Let me preface this by saying that I don't really think anyone other than me is actually a reader of Creepy Comics, nor its sister comic, Eerie. These are a continuation of the old series from Warren Comics. When I saw these comics on the stands, it brought back nostalgic memories from the early 80's, sitting down in my grandparents' basement, or reading them at my best friend's house at sleepovers, when we would read his older brother's copies. Those were the days, in my mind, of the Oakland A's, the Big Red Machine, Big Daddy Roth illustrations, and, of course, horror comics.

At this time, I would have been about 7 or 8 years old. I would NEVER hand these comics to a child that age, but then again, I think most kids that age are seeing this kind of thing a little more often than we would like, just like I did.

Also, at the time, I never realized I was looking at artwork by Bernie Wrightson, Richard Corben, Steve Ditko, Jack Davis, Tony DeZuniga, and John Severin. I just knew it was comic book art.

So a little part of this review/discussion (I get the feeling it won't last long, but I could be surprised...I know this board is known for its nostalgia factor) does come from childhood memories which now make me happy.

The new comics presented here are still black and white, and they also are still bookended by Uncle Creepy, which I love. And it is also still an anthology, which means you will get a variety of storytelling and artwork. This volume collects issues #5-9, but since it's an anthology, you won't miss anything by not having read #1-4 (which are also awesome, by the way...). I think it is a smart decision not to call this Creepy Vol. 2, for that very fact.

This volume's cover is by Sanjulian, and it is a painted piece featuring a crypt break-out of zombies and a hooded skeleton-faced naked woman (not graphic, as this is the cover and all you see is some cleavage...everything else is covered by the spooky mist.

Also, there is an illustration just inside the cover by Gene Colan. A masterful pencil sketch that must have been one of his final illustrations before he died. It is gorgeous. It features Uncle Creepy playing the fiddle surrounded by forest animals.

I'm going to do a separate response for each entry from here on out, for easier discussion.

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John, the retail price is $19.99, but it would be cheaper of course from Amazon or Instock Trades.

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