This is the place to record your reactions to the much-anticipated Batman/Flash crossover appearing in Batman 21-22 and Flash 21-22.

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Flash and Batman, on the cosmic treadmill, are chasing Thawne through the timestream. He has the button, which supposedly is a source of power. He threatens to adopt Barry following his mother’s murder and raise him as his own. He says he can’t be killed because he’s always in more than one moment (or something like that).

The treadmill starts to fall apart. He meets the unseen entity who kills him again. A distant voice has been calling to Barry and says it’s Jay. When Barry says his name Jay Garrick appears. He grabs Barry and Batman, one in each arm, and takes them back to where they started in the Batcave next to one of Zoom’s dead bodies.

They still don’t remember Jay. Barry asks him why he killed Thawne. Jay says he didn’t kill anybody. He implies that, like Wally, if Barry can remember him he will be freed from captivity. Barry still can’t remember him and Jay is sucked back to captivity. They can’t even remember his name that he just told them.

Barry and Bruce visit the graves of the Waynes. Barry says he will do “an autopsy” on Thawne. Since when is he more than a CSI? Bruce remembers the Thomas Wayne Batman telling him he didn’t have to be Batman for his parents and to “let the Batman die with me.” Bruce returns home and the batsignal is seen from the window. He just stands there and Alfred asks him if he is going to answer the signal. Bruce looks at the floor and it is left open whether he will respond.

We then cut to extreme close-ups of the Watchmen scene on Mars. The button is on the ground and a blue glowing hand picks it up, accompanied be the Watchmen dialogue with Laurie, saying we are all puppets on strings, even him. We then get a series of panels showing the button floating through space. The button's yellow and red transform into a close-up of Superman’s red and yellow chest symbol on a blue background that may be his chest or a statue of him. The symbol is pitted and sooty. Then we sign off with a cryptic Watchmen-style quotation and a ten-minutes-to-midnight clock face. Following this is a two-page ad for “Doomsday Clock -- Geoff Johns – Gary Frank – Brad Anderson – November 2017”

Awesome! Thanks, RIchard -- it looks like we may get Jay Garrick back, if not the whole JSA.

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