The Baron Watches "The Super Robot Red Baron" (SPOILERS)

This is another tokosatsu of which I had never heard, but a collection of which I was sent, and so you all get to enjoy (?) my reactions to it.


We start with:


Episode 01:  "Conspiracy of the Robot Empire"

We meet our hero, Secret Scientific Investigation (hereafter "S.S.I") agent Ken Kurenai (in "real life", he's a car dealer) and his older brother Kenichiro, a roboticist. Their life has bene marked by tragedy - their parents and their kid brother Kenzo (Yes, Ma and Pa Kurenai named their sons "Kenichiro", "Ken" and "Kenzo".) We meet Ken's colleagues on the S.S.I. team, who are guarding an expo of all the world's giant robots.  They are:


  • Minoru Daigo, Captain of the team, and sometime owner of an auto repair factory.
  • Sakai Tetsuya, in civilian life he's a car salesman.
  • Daisku Hori, also a newspaper copyboy
  • Mari Matsubara, a news photographer, and the team's sole female.


We also meet Inspector Kumano, a bike cop who wields an unbrella gun, sort of like the Penguin used to. He appears to be the comedy relief character, of the sort so beloved by the makers of these shows and which I have always found profoundly unfunny. However, as with Maxwell Smart, bumbler though he is, he does well in a fight, which i just as well, as it at least gives some clue as to why theothers put up with him.


Anyhow, the Robot Expo is raided by the somewhat awkwardly named Invasion Robot Troy Horse (a somewhat unimpressive robot design) under the direction of Professor Deviler of the Robot Empire of the Iron Alliance. While the S.S.I. battles the Alliance's foot soliders, who seem to exist to get beat up, the heels kidnap Kenichi and steal all the robots. 


Kenichi is brought before the Professor, who implants him with a control collar, and sends him home, where he meets Ken, who singularly does not ask him what happened to him or how he escaped. Kenuchi presents Ken with the robot Red Baron, which he has been building in secret. I have to say that the Red Baron is not my favorite robot design, but it's OK.  Kenichi gives his brother the guided tour of the robot and has him touch the controls, which imprints them on  Ken, so that only he can use them. Troy Horse shows up, and Ken pilots Red Baron in battle against it.  Red Baron exhibits several attacks, such as the Elec-Trigger, a sort of energy attack, and BARON PUNCH! and BARON BARRIER!, which I foresee will furnish me with endless amusement.  Once Ken has won, the Professor reveals that he sent Troy to attack in order to put RB through its paces, then orders Kenichi to hand it over to him. Um, if he rwanted RB for himself, shouldn't he have ordered Kenichi to hand it over before the latter let Ken imprint himself on the thing? Sloppy planning there, Prof!


Thwarted, the Professor sends the robot Big Bison to stand there looking large but otherwise unthreatening, and threatens Kenichi with punishment for his disobedience.


Cliffhanger:  Kenichi's control collar is killing him!


Overall: This comes across as quite fun show, I am hopeful of getting quite a bit of entertainment out of this.

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Me, too.

The preview for #38 contained spoilers, and the one for #39 did, too. (I didn’t watch it, but Tracy did.)

Episode 39: "A Clockwork Tomorrow"

Giras Q - who has an extemely goofy voice - countermands Ken's execution. Old Man Kurenai collapses. A med team comes in and it is reveal that OMK is a cyborg. Ken attempts to use RB to stop the planet bomb, but it's out of gas. Ken fidns that the reactor has been stolen. On Earth, the SSI search for the Inspector. They find him, but it's a trap, and they're all transmatted to Ken's bedroom. They all have a nice sit-down with OMK, in which it is revealed that he's working for the SIA.  Mikami spots a control device on OMK.  Everyone except the Kurenais are beamed aboard Phobos.  OMK revelas that Earth is only a test site - the SIA intends to conquer the universe. (Yeah, right, until they meet the Daleks, who will laugh at them.)  Ken gets his father's gun away from him - they struggle, and OMK is shot.  Ken finds GQ and discovers it's a computer. (Too bad Jim Kirk isn't there to talk it to death.)  He shoots it and goes back to his father, who is temporarily free.  OMK reveals that they have five minutes before GQ comes back on-line. He gives Ken RB's reactor back, and says that he will pilot the Space Bus, as they have to go to Phobos to disable the planet bomb.  Deimos Z attacks RB, but OMK disables its teleport (Couldn't he just shut it down?) and Ken blows it up using PLASMA BEAM! and RAINBOW SHOT!  OMK attaches the Space Bus to RB in place of the Space Wings. Kurenai and son free the SSI as GQ comes on-line again.  they reverse the planet bomb and Phobos impacts on Mars, destroying GQ.  (What about the SIA agents on Earth? Don't they need to be mopped up?)  We see our heroes having a tea ceremony in front of Mount Fuji. (I believe that's Hikaru playing the koto.)  OMK asks to be allowed to pilot RB, but his artificial heart gives out, one of his geta drops off and he dies. Ken takes his father's corpse aboard RB, and has it  "pilot" the robot, in a scene that I find quite creepy.


Final Scene: At Inspector Kumano's urging, the children free some birds.


Overall:  Not a bad wrap-up. this was a fun show, another one I'd watch again. I hope Mari go tto live the peaceful life she dreamed of.


Next: Reports are coming in of odd happenings at Stangmoor Prison in the UK. I hope to be able to look into that soon...

Episode 06: "Red Baron Combat Disabled!"

         IB rescues the SSI from the time bomb ...


This is how hopelessly I've fallen behind on this show, but ... I can't believe you didn't comment on the scene where IB walks in on the team as they try to undo the ropes they're tied up with.

That's just ... wow.  I don't even think I can blame Mr. Ragone for that one.

Yesiree, kids TV in Japan sure is different.

Episode 07: "Red Balloons Are The Secret Weapon"

Meanwhile, IB determines that Miss Ono is the real controller, and guns her down brutally before revealing that she is a toaster, and the real Miss Ono is fine.

Technically, that's "IB determines that Miss Ono is the real controller, and guns her down brutally then cops a feel before revealing that she is a toaster."

Japanese kids TV, folks!

Episode #39:

I think Giras Q is really Alvin of the Chipmunks.

Kurenai senior’s artificial heart seems extremely vulnerable. Bad design!

Tracy laughed out loud at that gas gauge!

I didn’t realize Mars was so close to Earth.

Yes, that was Hikaru, but I didn’t know the name of the instrument. Thanks!

(I didn’t know Japanese sandals were called geta, either.)

I agree about the dead pilot scene being creepy.

I think the theme of the final episode (including the title) is liberally borrowed from Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange.

Regarding Stangmoor Prison, we’ve watch the first four episodes so far.

And after that…? (hint, hint)

Doctor Hmmm? said:

Episode 07: "Red Balloons Are The Secret Weapon"

Meanwhile, IB determines that Miss Ono is the real controller, and guns her down brutally before revealing that she is a toaster, and the real Miss Ono is fine.

Technically, that's "IB determines that Miss Ono is the real controller, and guns her down brutally then cops a feel before revealing that she is a toaster."

Japanese kids TV, folks!


I'll have to take another look at that one!

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Tracy laughed out loud at that gas gauge!


It amused me because it's pretty much the same as the gas gauge in my old '76 Buick Skylark, the first car I ever owned. (It was ten years old at the time.)

Super Robot Mach Baron (the sequel to SRRB):

Gotta find this on DVD!

Sadly, the SRMB DVD set appears to be out of print (and it was region two, anyway). :(


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