This is the place to record your reactions to the much-anticipated Batman/Flash crossover appearing in Batman 21-22 and Flash 21-22.

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On DC's website they say it's coming out of May 17. Here's hoping.

Yeah, I think what I've heard is the next issue of Flash is delayed a week, and the subsequent issue will also be delayed a week, coming out on May's 5th week. Then after that, it'll be back on schedule on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month.

I'm really, really hoping that this last issue doubles back and checks in with Saturn Girl and Johnny Thunder (or somehow advances their stories). Judging from Jay Garrick's appearance on one of the covers, I think we'll get some advancement of the JSA story. But Saturn Girl? I just don't see how that ties in yet -- other than the stylistic choice of using  the hockey game as a pirate comic.

I hope the fourth part works. It seems to me that they've promised a resolution that may be hard to fit into a single, standard-size comic book. I think part three had too little progress toward the ending.

Annnnd....virtually nothing happened in the final issue. Boooooo!

Yeah, I was disappointed.

Yeah, this one definitely fizzled. It seems like there were some last-minute editorial shenanigans going on: Tim Drake is on the lenticular cover, and he doesn't appear in the issue. (The lenticular covers have to be made far ahead of time, so can't be changed as easily as the print inside.) Apparently the original epilogue of last week's Detective Comics was intended to mention that Batman now knew that Tim was alive, but apparently plans have changed. 

I think Dr. Manhattan stole several pages of story and replaced them with a lousy Doomsday Clock promo. 

I was afraid it wouldn't be a good resolution. Apparently $16 worth of comics is taking the place of a free promo book for the November event, Doomsday Clock.

We waited a year for this?

This issue would have been more memorable if it had truly returned Jay Garrick rather than merely dangling him in front of our collective nose (noses?). I'm also not real wild that he was drawn to resemble John Wesley Shipp, who plays him on TV.

Well, now that DC has finally started to deliver on the promise of Rebirth, at least we won’t have so long to wait until… What? Another six months!? @#$%!

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