What I've got is the new releases with the enhanced special effects - I'll comment on these as best I can, shame I haven't got the originals to compare and contrast, but such is life. I put up the "spoiler" just on the off chance that there's someone here that hasn't seen all these a million times - you never know, I suppose.

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Although there were still a couple of decent episodes to come - mediocrity was certainly at the fore at this point in the Trek run. Cancellation being an almost foregone conclusion from the beginning of the season must have weighed on everyone involved and compromised their efforts.

I sometimes wonder how things might have gone if Gene Roddenberry had come back, AND pulled the same stunt Bruce Geller did across the lot.

"This year-- SPEND MORE!"

I'll never understand why things I like get canceled. From what I hear they are canceling the Green Lantern animated series.

It's a combination of how much the show costs, if it is delivering the audience it promised, or was expected to...what the competition was, or how imitated it has been...and if the audience is loyal.

Just cause a series looses it's network slot doesn't mean that the production must end. Some very popular shows have jumped networks, or gone on on DVD/VHS and sold nicely on the home video market.

THE WILD WILD WEST was cancelled while it was in the TOP 10 !!!  It was a reaction against 3 political assassinations in a few months, and targeted as one of the "most violent" shows on TV.  Just about every superhero cartoon on Saturday mornings disappeared at the same time.

Both JONNY QUEST and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, I've read recently, were cancelled while they were RATINGS SUCCESSES!  but both were considered "too expsnsive" to keep making.  In the case of JQ, they kept running the same episodes for another year, figuring that "kids" like watching the same thing over and over (I never did).  In the case of BG, there weren't enough episodes for a successful syndication package. Had they given it even a 2nd season (to finish the storyline), they could have made a LOT more of their money back.

THE MONKEES was cancelled while getting fabulous ratings... because its 4 stars couldn't agree on what they wanted the 3rd season to be like.  So instead, they just decided to stop.  They did a feature film (which the producers did everything possible to sabotage at the marketing stage), then figured they'd do a series of TV specials.  But the 1st of these was SO BAD (done by the producer of SHINDIG who seemed to have their own agenda, which was not doing a "Monkees" show), and it was run against something that KILLED it in the ratings... so they never did the other 2 that had been planned.

WKRP IN CINCINNATI was moved around repeatedly by CBS, who wanted the show off the air as part of a general campaign to eliminate "controversial" subject matter (a sick, horrible side-effect of the Reagan administration). The show appeared in 4 different time slots in its 4th season alone, which finally killed it.  As soon as CBS announced the cancellation, WKRP began getting TOP 10 ratings, which it maintained to the end of its run.  But CBS had accomplished its goal, and weren't gonna change their minds.

WKRP was canceled because of Reagan?

He must have been jealous of Jennifer...

Mark S. Ogilvie said:

WKRP was canceled because of Reagan?

Requiem for Methuselah:

Written by Jerome Bixby

Directed by Murray Golden


Synopsis: In which our heroes meet an old man.



1)"Rigellian Fever" - Those Rigellians!  More trouble than they're worth, really.


2)"Mister Scott, lock phasers on our coordinates."  Kirk decides to play hardball!


3)Flint's an interesting character - sort of like a somewhat less brutal Vandal Savage.


4)The "Kapec" in "Rayna Kapec" is a slight scrambling of "Capek", the last name of the guy who first used the word "robot" in its modern sense.


5)Spock has a drink! "Drunk Spock" is an amusing idea: "Doctor, it would be logical for you to shut up and get me another beer."


6)Spock can play the piano!  Is playing the piano a logical pursuit?


7)Good grief, Kirk, can't you ever keep your hands to yourself? Also, he's known her about twenty minutes and he's telling her to come away with him?


8)Anyway, guys, she's a toaster, just have Flint run off another one and you can each have a Rayna!


9)So Flint was Brahmas, Da Vinci, Solomon, Alexander, Lazarus, Methuselah, Merlin and Abramson.


10)For all McCoy condescends to pity Spock at the end for not knowing love, Spock sure seems to show an understanding of emotion at the end of this episode. Or maybe it's just Kirk that he understands.


11)"On that day, I shall mourn."




Overall: Not a perfect episode, but one of the better stories of Season Three so far.

Years later when Highlander the series was on the air I wondered if Flint wasn't the one in the "There can be only one" catch phrase.

Interesting idea.

The Baron said:

3) Flint's an interesting character- sort of like a somewhat less brutal Vandal Savage.

In IDW's Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes, Flint WAS Vandal Savage!

Was Rayna programmed to make men fall in love with her? Was Kirk being affected somehow? That's definitely a sore spot on how hard and how quickly he fell for her.

Still, "Forget." is one of the great Star Trek moments, though altering the mind of one's senior officer should be frowned on!


It’s funny you should mention Vandal Savage. I recently read IDW’s Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes mini-series. The crew and the LSH meet in an alternate dimension which is neither the Star Trek nor the DC universe. The antagonist of that story is a man who is Vandal Savage in the DCU and Flint in Star Trek, but whereas Savage is basically evil and Flint is basically good, the new character is morally grey.

Kapek/Capek is one of Trek’s more subtle allusions (much more so than Helen Noel, for example, whom Kirk met at a Christmas party).

I think music is logical. Why not? (He and his father took first and second place in the Vulcan music competition.) I think the “mathematical” precision of Bach, especially, would appeal to Spock. I do find it hard to believe, however, that Spock is able to recognize Brahms’ handwritten music by sight.

Aaaannnd… Spock mindwipes Captain Kirk. How come Zatanna is the only one who can’t get away with that without fans throwing a hissy fit?

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