This is the place to record your reactions to the much-anticipated Batman/Flash crossover appearing in Batman 21-22 and Flash 21-22.

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Is this a spoiler thread, or no?

I realized it should be labelled as having spoilers just before I read your comment. It is now.

Batman 21:

I was first struck by the arrangement of panels paying tribute to the layout of the original Watchmen limited series. The nine-panel layout throughout most of the book was the clearest similarity, but the three-panel, page-wide arrangement on pages one and two also was similar.

The two-page spread showing Thawne’s initial left hook and the two full-page panels were deviations from the Watchmen style. As far as find, Watchmen only had occasional half-page (horizontal or vertical) when absolutely called for. I'm glad they held this to a minimum.

Obviously, Thawne was pulling his punches (“having fun”) or there would have been no more Bruce. I didn’t follow the Flashpoint series, so the brief appearance of the Thomas Wayne Batman was a nice touch. I liked the way Bruce was able to stab Thawne with a batarang, proving once again that you underestimate Batman at your peril.

I liked this a lot, but want more, quickly!

The hockey game footage was interesting -- taking the place, formally, of the pirate comic in the original Watchmen. 

I'm looking forward to what happens next for Flash and Batman, of course, but I most want to follow up with imra at the asylum. 

I wonder -- has Batman run a DNA test on a scraping of the dried blood from the button? It's the first thing I'd do, i think. Not that it'd lead anywhere, most likely.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

I liked this a lot, but want more, quickly!

Flash #21 is scheduled for April 26, Batman #22 for May 3 and Flash #22 for May 10. So, one a week. Hopefully they don't miss the on-sale dates.

I wonder -- has Batman run a DNA test on a scraping of the dried blood from the button? It's the first thing I'd do, i think. Not that it'd lead anywhere, most likely.

Unless the parallel worlds concept has an exact DNA match for the Comedian? If so and he found him, what would he be like?

Oh yeah -- I'm well aware (and thrilled) with the schedule. I like these done-in-a-month epics!

True -- who is this Earth's Eddie Blake? Could he be one of the three Jokers running around? 

I liked this a lot. Especially the art. The clock ticking down during the battle was a nice plot device followed by a clever twist when we didn't get the payoff we expected.

A couple of questions:

Has there been any information or discussion as to why or how the button was placed specifically in the Bat-cave?

Why the link to Flashpoint? I read the main series a while ago but I can't recall anything that would relate to this story. Is it just Doc Manhattan messing with timelines or is there more to it?

I don't think there's been any official word on whether the button wound up in the Batcave intentionally -- but it's hard to accept as a complete coincidence? Maybe (if not place there intentionally) it was drawn there since the cave had the Thomas Wayne letter, probably the only artifact of the Flashpoint universe?

From what I can tell, the only link to Flashpoint is that the end of the Flashpoint universe was the moment when Dr. Manhattan (or whoever) stole about a decade of time from the DCU when it was knitting itself back together. 

Speaking of which, does anyone have the complete text of the Thomas Wayne letter handy? I'd like to know exactly what it said, but my Flashpoint issues are in an unspecified longbox.

A preview I've seen of the Batman #22 cover features the Thomas Wayne Batman.

Pulled this off sequentialart:

Thanks, Tec!

I guess it goes on from there. Otherwise, that's a deeply unsatisfying letter to write to your dead son (who's lost you in another reality), I think. "But enough about me! Let's talk about this guy Barry..." 

The hockey game murder must have some pretty staggering consequences. Otherwise, how would Imra have known about it 1000 years later? Or is she even from the future before this?

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