopsis: Our heroes convey a woman to a forced marriage.



1)I confess that when I was a kid, I totally did not pick up on the fact that "Elaan of Troyius" was a lame riff on "Helen of Troy" or that "Elas" = "Hellas" = "Greece".  As an adult, I find that kind of gag tiresome.


2)France Nuyen certainly does a good job of portraying an extremely arrogant royal type.


3)"Engines are for mechanics and menials." "'Menials'?"  Uh-oh.


4)"Mister Spock, the women on your planet are logical.  That's the only planet in this galaxy that can make that claim."


5)"I don't know how to make people like me."  Never worked that one out myself.


6)I'm not going anywhere near the whole "spanking" business.


7)"The Enterprise infected the Captain long before the Dohlman did."  Kirk's kind of a sad character in certain ways.


Overall: Not one of my favorite episodes. I've seen enough of the "Kirk's love for his ship prevents him from ever having a substantial relationship with a woman" storyline.  The story in general seemed a little too contrived for me.

I think it's "The Empath" that was likely the inspiration for the Kanigher/Novick "Flash" story in The Flash #206.

Luke Blanchard said:

I think it's "The Empath" that was likely the inspiration for the Kanigher/Novick "Flash" story in The Flash #206.



This one?  Interesting idea.


This episode marks the first on-screen appearance of a Klingon ship in production order. TV audiences would have already seen one by the time this episode aired because they were broadcast out of the order in which they were made, and of course we’ve already mentioned that the versions with enhanced special effects inserted a ship in at least one second season episode in which it didn’t appear originally. Speaking of enhanced special effects, the space battle in this episode really benefits. They really did a good job adding new scenes in the limited amount of time these shots are on screen. I think that’s the reason I prefer these updated special effects and am indifferent to those of the Star Wars movies, because these truly “enhance” (as opposed to “change the intent of) the scenes in question.

I’ve been meaning to mention, Bob, that you should write synopses for TV Guide.

"synopses for TV Guide"

As long as someone doesn't totally blow a story for people before-the-fact...

"THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK:  Luke must rescue his friends when he learns that Darth Vader is really his father."

We can all too easily imagine someone actually doing that... can't we?

"THE MAN TRAP:  A shape-changing monster that eats salt menaces the crew."

"DEATH ON THE NILE:  Poirot investigates the murder or an heiress, only to learn that it was really ********* who did it."

(No, I'm not gonna go there...)

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