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Best Writer- Brian K. Vaughan

Brian K. Vaughan won a tight three-person race to pick up the Cappie as best writer.  Vaughan held off two former winners in Scott Snyder ('11) and Mark Waid ('03) to claim his first Cappie.  Vaughan, the mastermind behind Image's Saga, is also the first writer to win for work done primarily outside of the Big Two.

Best Artist- Fiona Staples

Are we looking at a Saga sweep?  Fiona Staples won the Best Artist Cappie in a landslide.  Daredevil artist Chris Samnee was the only other nominee to pick up multiple votes. 

Most Underrated Artist- Fiona Staples

Perhaps Ms. Staples won't be considered underrated anymore now that she's won the Best Artist Cappie.  Fiona Staples pulled of the rare double of winning "best" and "most underrated."  Darwyn Cooke is the only other artist to have won both awards, though he did it in different calendar years.  We're 3 Cappies in and Saga is 3 for 3. 

Best Story Arc: "Night of the Owls," Batman

The Batman family of titles win the award for Best Story Arc for Night of the Owls.  The Batman franchise is building quite a dynasty in this category, having won it for three straight years.  The Return of Bruce Wayne won in 2010 and James Gordon Jr. in 2011. 

Best Limited Series: Before Watchmen: Minutemen

I was worried that the multiple Before Watchmen entries would split the vote and open up the possibility of a dark horse champion.  But, despite a strong challenge from several corners, the Minutemen held off all comers to claim the Cappie for Best Limited Series. 

Best New Title: Saga

This shouldn't come as a surprise based on the earlier writer and artist results but Saga has officially won the Cappie as Best New Title.  Saga held off a strong showing by Hawkeye, and those were the only two titles to receive multiple votes. 

Most Underrated Title: The Unwritten

The Unwritten has won the distinction of being this year's most underrated title.  It's actually a dubious distinction as there's a bit of a most underrated curse: the winner is often canceled before the year is out, including last year's winner OMAC. 

Best webcomic: JL8

My daughters will be so pleased.  JL8 has won this year's Cappie as the best webcomic.  It was a tremendous victory as JL8 was the only nominee to receive multiple votes. 

Best Male Character: Hawkeye

It won't be a clean sweep for Saga after all.  Marvel's Hawkeye edged out Saga's Marko for the Best Male Character Cappie.  This has been a good category for Marvel in recent years as Henry Pym won in 2009 and Daredevil in 2011.

Best Female Character: Silk Spectre II

In a runaway contest, Silk Spectre received more votes than all of the other nominees combined.  The daughter of the original Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter has won the Cappie for the Best Female Character. 

Best Villain: Doctor Octopus

In another close vote, Doctor Octopus beat out Saga's The Stalk for the best villain of 2012.  Doctor Octopus is only the second Marvel villain to win the award, after the Red Skull in 2008.  In terms of awards, it pays off to kill a beloved hero like Steve Rogers or Peter Parker. 

Best New Character: Alana

As a former soldier, Alana knows the importance of positioning.  While her husband Marko lost out on the Best Male Character Cappie, Alana tried her chances in the New Character category rather than the Best Female Character.  The gambit paid off as Alana beat out her Saga Co-Star Izabel the Horror Girl for the award. 

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